Nokia Lumia 929

Rear press render of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 leaks online, shows 20 MP rear camera

On a slow Sunday we have some slow news coming out, including this rear render of the Nokia Lumia 929 destined for Verizon. Yesterday we had the front side leak and now you can see it juxtaposed against its rear.

Anything else new to report? Not really, just that the 1080P Windows Phone 8 device will arrive in Red too in addition to White and Black, which should be a nice change.  Other than that, we still have the 20 MP PureView camera on the back and presumably the size is at least 5-inches for the display, though other specific details remain elusive.

Source: Evleaks; Thanks, turtlebuster6, for the tip



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Sam Sabri says:

Looks like a nice device. Can't wait to see what innovations Nokia made with this 20MP shooter on the 929/1520. 

That camera has a really nice phone on it.

PS: as an editor you had an unfair advantage to be first.

TechBizJP says:

haha,. Too bad he beat you to it..

Hope this screen size comes to att.

sunbee says:

I wish too global market and not just carrier. They should release 1520 specs in 4.7" or 5" screen.

DJCBS says:

From the design point of view it's way better than the L1520 imo. Assuming that the 929 is a variant of the 1520, if course

Zamir Yusof says:

Same feeling here. I prefer a variant of 1520 with smaller screen size. 6" display is too large for my pockets

5 inches most. No more than that.

No, 5 inches is too small.

AlexanderJJJ says:

I'd like one of these on T-Mobile too please! :)

wvanellis says:

I hear ya on that!

OMG55 says:

I'd like to see some nice advertising commercials from carriers like the new iPhone 5C one ATT just released as well as the nice one for the Moto X. The carriers IMO are being biased towards windows phone with the advertisements just like app developers are. Windows phone is more than just a camera. It has more real world usage scenarios than any other mobile OS out there and I think it should be highlighted.

NIST says:

The 5C commercial seems to push color. Um...ok. The one that cracks me up is the Droid max which highlights its battery standby time. Innovation clearly lies with Nokia. Though the ATT commercials for WP generally suck.

OMG55 says:

Yes, but it presents a nice product! you and me may be spec animals, but the average consumers are not. 95% of people who own the iphone only purchased them for looks alone, not what it can do. Apple has built their brand based upon presentation; that why they aren't battling Android by adding endless features or even the top spec out there.

Bloobed says:

They actually pretty much do have top specs, especially on the GPU -side.

OMG55 says:

again, how many average users outside of us tech geek know about GPU? None, and as mentioned, they are not battling spec for spec or feature for feature against Android, who by far has more features than any other mobil manufacturer out there. If you have a nicer GPU with less RAM, couldn't this even the playing field as far as processing speed?

Bloobed says:

iPhone has less RAM because the applications need less RAM to run, which is actually a good thing in terms of processing power as less bytes need to travel between the CPU and RAM. While RAM can be limiting, it usually is not, as you can control the data-flow of most apps (especially GPU -heavy like games), and load them as needed. The 64-bit processor of the 5S is very much spec-whore bait, so Apple does extend a hand there too. Even if the majority of their marketing efforts are not spec -oriented, they offer very good specs, so the iPhone user does not have to worry about it, and can trust their phone to perform very well.
Unfortunately WP phones will always be behind on GPU-power.

Bloobed says:

I am just waiting for the first iPhone priests who shout out how iPhone revolutionized colours.

RaRa85 says:

And not with half the storage too...

Harry Wild says:

Make it Yellow and Grey for T-Mobile!

rodneyej says:

❗❗Warning❗❗ Parasitic Comment... And off subject, but it's Sunday...
If you don't know already.. WP7x is EOL❗... I'm in the process of having my Samsung Focus framed as wall art... It's the end of a era.. But, WP7 most likely won't be missed to much,, rather respected for setting WP's foundation.... Like it or not this is reality.

Good riddance, I hate windows phone.

rodneyej says:

We know you do.. You hate Nokia too.

tissotti says:

I love the Lumia 1520 design, much more than this, but this does look to have more favorable screen size. Not that it really matters as this will only be available in US, in a one operator. 

Josh Harman says:

If it's like my 822 on Verizon, it's a global phone. So it may be available off contract somewhere.

