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Adobe Reader for Windows Phone getting first update to version 10.1 (Confirmed)


First shots: Adobe X for Windows Phone has finally arrived

We’re still rubbing our eyes to figure this one out but we’ve had no less than two emails from readers that they’re receiving an app update for the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The update is bringing it from version 9.0 to version 10.1.0 build 20120818. What’s more, as you can see above, we have the pics to evidently prove it.

Reportedly users in the Netherlands and Australia are able to get the update, however when we’ve repeatedly checked the Marketplace we’re still at 9.0 here in the US. What’s more, we were unable to see the update in the Web Marketplace outside the US.

Adobe 10.1 for Windows Phone

Assuming this is accurate—and we have little reason to doubt after receiving photos after we asked—it would be a landmark win for Windows Phone users. The original Adobe Reader came onto the Marketplace back in October 2010 as a launch title with Windows Phone 7.0.

It has never had and update. Not one. Even after hearing of Reader X support back in...well...2010.

And although it technically can read files, it was a pretty weak application. According to reports from users, they both seem relatively impressed with the new update. From Ben:

“I just got an update for Adobe Reader pushed to my Samsung Focus (Aus Marketplace). There's no update notes on the marketplace page, but when loading it, it has a completely new UI, and actually seems to be running a WHOLE LOT smoother. The version is now 10.1.0, build 20120818. I did a search to see if i'd missed the news page of it, because the build seems to reveal 18th Aug, but I didn't find anything (so sorry if it's old news). The UI has now a white background, and two columns in the panorama: one with the standard documents, and another for recently viewed. You can choose between viewing single page or continuous, search text, and it has a button to return to the home page.”

Reader Sertan D. also remarked at how smooth it is as well.

Adobe 10.1

Update: Indeed, Adobe has confirmed via their blog earlier in the day--

  • Updated File browser - We have added a Panoramic File browser. You can easily list your recently viewed PDF files as well as see a complete list of all PDF files available in Adobe Reader.
  • Search, Select and Copy Text - You can now search for words and phrases in a document. In addition, you can select text and copy it to paste into other applications.
  • Navigate using Scrubber and Bookmarks - We have added ability to navigate using Bookmarks in a PDF document. If there are bookmarks available, you will see an icon on lower right hand corner of the document. Clicking that icon will display the bookmarks in this document. Tapping on a bookmark will bring you to the right location in the document. You can also navigate to any page quickly using the Page Scrubber at the bottom of the display. Just tap and drag the Scrubber, and you’ll be shown thumbnails of the pages, so you can identify and go directly to the page you are looking for.       
  • Open password protected files and Portfolios - We have addressed one of the most common requests by adding the ability to open password protected documents.We have also added support for PDF portfolios by showing you a listing of all of the contents in the portfolio, and letting you tap to open and view any of the enclosed documents.
  • In addition, we have made significant performance improvements throughout the application, so your reading experience should be much improved.

In the meantime, you can try your luck in here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Let us know in comments if you’ve received the update.

Thanks, Ben, for the images

QR: Adobe Reader



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dvorak123 says:

In Sydney, Australia and not seeing the update.

WizardCM says:

In Melbourne and also not getting the update. Glad they're finally updating it, v9 is a joke compared to... basically any other app available designed to open files.

schlubadub says:

In Perth, downloading now :)

dvorak123 says:

Maybe its because I'm using a Focus S

sholokov says:

Just got it in CT, USA.

Thank the heavens!!!

Mattyh95 says:

Got it in nz! :D

Mattyh95 says:

(New Zealand)

tugvow says:

Downloaded update, Australia, lumia 900, shits all over the previous versions, to put it nicely

Billious says:

Downloaded in Melbourne, Australia. Agree - massive improvement in speed and general usability.

Munkeyphyst says:

The current adobe is absolute garbage worst app experience on WP.

oreozzy says:

Vodafone AU on HTC Trophy. Got the update. SO so much better, much smoother scrolling of pages.
Now I just need that Tango update for my phone that Vodafone AU promised a few months ago...

deadwrong03 says:

Not showing a update for me in U.S. (Chicago)

aderud says:

I got the update in Sweden.

