Rabobank releases mobile banking app for Windows Phone

Rabobank for Windows Phone

Rabobank, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, has released a mobile banking app for Windows Phone. Like its counterparts for Android, Blackberry and iOS, the Rabo Banking App lets users take care of their banking needs, be it checking their balance, viewing account history or making transfers, wherever they may be.


In order to use the app, you must already have a Rabobank account and have your Random Reader and debit card handy. You can click here for more information about the Rabo Banking App, or here to download the mobile banking app from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Rabo Banking

Thanks for the tip, Lobbie 1978!




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Lobbie1978 says:

I was searching for a release date for this app and to my surprise it was released today! It works perfectly and the Metro interface is well used. It's very easy to check your bank account and make payments. I'm sure a lot of Dutch Windows Phone users were waiting for this one!

Wevenhuis says:

Great, I hope ING and ABN AMRO wil join the party soon.

CJ Thunder says:

Ing and their sharebuilder side.

Hoekie says:

ABN AMRO allready send out a news release that their WP7 app is coming soon.

Appmek says:

Nordea Bank in Finland released their WP app in January. Works nicely.

jsmid6 says:

ABN Amro is releasing their WP app this summer. Unfortunately I can't download the Rabobank app because my live account is an US account and there's no way to change that still.

lippidp says:

There are Rabobank branches in California also.  Every time I see one my mind reads it as "Rambobank" and strange violent thoughts go through my head.