RyanAMG says:

Verizon has been pushing the world phone past few years. As of now they are still heavily invested in Vodafone stock. Before LTE was out Verizon BlackBerrys came with Vodafone SIM cards

incendy says:

looks like a xenon flash too, or was that already known?

paulheu says:

No, that's dual LED flash

incendy says:

well that is no good!

tissotti says:

Nope, Nokia's normal dual LED configuarion. 

coip says:

So, Nokia made a big deal about the Xenon flash in the Lumia 928 and haven't used it since. Does that mean it was just some sort of gimmick and the dual-LED configuration is better?

Nik Rolls says:

No, but it's a much larger module and harder to fit in the phone. Also it's no good as a video flash (Xenon is burst-only) so you still need an LED alongside if you're going to offer low-light video recording. So I guess it's a specialist feature depending on the target audience of the handset.

SB5 says:

The Lumia 1020 has Xenon flash too

Drewidian says:

I'll take 2 in white please!

I guess it makes sense since you have two hands and two ears.

rodneyej says:

Will you leave people alone... Lol❕❕

Tafsern says:

But only one mouth, so you didn't make sense right now.

Zamir Yusof says:

Still can do a voice call on left and texting on right

Dk92 says:

This guy's on a roll today.

It looks like we can change the colour of the Office tile

Nik Rolls says:

Interesting. I think this has come up before way back when WP8/7.8 renders were being leaked, but it turned out to not be the case.

rodneyej says:

It definitely is a difference color.. I wonder why❔❔❔

RyanAMG says:

Maybe because its a render and not a pic of the phone.

rodneyej says:

Possibly.. But, don't they usually use modified screen shots for these❓

Josh Harman says:

It is strange because Office is associated with red under their new logo scheme and Bing is orange.

Must be some kind of new technology

Arsenic17 says:

I don't see how they can call this device the 929 and the att device the 1520. It doesn't make any sense in the Lumia product line. Some information is messed up without question. The 9xx lumias are 4.5" devices. 1xxx is amazing cameras. Below 900 are lower end devices. Presumedly 1100-1500 are the larger screened devices. 5", 5.5" and 6".

babse says:

This is the same way folks felt with the tmobile variant of the lumia 820 dubbed the 810. Quite honestly, i think exclusive devices are allowed to deviate from the norm if need be. For all we know, Verizon may have deemed it fit to stick to this naming scheme.

i had already whined alot about Nokia deviating from their well publicized norm of only having 3 number device models. If we are going to be technical, actually doesnt make sense having the 1020 and 1520, but ey, doesnt hurt to deviate.

Agree. Something doesn't add up (namely, the numbers).  I like the looks of this phone though... especially that there is no camera bump.

RyanAMG says:

Verizon is backing Qi so I'm guessing wireless charging my be onboard. This could be why no camera bump.

Nokia seems a little confused about it themselves. Remember how the 1020 was actuall the 909 until the last minute? Still even self identifies like that in the firmware. I'd like for these numbers to make sense but they've broken them before (Lumia 810 - numbered like a WP7.X device, is actually a 82X series phone. Whaaa?)
There might be less sense to the numbering convention than we think haha.

tissotti says:

Though 810, 928 and this 929 will be sideline devices that nobody will ever hear globally.
They are simply sold in a one market, in a one operator.

It really seems Nokia just throws some random numbers on these variant phones.

I would not be surprised if a part of the issue is that devices numbers 1XXX are exclusive to AT&T only for the time being.  It's likely slightly smaller than the AT&T 1520 with similar features.  I expect a Verizon 1020 variant early next year.  I think this one will be 5-5.5" for the screen, but should be a nice device.

Mr. Tofu says:

Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car!

Zamir Yusof says:

Lumia 625 equipped with 4.7" display. I think the numbering is based on marketing target. With 5xx n 6xx for entry level, 7xx for lower mid range, 8xx as higher mid range, 9xx for flagship, 10xx for niche flagship n 15xx for entry level of the flagship

Hey Dan just size the phone up buy the led flash how many led flashes make up a 4.5 screen then see if it is bigger

sdreamer says:

Now that I think about it, this is more of a true successor for the 920, its the tic whereas the 925/28 are the tocks. Basically better screen, ois, higher res sensor, looks like a larger aperture allowing a somewhat larger sensor for pixel size, all in a thinner but slightly larger body compared to the 920. That's what I think. Looks really nice, hope they offer colors. Verizon seems to only want white and black.

111san says:

Well it does have a tick on its back so....

Kram Sacul says:

The true successor to the 920 would not be a brick only offered on Verizon.

Or get on your computer and make the led flash match up to the led on Nokia Lumia 920

bayotte says:

Man, am I ever happy I'm not with Verizon. They totally ruin the phones with all of their logos.