DBDev says:

Me too, finally!

ahmadrazif says:

Just got the update.. Malaysia

Nada in Detroit

Niavlys77 says:

No update in Ontario for me.

kidjenius says:

nothing in canada. when i first read this article, i thought it was an elaborate hoax. I mean... Adobe's lack of updating its pdf reader is infamous

c_topherrr says:

In Aus and i searched it on the marketplace for the option to update. Its about time, the update has made it much faster.

genfa says:

Nothing in france

WhoRUx3 says:

They were waiting on me. Today, I decided to let my frustration go by reviewing and rating the app. It's magical!

wetworker says:

It's about time.

DieNadel says:

Nothing in NYC

jhoff80 says:

Can you email PDFs yet?

Gergolos says:

Here is an answer from the official Blog dealing with the email-issue:

"Windows Phone 7.5 does not allow applications to email files via Email client available on device. Even though this capability is available in Microsoft applications (Word etc.), other applications like Adobe Reader are not allowed to send files via Email Client. We had to drop this feature from this update due to this limitation."

jhoff80 says:

I suspected that was the case, but it still sucks.  It'd better be fixed in Windows Phone 8, since at my job we deal almost exclusively in PDF.

ferek says:

Just download it in mexico on my focus ;)

areion says:

Getting the Update in switzerland

IsTrooper2 says:

Got it in Singapore

Pricop says:

Not availalbe in Romania :/

lemonsteveo says:

Oh my god, this app is actually usable now! 

Halo3fanz says:

Downloaded the update. Location: Singapore

Xaphoon148 says:

Downloaded :-)
Wasn't visible as update, no notification, but went to the app where the button said update instead of download...

lonbraj says:

I hope it's usable now, adobe reader 9.0.0 is complete garbage and made me embarressed of Windows Phone. I don't want to be reliant in Adobe so I hope MSFT brings the Reader app in Windows 8 to WP.

schlubadub says:

Don't worry, it's really smooth now :)

lonbraj says:

Glad to know. Still not available in US marketplace.

phatboy66 says:

Wow this is a BIG DEAL for me!

KustomAU says:

Finally, I can view password protected PDFs!

kaitenus says:

update in Slovakia successful, but first try with error (exception) : DoGetIndexofLastPDFFileNode : Root element is missing.
So come on Adobe - fix it !!!

engellion says:

Got the update (Australia). Far more usable app. Pinch to zoom works so much better, but still slow on the redraw after a zoom. Interface a lot more metro like now. Can't believe it took 2 years to make Adobe Reader usable now.

"Can't believe it took 2 years to make Adobe Reader usable now."

Probably took 2 hours to fix, but 22 months to decide if and when they wanted to :-/

Look for Adobe Reader for WP8 sometime in 2014!

kunwar_91 says:

can we share files now via email or skydrive?

That has nothing to do with the Adobe app--that's an OS limitation. So no, that has not changed.

kunwar_91 says:

seriously? i always blamed adobe for this ... MS should really get thier shit together n stop putting stupid restrictions to the OS

Well, WP8 goes a long way to fix those things.

inteller says:

yeah too bad all of us with 7.x get stuck with their failures.

ThePKReddy says:

Off topic. My Viber app received and update last night. USA

This is Bigger than Lumia 920 and WP 8 announcement... No Update yet in India

DaSchnee says:

No Update in Germany

Not received the update yet :(

rath79 says:

just got on my L900 in Australia, and all i'll say is OH MY F#$%^&^% GOD, how did it take so so long to get a version that is actually usable.
This is so improved from the previous version, I'd go as far as to say the most improvements in a single app in the history of windows phone.

