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Rebtel adds VoIP app to the Windows Phone Marketplace

Rebtel Windows Phone app

Rebtel is an international VoIP company (think Skype... well kinda) that has released tier mobile app, Rebtel, over on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Rebtel's Windows Phone app joins other mobile solutions that are available for the iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets.

The Rebtel app features address book integration and offers to provide rates up to 98% lower than average operator calls and up to 60% saving on international text messaging to more than 196 countries. You do need to register to use the services and if you're a Facebook fan, you can sign in through your Facebook account.  The Rebtel service even has Paypal support as a billing option.


It should be noted that Rebtel isn't a traditional voice over internet protocol service. The app won't use your Windows Phone data but instead uses your voice minutes to call a local relay that in turn connects you to the destination number.

Rebtel is a free app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

via: callcenterinfo

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DavidinCT says:

Oh, so it's not a true VoIP app. That would mean it would use data, Not Minutes.
Is there a true Voice over IP app that alows you to call a number and only use Data for no charge for local/in the 48 us states ?
What can this do that I can't already do with Google voice ?

Ticomfreak says:

Because it's not google ;)

longshark says:

I mainly use rebtel for international calls. Has great rates. Try mobile VoIP. You deposit but free calling w/in the US

suavemezie says:

Best news about app I've heard so far in thus forum. Rebtel is the best app for international call, has been emailing then to consider developing official app for windows phone. Sweeeeet!

schlubadub says:

So it's not VoIP at all? Or do you still get relayed through a VoIP network at their end?
Has anyone had positive experiences with VoIP to phone? I've had a few people call me with it and it always sounds horrendous. Skype to Skype is fine though

terchoo says:

Very late.
AAWP app published this news ages ago!!

sfh1975 says:

Good experience with rebtel on IOS and android. Too bad it calls a local number on WP :( you pay twice for a single call, essentially.

Niclas says:

Hi there!
We plan to add Wifi/3g to the Windows application in the future so that you will be able to call through data as well, but there is currently no date for it.
You do pay for a local call when using the app, but if you have a subscription with free minutes, then you wouldn't need to pay for the local call as it's included in your plan.
If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us at and the Support Team will answer you in the best possible way.
Best regards,
Rebtel Support Team

JtelIndia says:


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