Reliance introduces Zero Plan for Nokia Lumia 1320 and 1520 in India

Nokia Lumia

Reliance Communications, one of the leading operators in India, has launched Zero Plan for customers who are looking to buy Nokia Lumia 1320 or Nokia Lumia 1520 at affordable payment plans with bundled voice and data packages.

The plan offers unlimited STD and local calls, 3000 SMS per month, unlimited 3G data, and roaming for free bundled with the device at zero down payment.


For Lumia 1320, you can either pay INR 2199 per month for 24 months or INR 3,152 ($50) per month for 12 months. For Lumia 1520, you’d need to pay INR 3,349 ($55) per month for 24 months.

There’s also an option to buy the devices through an upfront down payment. The Lumia 1520 will cost INR 69,067 ($1,130), a discount of INR 11,305 ($185) from the payout of INR 80,372 ($1,315) via 24 monthly installments. The Lumia 1320 will cost INR 45,345 ($742) for 24 months (otherwise INR 52,767) or INR 34,920 ($570) for 12 months (otherwise INR 37,822).

The extravagant unlimited plan is available only on purchase of the devices from select Nokia stores and online at shop.rcom.co.in, and is not available independently. The Easy Monthly Installment (EMI) offer is available for Citibank, Standard Chartered, and ICICI Bank credit cards only.

Do you think it’s a good deal? The unlimited plan sounds tempting but obviously the EMI and the credit card interest might have you ending up spending more for the device.

Source: Reliance Communications



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Sarang68 says:

What? Did not understand the upfront down payment plan. ₹ 70,000!!! I got my phone in exchange of course but outright at ₹37000.

You pay ₹0 as downpayment; pay 3.4k every month for 2 years. If you do the math this is approx 80k in 2 years.
Now the phone is priced at 44k as of today. The remaining 35k/24 is about 1.5k for unlimited calls and data.. A decent deal but worried about their coverage and reliability.

you know how good reliance service and coverage is in India ;)

do people still prefer reliance ? i thought Vodafone , airtel and idea are best and widely used in India , this is just a stupid deal , "AAM ADAMI KO NICHOD KE PEE JANA "

Aniket Bhat says:

Yeah, It makes more sense to go buy one off-contract, and buy a nice Internet plan. That would still save you some money and have better service..

Aashish13 says:

3,000 text msgs per month hahahhahahahaha

who use normal txt msg thse days , i will go for whatsapp or facebook :D

vkelkar says:

Unlimited data plans... Reliance coverage is great in Mumbai.... And 3G is faster then airtel, idea and Vodafone and cheaper as well... :) beat for college students and budget workers

will colg users pay this much :0

vkelkar says:

Normal 1gb plans are still lesser then Vodafone... At launch it was rs 123 for 1gb... While now it is rs. 156 for 1 Gb... While other providers charge...around Rs 256 for 1 Gb

pbdavis73 says:

Airtel charges Rs.255 for 2GB!!!!

Nil Mustafi says:

Has to happen or there will be panga I'm front of the office of Reliance Mobile. ;)

And i don't know about Mumbai but here Reliance 3G hardly ever gives 350 KBps. Even BSNL gives faster than Reliance here and it's in a small town in West Bengal!! -_-

BlackGoku says:

Haha i use wifi at home!Don't like the slowpoke internet plans!Just sometimes i recharge 2g netpacks but only when i need them most.Waste of money-instead of paying upto 300 per month for 3g packs and that too with limited data better get a high speed Internet at your home and use cheap mobile packs when needed until 3g rates are slashed in India(maybe 2 years!!!LOLZ).And for these contract offers, just look at those offered by AT&T.If i lived in US, i'd buy three Lumia's for one 1520 in India!