Wyn6 says:

I just stopped using it altogether this app was so bad. Good to hear. I believe WP8 is beginning to have an effect especially since the prospect of an MS built odf reader may be in the works if Windows 8 is any indication.

lonbraj says:

That's what I'm hoping to.

neo158 says:

Not available in the UK Marketplace yet. Now if only Adobe would update the Android version, it's still stuck on version 9.0

Re: Android. Huh. Suddenly, I don't feel so bad now.

lonbraj says:

I don't know what you're asking for, I see no complains of Android version, actually WP new version lacks a lot of features that Android already have.

neo158 says:

Actually I was wrong. Just checked my Galaxy Nexus and it does have version 10, 10.3.1 to be precise.

Xaphoon148 says:

Every PDF I ever opened are shown in a list and are cashed/stored on the phone :-)
Can open in offline mode.
And it works smooooth... :-)

In Brisbane, Australia and got it last night. Even tweeted about it:

Tsk tsk...should have Tweeted US! :-P

DaiaX says:

From Adobe Blog:

By rahulban - 6:18 AM on September 7, 2012   Reply

Windows Phone 7.5 does not allow applications to email files via Email client available on device. Even though this capability is available in Microsoft applications (Word etc.), other applications like Adobe Reader are not allowed to send files via Email Client. We had to drop this feature from this update due to this limitation.


frnlh says:

I have a number of apps that do email files. For instance, Handyscan can email as either PDF or JPEG, and it can upload those formats to my SkyDrive as well.

oldgaius says:

#next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }
But Handyscan doesn't use the email client. I think it uses their own mail server and says it's from the email address you've specified. throws a hissyfit when it gets a file emailed from Handyscan, probably because of the bodged workaround.


Dome85 says:

Incredible!!!!!!! I don't belive to my eyes!

namodenamer says:

Nothing in Malaysia

kaiks says:

Could anyone be so kind and upload the xap? I can't wait any longer!

Since the Marketplace encryption, I don't think it's possible anymore :-/

Nekzar says:

I can confirm the update is live in the danish marketplace

neo158 says:

Must be an update for the rest of the world only then, still not available in the UK!!!

FacilisDK says:

Confirmed here too!

ClayRom says:

Got it this morning in Cape Town. Much improved :)

s3rgiu83 says:

In Romania , just got the update...very useful...Can open password protected pdf

polychromenz says:

In new Zealand, installing now

WikingRock says:

Well, available and downloaded here in Czech Republic...:)

4hab says:

Not live either in GER. Anyway...
As long as they dont fix the arse-pain-renderer of that shitty reader, they dont need to do anything! Zooming in a pdf with this mobile reader, or generally using this app is such an incredible pain. it feels like adobe aired a pre-pre-alpha! and we're talking aout ADOBE!
Thats just unbareable. 

hcescala says:

Awesomeness!!! - Philippines

Dave Blake says:

Shocked to see this one its definitely about time.

Piachu says:

I'm updating now :D [POLAND]

Nuno_pt says:

I just got the update in Lisbon, Portugal for my ZTE Tania.
I just point the QR Code reader to the code, and open the market page for Adobe, and it said if i wanna update, I said yes and got the new version, all working ok here, got everything like the above pictures.

skooal says:

Updated in Dublin, Ireland

India: No sight of Update yet...

kasuno says:

Thanks god they updated it. The version I hace its pure crap and it isn't smooth.

AwesomeAndy says:

Got it too. But it still lags quite a bit on rerendering after zooming. Very annoying. Unsure if its the crappy CPU on my 710 or just incompetence on Adobe's part.

Aeon2k says:

On my Optimus 7: Scrolling is noticeably smoother (but still not as good as the Android one on an old Galaxy S); then there is an annoying bug that freezes the app in landscape (zoom in, then try moving left or right) - it even caused a reboot of my phone. New features are decent, but the app is overall still an embarassment and you still can't forward pdfs through mail!

pr0phecy says:

Wow it's about time!
Downloaded the update (netherlands, omnia 7) and low and behold: it actually is way better!!

Nothing in Miami, FL yet.

erwt says:

Holy shit. This is one of the few things about WP that I really hated, so glad it's finally updated.

