Reddit users, your Baconit is here

“The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight”

We've mentioned in the past that Reddit (site link) is our favorite learning tool time waster and we've always enjoyed having a mobile-Reddit option. The web site is a massive collection of user-submitted stories, pictures and news where "Redditors" can up-vote or down-vote what they like. Going deeper, there are s sub-reddits for specific topics. It's a hilarious, often witty community where we often do learn a few things (as well as being entertained--hello F7U12)

Unfortunately, some of the past apps have not gone "Mango", which is a shame as fast-app switching, Live Tiles, notifications, etc. all seem very useful things for such a website. Now Quinn Damerell has made a dedicated, Mango app called 'Baconit' (the title itself is a bit of an inside joke). In development for sometime, Damerell has made quite the killer Reddit app in our opinion. No doubt he learned a thing or two interning at Microsoft last year (we hear he's also returning to join the Windows Phone team--big congrats!).

We've been running the beta for awhile now and the full version just went live in the Marketplace. The app is free, which is amazing for such quality and features everything you would want in a mobile Reddit app:

  • Full Mango Support   
  • Message Inbox with background updates
  • Unread Message / Karma Live Tile
  • Pinning of SubReddits and stories [Bug: fix coming in v1.4]
  • Endlesss SubReddit browsing
  • Fast App Switching / Multitasking
  • Local caching of all data
  • Easy voting for stories and comments
  • Logical browsing and reading of comments
  • Commenting support for stories and other comments
  • Account control and details

Like we said, it's free so if you're a Reddit user there's not reason not to use it--it's simply gorgeous and fluid, the way app should be. Pick it up here in the Marketplace and enjoy. [Edit: App appears to be US-only at this point. We've contaced the developer to inquire about future Marketplace expansion]

“The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight”



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j_the_geek says:

Would be nice if it were actually available?

B4PJS says:

Agreed, not available in UK on Orange on an unlocked Lumia 800

j_the_geek says:

Also in the UK and I'm on Voda using a Lumia 800

B4PJS says:

App commenting fail, managed to double post as didn't realise the first comment had posted. Shame no edit on phone yet...

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah we should be able to add a delete option for the final release, feedback received :)

B4PJS says:

The real problem as I see it, was that once the comment had posted, there is no confirmation and the input box is not cleared, leading the user to believe that there was a problem. :)

quinbd says:

Hey guys, developer here. I have no idea why this would not be available in other countries; maybe it just takes some time for the market place to distribute the .xap? I will look into it and try to make it available ASAP :)

Hmm... Is it safe to say, Daniel, that you are a fan? :-P

dacoons says:

The app is great!

Not available in Australia (well at least for me)

dKp1977 says:

Not available in Germany either.

Phrozty says:

Just a note... confirmed w/the dev, self posts/stories not currently available.
I was double tapping/holding/swiping/poking everything I could think of.. so don't feel like an idiot if you can't figure it out either! lol.

Judy66 says:

Auggie and I say - Great job Damerell!