Aashish13 says:

Nobody will switch to reliance. Get thos offer on Vodafone,Airel and Idea

That's for them to do, Nokia can only encourage not force their hand.

vkelkar says:

Reliance has a good set of users... No need to say negative about them... And be mind... Reliance are launching their 4g networks and others will use their towers... Also reliance cdma is the most reliable network thorough out India....

coolamit143 says:

But 4G is by Reliance Jio... Not from this Reliance Communication... Yeh 4G dusre bhai ka hai....

vkelkar says:

Yeah jio is by mukesh

wow , i never liked reliance these stupid deals , i will rather go for a full priced phone at flipkart or from the nearest nokia store , by this i will not get the tension to pay emi , regarding 3g , here in my city 3g is not at all good so i use wifi whenever possible ;)

vkelkar says:

Reliance were worst on gsm 2 yrs ago now they provide network better then Airtel, loop. 3g speeds are best

What is "unlimited STD"?
LOL. Sounds terrible.

I'm not you know what it means here in India so, std is basically inter state calls.. :)

lerimer says:

Here in America STD is not a good thing. ;)

sexual transmitted disease (Aids) lol

no that's ISD

STD is Subsriber trunk dialling , simmilar to direct distance dialing

He's talking about "s****lly transmitted diseases" LOL !!

Just making a joke.
I figured it was something like that, thanks.

Mista_Calais says:

Here in Australia STD means the same as you mentioned.
Also stands for sexually transmitted diseases.

vkelkar says:

In India also std means sexually transmitted disease... But for phones std means... Interstate calling..... Like isd is international country calling... :)


Jesus $1000 dollars for a 1520! Here in the USA its about $650

Just look at the plan you got with it.

Marco Gomes1 says:

In Portugal, an unlocked 1520 costs 790€ which is almost 1000$, and that's just for the phone. Then you need to add the data plan and calls costs. All this in a country where the minimum wage is less than 500€.

vkelkar says:

Unlimited calls, data and messaging free

ajaykc says:

@NINJA PLZ I don't think that you can read things properly. This $1150 includes the cost of the device and services (calls, text, and data) for two years. In US, $650 gets you phone and you will pay minimum of $50 to get (calls, text, and data) so techically $650+24x$50=$1850. Does that make any sense? I am quoting $50 minimum but its usually like $90 with all the taxes.

SIDD_DEY says:

I got my 1520 for 47k straight!!
I have Vodafone VIP no. And a corporate unlimited plan.
And i dont care wot reliance offers...!

vkelkar says:

No matter Vodafone is best across gsm networks but Vodafone is best for corporate and most expensive for normal users... While reliance cdma is best across networks throughout India if u have ever used it.... And rel gsm are the cheapest in data, calling and offers good network coverage... In Maharashtra and Gujarat then other providers... Better then idea.... Frankly and using reliance gsm, idea, loop, my family has rel cdma,Vodafone, airtel... And we travel alot Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, so i know how network works

vkelkar says:

And yeah anytime when u are travelling in train from Mumbai to Gujarat... Reliance data plan works better then Vodafone... Try it ur self... And in full network coverage are 3g is faster then Vodafone with half the rates... And it has made good improvements in network among the city

SIDD_DEY says:

Oh great, i travel between Ahmedabad and Pune too.....aprox twice in a month....yes...i will concur with you....Vodafone is great.
Although u cant say Reliance is cheap and great....u can find a proper plan over Airtel too....its pretty good with network across all over mid india.

vkelkar says:

Yeah u cant say reliance is worst as well.. They have improved... Improved alot

SIDD_DEY says:

But dude..we arnt talking bout network here.....its all about phone.
Pros: Atlast an Indian carrier tied up with Nokia(rather micro-kia).
Cons: Thats coming from stupid reliance.
Reliance seems desperate for this deal to work in market. They already has a deal wid iPhone5(correct me if i am wrong).

vkelkar says:

Yeah.... But atleast they bought such deal first on wp... Where rest of the operators are busy with iPhones and berrys.... We should be glad that reliance are taking this step forward.... :)

Finally Indian carriers tying up with Nokia and Microsoft. I'm not quite sure but I think even Vodafone has some offers for Windows Phone 8.

Aashish13 says:

Yaa bro we need more voda offers

voda is bussy selling iphones and blackberry :\

Mista_Calais says:

Same here in Australia, they are only offering the 1320 on $0 upfront on a minimum $40 per month plan on a 24 month contract.

