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For those of you who use, the social news aggregation site, you may have heard us pimping the Windows Phone client Baconit in the past. It's one of a few clients available for Windows Phone and while the others are certainly solid we've been fond of this one partly due to the frequency of updates.

A mere four months after its premier we're getting v2.0 with new options, aspects of it re-written for optimization and other new tweaks. Here are the main changes:

  • Added Recent tiles
  • Added .gif support
  • Made subreddit list scroll larger
  • Viewed stories now have a different title color to indicate what has already been seen.
  • Endless scrolling work 100% of the time
  • Made first comment bar color much brighter than the others
  • Pressing up vote or down vote after it is already now neutralizes the vote
  • Main user account now also show liked, disliked, and hidden
  • Fixed returning to the wrong Image
  • New and better live tiles features
  • Much of the app's code was rewritten
  • Bug Fixes
  • Sooooo much more :)
  • There's actually more stuff which you can find here in the full change log.

Baconit is of course still free with no ads making it a rare gem on the Windows Phone Marketplace. There's also a "donation" version which has the same feature set but you get the nice fuzzy feeling of making the dev happy (plus you got 2.0 nearly a week early), so if you enjoy Baconit consider that version.

WPCentral Reddit

Oh and if you're a Reddit fan, you may notice on the main site for WPCentral, we now have Reddit submit buttons with up/down arrows. So go nuts, submit our stories and give us some 'up boats'.

Pick up Baconit v2.0 for free here in the Marketplace or grab the donation version here instead for some karma.

QR: Baconit Free     QR: Baconit Donation



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adriel623 says:

Great job once again Quinn! Baconit is excellent example of WP7's prowess. 

erwt says:

Truly a must-have app for anyone who frequents reddit!

That app is so nice I had to download it twice... 
The last update made it perfect ! gifs are now visible, when you're browsing in the picture galery and you go to the comments for a given post you're no longer brought back to the first image that you viewed, posts that were already read change color, NFSW pics don't load directly ! All my pet peeves are gone . 

jdandison says:

Really a phenomenal app, what WP devs should strive for.

sagivh says:

This bacon app is great

microsoftspy says:

This is my favorite app.