Lumia 8x says:

They actually didn't ruin HTC 8x.

psiu_glen says:

The logos on the black 928 are nearly invisible. Dark grey 4G one on the back, and very subtle Nokia and Verizon logos above the screen.

RyanAMG says:

The renders for 928 looked like this but the phone looks nice as the logo is almost ghosted. So I'm happy to be on Verizon ;)

bayotte says:

If I've offended someone, it was never my intention. I was just stating my disappointment towards the image I saw. Its because I'm such a fan of the Nokia's simple and almost organic designs. That's all.

Kram Sacul says:

No, you're right. Nokia's designs for variants on Verizon are just plain ugly compared to the originals.

RyanAMG says:

I'm with you the 920 looks so much nicer then the 928 I was talking about the logos only

Is it possible we could choose three columns of tiles on screens smaller than 6" with GDR3?  I mean, why would they call this a 9xx... if it's comparable to the 1520? It doesn't make sense.

SwimSwim says:

Why is the time on it 10:20? I thought Nokia always set the time to be the same as the model number whenver they advertise?

zorb58 says:

Wish we had a 1020 variant.

Tjarren says:

Keep just about everything except add the 1020's camera.  Really, is it THAT hard???  :\

rodneyej says:

This is coming soon....

Sir Switch says:

Man they really need to do something about thier logo. Would look alot better if they ditched the 'tick' and just had the Verizon part instead. Still, a nice phone for Verizon customers regardless!

RyanAMG says:

Nice thing about Verizon the renders logo stands out like a redhead but when the phone comes out the logos are almost ghosted and you almost don't even see it.

Why not name this 1029, or 1028??

I'd think they would save the 10xx series for the camera focused devices, the 9xx for the more "pocketable" high end device (think 925 and 1020).

I really don't think this is a 5" or larger phone. Other than the additional tiles, which is the result of a 1080p screen on any size device, I see no evidence that this is that large. In fact, looking at the earpiece, the size of the Nokia and Verizon logos, and the distance between them and the sides if the phone, looks comparable to a 920,25,28 to me. Maybe 4.5 to 4.8?

The capacitive buttons are still not centered.. but at least there's a microphone to make up for it.. and the gap isn't as bad as on the ugly 920 and 1020. I really wish they would make the Lumia 900 with Windows Phone 8.

tissotti says:

Lumia 920? Imo is by far the worst example of N9 design.
Quite fat, still quite large compared to N8 and Lumi 800. Flat screen and raised from the body. Looks and feels horrible.
No wonder that device sold pretty much nothing, while Lumia 800 took 74% of the sales. 

You wanted to say 900, not 920

rodneyej says:

Who here is mad they bought a 928❔

StevePT says:

Not me. My 928 was free and is big enough.

rodneyej says:

Naaaw.... You're mad.. Lol❕❕

cgallaer says:

I'm not mad. I got my 928 for fifty bucks and I absolutely love it.

rodneyej says:

Nope.. You are pissed.. Lol❕ Just joking...

procen says:

I'm not mad because I don't have 928:-D. I want you to answer this Rod.

rodneyej says:

Lol❗ what else can I say❓

Josh Harman says:

I got an 822 for free, can't be mad. Besides I wanted as small a phone as possible.

rodneyej says:

You can be mad.. I don't buy it,, you're outraged..

RyanAMG says:

Not mad but my 928 will go to my wife as her 8X is not doing so well and I'll get this for me as long as Qi wireless charging is on board and is minimum 5.2"

rodneyej says:

Yes you are... Lol❗

rodneyej says:

Lol❕❕ Leave em alone dude❕❕❕❕❕❕

Every time you use one of those exclamation points, I mad bro.

LHAM13 says:

I couldn't agree more ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

rodneyej says:

❗well ❗there ❗you ❗go...... Hahaha❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

Dude that's racist

rodneyej says:

Your welcome❗.. Awesome❕❕❕

mamothstick says:

Hope that it shoots in RAW.

rodneyej says:

We need slomo like the iPhone.. That's a cool feature....

RyanAMG says:

No what's cool about the iPhone 5s is even if its locked you can bypass it or make a none emergency call from the lock screen. I can't wait to see more security breaches surface over time.