Soon they will chuck out Blackberry as WP is at 3rd position now. :)

karthikkini says:

Not worth it, unless your mobile expenses r borne by ur employer..

bitfarm says:

Worst mobile, broadband service provider. Don't fall for this trap.

j_jabbar says:

Sounds like UK EE

bitfarm says:

You haven't suffered in the hands of their support. You'll consider EE God if you read their stories. Nothing less than horror stories.

vkelkar says:

Nothing like that they are better then most of the providers.. They are narrating stories when rel was launched initially.... Rel is the same company which will be bringing 4g services in Mumbai and other metros... Unlike other providers who would have to rely on reliance towers

nuclax says:

4g is not required in india

vkelkar says:

Its ur view... For me ... 3g is insufficient... The more speed the better....

vkelkar says:

4g if introduced then will create a need.... Then people creep Indian is behind in technology and services... But that's not the case.. People here does not readily accept changes...

rohitsingh says:

It's the same scheme that reliance has with iPhone 5s as well. But the problem, always, has been the network itself.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Pathetic deal, from an even pathetic network. Unlimited calls and data, lucky to even get a signal with reliance network

Arjun KR says:

This contract thing never works in India, better keep it to America and Europe.

Akash Patel says:

The Lumia 1320 will cost INR 45,345 ($742) for 24 months (otherwise INR 52,767) or INR 34,920 ($570) for 12 months (otherwise INR 37,822).


lumia 1320 cost INR 21,500 @local shop


ian_pam says:

Thats including all the call, data and raoming(if reliance was available) charges + cost of the device.

Akash Patel says:

still its too much buddy.

and there is no roaming charges in reliance.

i personally use reliance thats why i know about it.


ian_pam says:

I won't mind the contract considering what the plans are, what I really mind is that Reliance communications has the most unreliable network in the country, ironic.

karthikt94 says:

Where's the deal? If you do the math, you're paying 1500 INR per month. That's Reliance's Unlimited plan which any Reliance customer can avail to if he/she wants to.

Telecoms in India have to do much better if they want to atract customers. Guys don't go for this deal, it's outright stupid!

Btw recently the telecom rates in India have gone up.

bejli ke bhi :\ kejriwal wapis aajye bus :D

Aashish13 says:

Lol nahi aaega re chod Diya usne

l520user says:

Reliance connection is not good

Haha for that money i could buy an anodr bike

jhonsm1614 says:

Relaince is just BULLSHIT. From network coverage to services and customer care everything just worst. It's no way a good deal. Probably worst.

Paritosh Rai says:

I just don't trust Reliance. Their name is an oxymoron in almost all sectors they are in!

TheIsaacG says:

Third world country problems.. Who cares?

Naren Parker says:

Reliance CDMA has a good coverage. I still have a Nokia 6235 CDMA bought close to 9 years ago and it works pretty fine. :) However, I chose Vodafone for my Lumia 920. They have better 3G speeds and coverage. And the 3G is pretty affordable at around Rs. 124 per GB. This offer although tempting, can be avoided. You can get the phone elsewhere for lesser and use a good 3G plan. The fact that Reliance's GSM signal ain't really good in smaller towns can place extra burden on your battery when roaming. 

anirban130 says:

This is good deal, will wait for a while if other cellular operators bring such offers, at least we can have a 1520 in our hand

Harsh Gaurav says:

no sign of intelligent life on this post

digvij says:

Bullcrap offer...lumia 1520 is priced at 41k,cheaper than 1020 this offer will drain you completely

jbitner21 says:

Guess I'm the only one that is bothered about Nokia music being booted up on that 1320. Update those apps!

jayant_daga says:

Read this news 2 weeks before in my times of India.

donak says:

Reliance doesn't have good network coverage. This plan is too costly.

QwarkDreams says:

What's the app displayed on the 1320 in the picture? Looks like Nokia MixRadio but it looks different on my 925 O.o

Markp74 says:

OT but does anyone else think the 1320 in the pic looks nicer than the 1520, less wasted space at the top of the phone.

blackhawk556 says:

Off topic but does anyone know why the background on my music hub shows all gray and not an image like the picture in this article?

borasar says:

I belive the image above is from nokia mixradio and not the music hub