Record full-year revenue for Microsoft

Microsoft has published their fourth-quarter and full-year revenues that break records despite Windows Phone 7 having a slower-than-hoped launch and Windows (and PCs) taking a slight hit. 

The fiscal year, which ended June 30th, were at record breaking high of $69.9 billion (up 12% from 2010). Q4 revenue was clocked at $17.4 billion, an 8% increase of the same quarter in 2010. Microsoft's net income for the quarter was $5.87 billion, a 30% increase, and for the year it was $23.2 billion, a 23% increase.

The revenue for Microsoft's Business division grew by 16% for the year while online services revenue jumped 15% (thanks to the growth of Bing). Entertainment & Devices sky-rocketed 45% for the year with Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and continued growth of Xbox Live (and Xbox 360).

Windows and Windows Live revenues fell 2% for the year (even with 400 million Windows 7 licenses sold). Mango is hoped to not only be a great ROI (return of investment), but a beacon of hope for Nokia who reported losses in the last quarter.

Source: Microsoft



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WPManiac says:

I love this picture of Ballmer.

Rico says:

B-b-b-b-but Windows Phone you're a tortoise.:rolleyes:

laserfloyd says:

I just envision him saying "WOOOOOOOO!" in that photo.

WPManiac says:

Agreed, or maybe even the OFT part of MicrosOFT =)

Jazmac says:

When Mango hits, I expect to see this a lot more.

Khensu says:

And yet Microsoft stock continues to disappoint. MCD just announced a huge profit increase as well and their stock is up 3 bucks this morning. I don't get it.... =(