RegHardware Awards 2011 - vote for the platform and Nokia Lumia 800

RegHardware Mobile of the Year

RegHardware is hosting a poll where the first vote is for "Mobile of the Year", and the Nokia Lumia 800 (our review) is the Windows Phone entrant. The handset is up against the likes of the iPhone 4S, Blackberry Bold 9900, and Samsung Galaxy S II. So be sure to head on over and vote for the Lumia 800 along with Windows Phone for "Smartphone OS of the Year". There are also a few more questions in the poll including carrier of the year and most useful app.

Source: RegHardware, thanks Eoin for the heads up!



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HD7guy says:

Don't forget to vote for iPhone 4s as worst product of the year. I would suggest an Android phone, but there are too many of the buggers. ;)

drg says:

And wpcentral for best app of course ;)

alex6272 says:

I just finished doing that when I saw your comment, hopefully others will vote it the worst too. (To be fair it's probably not the absolute worst but it is a fairly underwhelming upgrade from the 4 IMO)