Canada still showing 9.0. And I still have to use it to view my cell bill. :(

Nuno_pt says:

I confirm the bug on landscape when you zoom, it freezes the app when moving right or left, but it's lot smoother, but can be more.
Please correct the bug, and make it possible to create PDF and sent it via email.

synthman4 says:

Got update in Melbourne, Australia. Works well.

blessthejon says:

No update yet in US.

pantiko says:

No love for Spain yet

Nuno_pt says:

Just scan the QR Code, on the marketplace it says v9.0 yet.

dukrem says:

Finally! I was altogether avoiding PDFs on my phone because of how bad it was. I've tried it out and it's fairly quick and usable now. If only it could annotate or even edit. Hopefully MS Word on WP8 might bring something like that.

TJay86 says:

Still nothing in the UK! Hurry up, I got work to and this will make it more bearable...just a little bit though!

Lobbie1978 says:

No update here in the Netherlands

igrar#IM says:

Can I share PDF files via email now?

brebo33 says:

Wow, I might actually be able to read pdfs on my windows phone. Good news.

pedah says:

Got it yesterday

amduggie says:

Got it in HK. Seems much better than before.

vabopi says:

Portugal. I have just downloaded to my Lumia 800. Much better than the old one. I've not received any update notification. Thanks for the tip.

Montpbm says:

I'm in ATL and I don't see it.. Samsung Focus S..

Bushybro says:

It is alot smoother. Having your files and recent is a big plus also.

Just got it here in the US :)

its available now in Pakistan wow...!!!!

apocacrux says:

Got for my Focus, in Canada.

Update Available... Documentation updated... version 10.1... size 5MB... India Marketplace

inteller says:

Available in the US now!

tgr42 says:

Had to reboot my phone before the Marketplace (US) would show the new version - it was probably cached from when I checked it before it was available.
It's still kind of sluggish and buggy - crashed when I tried to do a text search in a large PDF - but it's a MILLION times better than the old version which was just shameful.  Scrolling and zooming works much better.  Love the new bookmark support!  Page seeking throughout the document!  You still can't enter a page number (!!!) but the slider control is mostly adequate.  It still doesn't remember where you left off once you truly exit the app and come back to it later.. that's disappointing.
But overall...  it's a huge improvement.  And it's about time.  Wow.

ScRePt says:

Got it here in Greece too.
I fully agree with you appart from the crashing part. They should also support "double-tap" to stretch to readable content as done by ie...

tgr42 says:

Yes, double-tap still just slowly zooms in or out by a fixed amount - pretty useless, as you then have to wait for the content to re-render until the app becomes responsive again (no busy indicator btw, what's up with that?), and then it's probably not going to be at the right zoom level.  So you might as well just pinch to zoom in the first place and only pay that cost once.
Double-tap to zoom to content like in IE would be amazing, but I suppose it's asking far too much.  In fact, I can't believe IE even has such a feature.  It really blew me away when I first saw that in action.  It's so much better than pinch to zoom when it works, and it works pretty reliably.

rdubmu says:

Update now available on AT&T for the Titan 2 in Seattle

bilzkh says:

Definitely available in Canada, just got it on my Lumia :)

blackprince says:

Confirmed installing on my L800 as I type. Did some pigs drop from the sky or something. So surprised to actually see an update on this

JensenK says:

German marketplace now shows the update...not able to download yet though.

JensenK says:

A reboot did the trick, update installed just fine now.

ltyarbro42 says:

Got in here in U.S. by scanning QR code. Wasn't showing up before.

pstorm13 says:

NYC, downloading updated version :)

ctleng76 says:

It's about time!!!!  This app was barely usable before.  Now it finally works as it should!

Vic_Tor says:

Works in Canada on lumia 900

Freuder says:

Got it in UK - just went to the app in Marketplace and there was the update button

TacoForte says:

awesome stuff, i just got it working!

Apoc says:

Got the update to 10.1.0, here in the U.S. about 2hours ago.

Yupp, I'm in Norway and I got it! But had to go manualy and look, no push notification

wpos8 says:

Just updated and united states gets it first. Hahaha

ClayRom says:

Oh really? Seems as if lots of other regions got it long before the US...