Lewis Wilson says:

Looks like a Limia 520, perhaps Nokia most already popular phone. Way to go Nokia. ;)

Hey Dan any word on the gdr2 & amber updates on at&t

Josh Harman says:

With Nokia saying they hope everyone will have it by the end of September, I'd suspect within the next week.
If that doesn't happen...

Damn this is a record or something for how long it took someone to ask that rare question

rodneyej says:

It's almost like us 920ers simply gave up on the update...

StevePT says:

U mad bro?!? LOL J/K!

rodneyej says:

I gave up.. Not mad anymore... But I'm still mad I haven't got a fix for my disappearing keyboard issue on my Focus... Damn you att❕❕❕❕

Zv2112 says:

Why does Nokia have to make their damn phones so rounded? I would so love to see an update to the 810 someday, that's probably the only device that they did not design with large tween girls in mind.

pikablu0530 says:

Where does it say it will come in red? The source linked in the article is referring to the 2520 tablet

Adrian Luna says:

Yeah, I noticed this as well. The tweet says 2520. Come on, WPCentral!

So what, Apple can have color, but Nokia can't? Wondering if Verizon will ever get yellow or cyan.

This phone's design is uninspired. 

RyanAMG says:

I really with Verizon wouldn't have Nokia change the look of the phones. ATT sister phones look so much better

DJCBS says:

How likely is this 5" device to be exclusive to Verizon and no other version of it with the same 5" be released in the rest of the world (say the L1050/1200)? Well, assuming that the L1520 does have 6" instead of 5"

RyanAMG says:

If its made for Verizon then it will only be on Verizon. They have a bad habit of changing the look of phones for no good reason

Lumia 8x says:

Actually 822 looks better than the original.

Kram Sacul says:

The 822 is the ugliest Lumia, next to the 928. Has Verizon influenced design written all over it.

paulxxwall says:

Ok so now were seeing a bunch of new phones but my question is if we can should we just upgrade rather than wait for updates? Or is Ms going to do something about making sure updates are timely ? Because if not with these upgrade programs we don't have to wait for updates just upgrade . We may not have control of these late updates but we can control us upgrading to a phone with the latest updates because that is what's happening now.

DJCBS says:

I can't answer that, but just remember this: unlike in the US, the rest of the World doesn't really work heavy on the contract-system with carriers. They exist, but in Europe, for example, we buy the phones at normal full price. We, therefore, can "upgrade" at any time, we just need to buy a new phone. So I wouldn't expect MS to change the slow pace of updates.
However, being MS the US-centric company they tend to be, one never knows.

If I were in the US and my carrier allowed me to upgrade at any time without any costs apart from the minor ones of time extention of contract, I would definitely upgrade more frequently, specially if the carrier took ages to deliver updates (like AT&T seems to take)

paulxxwall says:

Believe me the thought of this sucks and my 920 is sweet but if Ms isn't to worried about pushing out updates and instead pumps out new device with the latest if not future updated software than ok I'll just upgrade att next,tmobiles jump fans were pissed about DRM polices and it only took a week for Ms to fix things maybe not the same urgency . Makes me sad but I know its the truth

Lumia 8x says:

I like the US system. Why would you buy a phone at $600 or more when you can pay $200 whenever you upgrade?

Josh Harman says:

But you are paying the difference in your contract. It's not itemized on your bill and carriers won't say how much of your bill is to pay for the "subsidy", but they admit it's there.
That's why these early upgrade plans on AT&T and Verizon are such rip offs. You are basically paying full price for the phone, plus the hidden fee inside your contract. Almost paying for the phone twice.

Winnabe says:

You can not buy flexibility, and the freedom to choose your own carrier, my friend. Quite happy with being carrier-locked free here in India. Small price to pay. But DCJBS is abaolutely right in each of his points. MS is US-centric. However, with their new focus on devices and services, I expect them to change. Maybe they will start using the Nokia stores in the other countries to sell MS hardware. They just need to change the board outside the stores, in case they can't license the Nokia brand.

Josh Harman says:

I disagree, I don't think he is exactly right in each of his points (read the response I just posted above), but for his overall and original point... yes, of course Microsoft is focused on the US.

paulxxwall says:

So for me here in the us , if Ms is not to concerned about there updates and seem more in the interest of putting out new device with the latest updates then I'll just upgrade . I'm on att so for me and how untimely updates are for wp8 the next program is perfect it should bee a slogan " don't wait for updates .... Just upgrade". I love my wp8 but if I have choice to update my phone but my carrier is taking its time to update then I'll just buy the phone with the latest. The more I think about it Ms is aware of these programs !

