Reminder: Boston Microsoft Developer Group meeting tonight (Psst, we'll be there)

Two weeks ago I told you about the Boston Microsoft Developer Group, which helps Windows Phone and Windows developers make their apps better. The group holds monthly, informal meetings where guest speakers share tips, you can mingle with other devs, have some food and win prizes. They’re always fun and a great way to meet your fellow developers for further insight.

Tonight is the meeting for May and Microsoft is sponsoring it. Last we checked, there are over 130 of you RSVP’d and we’ve been informed a few more spots are open (you don’t need to RSVP, as you can just walk in, though it’s easier if you’re ‘on the list’).

What’s more, you’re not-so cuddly editor in chief will be present, giving a talk on Windows Phone and its future! Here are the full details of tonight’s plan…

The event kicks off at 6 PM and will go on until about 9 PM. It takes place at One Cambridge Center at the new Microsoft offices. There will be food, prizes and it’s completely free to attend. You don’t have to be a developer to go, but you’ll get the most of it if you are!

In addition to my talk, these fine folks will be also be giving presentations

  • Michael Cummings, Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, will take a deeper look at how the new Universal Apps work, comparing that to other existing solutions like Portable Class Libraries and the File Linker extension. Then he will tour how the app submission process changes for a Universal App, and the changes to the store for existing apps. Finally, he will cover how Xamarin has kept pace and utilizes the Universal App for Android and iOS apps.
  • Barrie Mirman, Devices Solution Specialist, US Windows Devices, Microsoft
  • Lance McCarthy, Nokia Developer Ambassador
  • Bob Familiar, Microsoft Evangelism Director
  • Jason Belsito, Microsoft Store

Sound good? Of course it does. Come on down tonight and let’s have some fun. Head to the Boston Developer Group page to learn more and RSVP for tonight.



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Nope. It's not that big of an event, lol

Jazmac says:

But it could be with a webcast.

PoohGQ says:

That would be fantastic. I was registered to go back got the call from work.. they need me in this evening for some meeting..

Giddora says:

Psst. Wpcentral. Sweden has developer meetings too, and you are welcome!

Went to Sweden when I was 12. Played in the Gothia Cup. So much fun and yes, would love to return someday!

You sound like cortana!! O_o

Giddora says:

I'd love to meet you and the guys in your crew. :) And yes, Gothia Cup is quite awesome!

Aashish13 says:

Hope developers will work more on wp

kenzibit says:

I trust WPCentral! They'll surely be there and give us news...where will you get such love :)

Eric Chew says:

Me and my son will be there!  Look forward to seeing you Daniel!

erzhik says:

I hope to be there with 2 other people.

sholokov says:

I so wanted to meet you guys, but I will be traveling towards New York/Long Island (near WPC) today while you will be going in the opposite direction right past my house (I-84/I-384)

Aman2901 says:

You said free food??Expect Rod to be there :-P :-P (no offences Rodneyej)

Jas00555 says:

Can you at least let us know what you said? Lol. At least put your phone in your pocket and hit record (;

jabtano says:

I'll be there short ride from the Andover's.

Freelicks says:

I might meet you down there myself, neighbor! Traffic from these parts shouldn't be too bad once we get through the 495/93 intersection.

jabtano says:

Still stuck at work going to cut through Reading pick up 93 there faster I think.

zikifer says:

I'll be there. Haven't been to an event in a while, really looking forward to it.

KQ17 says:

Fuck the Bruins.

KarenWP says:

Great talk tonight Daniel!