Janis91 says:

Installed the new version manually from the Marketplace here in Germany.

Racxie says:

Just updated in UK on Samsung Omnia 7.

Just updated the app in US.

sdreamer says:

Same here :)

habaryu says:

Works in Canada on my LG Optimus Quantum.

issieman says:

Compared to the IOS /android version its really lacking .... Where is the annotations feature .. Notes ...

zeekhan786 says:

Just downloaded the update in UK using above link. I use a lot of .pdf files so this is a very welcome update.

blackprince says:

holy crap I can pinch zoom on a pdf on my phone, who would have thought this could ever happen.

Bushybro says:

This is sad that this is big news. Adobe, u suck. I'm glad it got updated but the time it took was ridiculous

Jay Bennett says:

Confirmed here in the UK as well, the difference is night and day, finally a good PDF viewing experience!

_Haitian says:

Just updated from Vancouver BC, unlocked AT&T Titan connected to Telus.

rlawrimore says:

US is confirmed on AT&T Lumia.

Seasword says:

All of you should thanks in Adobe page. It will encourage them much more since people around the world will see it. It will have snowball effect.
I am truly glad it's finally done. All points direct toward update, but they really take their time. I am suspicious they keep negotiating for a long time with Microsoft, but eventually failed to reach agreement. (see feature dropped in Adobe page)

dreamfly says:

and ask them to look at the Marketplace feedbacks and see how much damaged they have done to themselves.

dreamfly says:

US Marketplace still have the old version!

Hi all
I just gotthe update by going to the marketplace manually.  I am in the UK.

genfa says:

Received it now in France :)

mikeguinnes says:

Just got the update in the UK by following your link.

billwonder says:

Just received update in the states.

Arsenic17 says:

Wow the new UI is awesome! This is how it should have been since the beginning. The old version was lame and sluggist and hard to even use.

RaRa85 says:

Yes just received my update this morning!(Baltimore, MD) It is very much improved over the last version and I will be using it more now that it so much more functional now. Also works in landscape mode as well. Well done.

ody360 says:

USA, Seattle WA, updated on my HTC - lumia hybrid!

WPenvy says:

Update is live in the USA. Had to look in the marketplace for it, it didn't show a notification

statsmatt says:

Didn't get a prompt to update, but scanned the QR code on this page and it took me to the marketplace, offering an update. On Rogers in Toronto, Ontario

Just got the update in Florida. Haven't really used it yet but seems alot smoother.

myrandex says:

In the U.S. seeing it and downloading it fine.

mmblanco says:

In Chile with version 9 installed, I had no update offering in marketplace even after scanning the QR. I unistalled version 9, searched the marketplace and version 10 was offered inmmediately. So I was able to install the new version.

Glim12808 says:

OMG! So much better than the previous crappy version!

brebo33 says:

Got the update. Disappointed. Anything longer than a few pages is painfully slow to load. No way to sort PDF files or organize them. Really, a recent page and choice of continuous or single page? Not excited. I hope they don't think they're done. The only improvement I see is the pages don't jump around as you scroll, which should have been fixed a long time ago. Come on Adobe. Put more effort in it than one guy with a free weekend.

cxily says:

Got it in France !

Seasword says:

Anyone care to share the XAP ? Or want it :D ?
How can I put pdf into it for mass copying other than forcing iso store ?

weetigo says:

Looks great.  I get proofs sent by pdf regularly, and this Reader X is tons smoother than v9 and much easier on the eyes. (Manitoba)

addicusbrown says:

Just updated my HD2 masquerading as a Lumia 900. Southern California.

peper-eliot says:

Hello from Paris, France, with an updated device ;)

SSK the Gr8 says:

OMG! Adobe updated... I feel like thanking the Lord... Crying... the impossible just happened.

had an update promopt for adobe reader to update it from 10.1. to 10.1.1 As soon as i updated it, it rolled back to 9 and wouldnt let me update it to 10 anymore. seraching through external means and trying to open it through zune has been to no avail.
it says the app is not listed for your region, funny when i was using it for the entire month with the updated version