Race The Stig endless racer comes to Windows

Race The Stig endless racer comes to Windows

The BBC has released Top Gear: Race The Stig game on Windows 8. The title launched on Windows Phone back in March, enabling players to enjoy an interactive experience with one of their favourite characters from the popular TV show. Race The Stig is an endless runner taking players through some of the most iconic Top Gear locations.

The goal of the game is to collect as many golden nuts as possible whilst avoiding obstacles and vehicles by jumping, ducking and dodging. There are some of the series' most recognisable challenge vehicles available to drive, including Richard Hammond's Oliver, Jeremy's Italian police car and James' Amphibious Triumph Herald. There are also numerous references to the show, making for an enjoyable, yet humorous experience.

New content is promised for the game on a regular basis, adding yet more items and increasing the amount of hours one can pour into the runner. From more iconic vehicles and locations to extra crash helmets and tougher challengers, players will also be encouraged to compete against friends through social media and will be rewarded for high scores. Think you're ready to race the Stig on the big screen? Prove it on the track.

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Live2Deliver says:

Some say he is the first to hack a windows phone

2tomtom says:

Who is The Stig?

Some say he hacked a Windows Phone to be with Cortana.

Yaah who is Stig...Is that the name of new Aids Virus

1985 called, they want their jokes back.

Sarang68 says:

I have been playing this game for quite some days now.

Sarang68 says:

In a TOP GEAR serial The Stig was finally shown to be Michael Schumacher

The first white Stig was Ben Collins.

"Michael Schumacher 'revealed'

Following the revelation, the Stig alleged to be Schumacher was shown driving the Suzuki Liana but did not set a lap time; instead, video clips showed the Stig exhibiting very poor car control, striking a camera tripod, and eventually getting lost. Clarkson closed the segment by observing that possibly, Schumacher was not truly the Stig after all. While the BBC initially would not confirm whether Schumacher's reveal was a stunt, The Telegraph reported the next day that a Top Gear spokesman confirmed Schumacher had played the Stig during the Ferrari circuit, but that "the identity of the driver at other times would remain 'a mystery'."" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stig#Identity

shamrock1988 says:

Is a good game. A copy but still,I like it

And still isn't available here in Brazil.

Wael Hasno says:

Change your region, download it, change it again. It's 5 minutes work at most.

That's not his point, fella. Lots of stuff is never released in Brazil for various crazy reasons and Guilherme is always offering his help.

Zuchit says:

i have played this game on windows phone. Lame graphics nd bornig gameplay.

jonnob says:

Played it for a bit. A copy of subway surfers IMO

immyperez says:

Looks crusty, lol

Michael shumy is the stick.

It is called Stig, probably just a typo...
He is the best racing car driver of all time.
Please get well again and keep fighting Schumy!

I know its called Stig. But I've always called it stick. And Amen to that.

You stig to your guns.

dda_k says:

Some say he developed the game by himself while his chinese cousin was fighting microsoft to pubish it.

dovlek says:


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LTTG says:

LOL I LOVE Top Gear but I really don't understand The Stig, he never talks!