Music streaming service Rdio now available from the Windows Store

Rdio Windows Store

Beats Music, Xbox Music, Spotify, Pandora, Songza and Rdio are just some of the popular streaming music services available for you today. Those just listed all have apps in the Windows Phone Store, but might not all be available in the Windows Store. Today you can add Rdio as an app available for Windows 8.1 customers.


Head into the Windows Store and you'll find Rdio (www.rdio.com) for Windows 8.1. You're not going to be blown away by the app at first, but it's nice to see it join the Windows Store. With the app, you get access to the 20 million plus tracks available on Rdio. You also get some Windows 8.1 specific features like a Live tile and the ability to pin albums to your Start screen.

Like we said, the app is certainly functional, but it's really just the Rdio website wrapped into an app. Touch targets are small, and the app works better with a mouse than it does your finger. Still it's a start, and maybe we'll see Rdio give their Windows 8 the work it deserves.

Fan of Rdio? Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

Thanks for the heads up Romit!



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Is this service available in Saudi Arabia?

NIST says:

Is this available in the U.S?

Arsee17 says:

These music apps are coming at a critical time for Xbox music. People are starting to look to better alternatives and now here they come. Fix Xbox music Microsoft!

TechyMexican says:

Is this available in Mexico?

Is this available to people who are retarded as they should check rather then ask

Funny I thought this...

Zuka_WPC says:

Or click "download app"... Takes like 3 seconds

Why not an universal app?

MikeSo says:

That would require more work.

btgusto says:

They didn't even take the time to build a real app, they're not going to put effort into building a universal one. Hopefully this is just a place holder while they work on a decent app

mango.lover says:

I wonder what ever came of that rumor that Microsoft was acquiring Rdio...

Jabid21 says:

I believe Rdio uses Xamarin to develop its apps.

NIST says:

And Zatarain to develop its taste!

JotaKa says:

New Orleans Style! ;-)

onysi says:

I keep reading this app as ARRR-dio. Like a pirate.

Thade780 says:

Too bloody late and too stupid to understand that they have to put effort in their app. Last year I switched to Deezer after more than three years of being loyal to Rdio.