StevePT says:

My guess is yes. Verizon is a big supporter of the Qi standard and the camera doesn't stand proud of the back cover like the 925/1020, so I would say it's got wireless charging built in.

txDrum says:

Does anybody else think the lens looks awfully small for 20MP?


Even the soon to be rebuilt Jewish temple will have super modern tech

cesar ruiz1 says:

My at&t friend ( same butthole who told me that gdr2 will be available same day as Lumia 925) told me that the Lumia phablet is slightly bigger then the note 3 and will have a window case that enables wireless charging didn't understand that. He couldn't give me any more details.

Jf.Vigor says:

He's probably right. The window case is similar to what the sg4 has. Its a window where you can ser your lock screen covered in plastic. Like a peephole. Irs handsome. And I can totally imagine this case having wireless charging

I know the same butthole friend and his information stinks.

ryan.kruger says:

you are my favorite poster. 

reprod3 says:

Should have the body of the Lumia 925 with the flash of the 928... What's happening with the lack of xenon flash on the latest batch of Nokia's?

TheCudder says:

I hope MIcrosoft does away with all these random nubmers and variants. I don't understand Nokia's plan or take on so many different phones, carrier exclusives & carrier variants. 920, 925, 928, 929, 1520, 521, 520...seriously. Could we be any more confusing? 3-4 tiers of phone. At minium offer the flagship & midrange tiers on every major carrier. These random models & changes doesn't help with word of mouth advertisement.

StefEBear says:

The numbering seems to follow a decent enough formula:
The 1st digit is the Level of item series 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx, 10xx, 15xx (25XX Tablet)
The version is the 2nd number (Lumia 800, 810, 820)
The 3rd number is a Variation of the same level device (920, 925, 928)
It's possible the 929 is a high end variant of the 92x series that is larger but the internals similar, possibly a bit boosted for the larger screen (think the 620 and 625)
It seems to me that Nokia are using the version 2 number for the Windows Phone 8 release (including GDRs 2 and 3)
Next year I reckon we'll see the 530, 630, 930,  938, 1030 etc devices come out when Windows Phone 8.1 comes out

Lumia 8x says:

Just.a horribly designed naming the devices.... Why not call it 800 2nd Gen or 900 5th Gen?

StefEBear says:

And you think that's any better.. Do you work for Microsoft with a name like that..
Oh maybe Apple. with iBlah 4th generation

icstars989 says:

I hope these come out with new internals. Not just a bigger screen on 920 hardware.

lovebill says:

I don't understand. What is going on? Is this the true 920/5/8 successor, the new flagship device or what? 920 (and 920 slim editions) were great but we're in 2013-14 season now. When can we expect the new flagship lumia? 

Fndlumia says:

I like the updated tile arrangement of gdr3, can't wait to update my Lumias. This phone (929) looks like a 4.5-4.8 display

maxnicks says:

I hope there's some teeth to this rumor. This could very well be my next phone! Looks are outstanding. The camera is likely outstanding. I hope the rest of the guts are every bit as outstanding!

swirl253 says:

I want the 6"
I hope they get that one

namflow says:

Judging by the size of the ffc and the three buttons it looks like this will be 4.7" 16x9 display (same as 928 but slightly taller) nicer display, but no xenon flash. But a worthy upgrade for the holiday I'd say. But definatly not a "phablet"

vkelkar says:

Is it an LCD screen the colours dont seem,like amoled

Tuna fish sandwiches

Fekkern says:

Favourite postar

wpgeek820 says:

20MP and still doesn't have a hump. Interesting.

terrokkinit says:

But I already have a 928! The 929 is SUCH an upgrade! Unnnh.....LOL I want one.

Dude 929 is only 1 more than 928. That's a 0.001076% improvement. Not much when you think about it.

Fekkern says:

Will we ever see this in Sweden?

horbeme says:

i could be late did anyone notice that the time shows 10:20 but with a 20mg camera? or am i reaching here

ayejay0601 says:

U-G-L-Y, you aint got no alibi, you ugly, you ugly, your momma made you ugly.
Seriously, I hope it looks better in person.

DavidinCT says:

So, when verizon releases it Windows Phone Central will make it like it does not exist, just like the 928....
What's the point WPC ?

ltjordan24 says:

Other than just a mid-year refresh, what was the point of the Lumia 925 being an aluminum/polycarbonate hybrid if Nokia wasn't going to adopt the design for other models?