Rapid fire Blink app gets flash support, easier edit options in latest update

Blink Windows Phone 8

Users of the sequential photo app Blink will want to go and grab version 1.2, which just hit the Windows Phone store. The new version contains a changelog, which allows us to tell you exactly what has been updated in this release.

For starters, there is now “flash support”. That basically entails just turning on (and leaving on) the LED lamp, much like a LED torch and it could be quite useful in certain situations where extra light is needed. The other refinement is “easier access to edit and share menus for previously captured session”, no doubt fueled by user feedback. While not as exciting, it may make using the app a smidge easier.

You can pick up Blink for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Thanks, Larry P., for the tip! 

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RyanAMG says:

I love this app. Now I can get good pics of my cats.

kiddj55 says:

Totally wish they brought that over to the 8x :(

RyanAMG says:

This app works on the 8X

JamesDax3 says:

Works fine on my 8X.

Montpbm says:

I have it on my 8X and it works great..

Sergio0694 says:

Great app, the only downside is that it takes 720 photos, but that's an hardware limitation.

How is that a hardware limitation when the stock camera takes photos higher than 720p

Sergio0694 says:

How can you even compare the number of frames per second taken by the stock camera and Blink? The stock camera takes a photo every 3-4 seconds, Blink takes more than 10 images per second, that's it.
Same thing for smart shoot: it just takes a photo every 2-3 seconds.

No, it's not. Nokia's Smart Shoot takes 1080p pictures, doesn't it?

marantaz says:

Anyone else having problems with the WPC app updating on its own? My live tile has been lifeless all day... only get new stories if I open the app. Could this be a problem with the Unification app even though I'm not using it?

I still get the black live tile.

fwaits says:

Unpin it, clear your IE history, then restart the phone, re-pin.  See if it comes back to life in a few hours.

Worst case, uninstall then clear IE history and restart, then reinstall, re-pin. That usually fixes "stuck/broken" live tiles.

marantaz says:

First option worked perfectly, fwaits, thanks.

radde says:

Last weekend I had a little tennis session with my father (73) who is actually a tennis trainer. I wanted him to take a foto of me while I practice my serve. He was like "You mean a video, right? I will probably not be able to take it in the right moments." I gave him my L920 and opened the Blink Lense App and told him he simply need to press the camera Hardwarebutton when I start my serve. BAM! He was hooked. :)
Not only from the App but also how easy It was to open it.

Asphalt 7, TV Show, Netflix, Shazam and Nokia Xpress gots a update as well...

i love it, haha! :)
but whats with Instagraph?!
Come on guys, release it now! we need it!!! and please for free!!!!!!!

Xaphoon148 says:

Love Blink, only possible way to get pictures of the kids...

MrA2Z says:

Dan whenever I look at that white beast in your hand I feel so jealous. I got black just due to the matt finish. Now I am going to order a white case.

fierywater says:

Every time I use the app, I wonder why there isn't a simple "Save as .GIF" option.

Banstyle says:

Agreed! I'd use it over cinemagraph if it did.

DenniSundaY says:

Is everyone else using this for his cats :P

mrcansik says:

my favourite lens. great job on this.

uopjo6 says:

Gonna use for cats :)

But, how is this different from Smart shoot?