Reminder: Watch the US Presidential debate tonight live on Xbox 360


We’re just throwing this little tip for you folks out there in the US who are into the Presidential election. If you have an Xbox 360, you can watch the debate live tonight (9PM ET) in unfettered HD right to your TV and without all the political “noise” from commentators.

It’s all part of this new experiment in politics that Microsoft is spearheading, using the Xbox 360 as a medium for political awareness. See, not only do you get to watch the debates but you can participate in live polling via your Xbox controller. 

During the debate, questions will appear on the screen related to the topic at hand and you can voice your opinion back, with the live voting results showing on your screen. I dunno, but that just seems kind of neat. Too bad there's no Windows Phone app.


"I watched hours of nauseating debates and all I got was this Avatar award"

And if you’re a brave soul and can watch 3 out of 4 of these events, you get a free Halo 4 Warrior Armor outfit for your avatar. Knowing US politics, you will have certainly earned it if you can stomach a few hours between those two.

Here are the dates for the presidential debates 9PM ET/6PM PT

  • October 3, 2012: Presidential Debate - Domestic Policy
  • October 11, 2012: Vice-Presidential Debate
  • October 16, 2012: Presidential Debate – Foreign and Domestic Policy

You can learn more about the program by heading to Xbox.com: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/elections-2012/home



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inteller says:

complete waste of XBL bandwidth.  I'll be watching something on Netflix more appropriate: The Walking Dead

aubreyq says:

Do we need a Gold subscription for this?

aubreyq says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it looks like we do. I'm done with the Xbox money grab. You'd think a Presidential Debate would be a freebie in the interest of Rock the Vote or what not.

aubreyq says:

I don't go to Starbucks or any of its competitors.

omagic82 says:

Am I missing something? I don't see anything or a hub called "Election 2012" or whatever on my Xbox. Can someone tell me where to find this hub or app on the Xbox?

inteller says:

that's becoming a REAL problem on Xbox.  The new interface just doesn't surface content well AT ALL!  Perhaps Microsoft expects us to slide over and "Bing It" to find it, but I often find myself going to the apps page just to see what is new because it is not being surface on my home screen.  Microsoft has really got to figure this out.

Ristogod says:

I don't understand how this software is suposed to work. There is no debate. They stand for the same thing. There is no choice. Nothing to debate about.

lippidp says:

There are other candidates than Obama and Romney. If Microsoft could include them somehow then THAT would be a huge service to the American public.

Quin 2013 says:

Obama wants healthcare, education, funding for parks, small businesses, women's rights, no religion in the government, gay rights, immigrant rights, did I mention business development(?), middle and lower class rights and on.

Romney hasn't said what he wants. I really think you need to be in the know, because your decision is very important in making a choice to where this country will head.

willied says:

That's hilarious. Obama's appreciation for small business can be summed up in this quote:
"If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen."
Of course everyone wants healthcare, education, etc. Just because someone says they want something doesn't mean they are going to do it the right way. 
What we need is less government, and that is the opposite of Obama.
And I'm not saying Romney is great, either, because he's not, but don't act like Obama is some kind of god that will fix everything.

mjrtoo says:

Your fucking high

tbonenga says:

Obama wants to guide us in the direction of Spain, Greece and Italy. You see whats happening there. Take from the hard workers and give handouts to the sorry and lazy people. Eventually you run outta people to tax and your economy collapses. All these handouts sounds good but they don't work. The rich already pay 90% of all taxes. If you cut taxes on the rich they expand there businesses and hire new people.

tbonenga says:

Obviously you're lost. Rich people don't pocket their money. They invest it (create new businesses and jobs) to make more. You should've took economics.

ShortStuff says:

I think everybody in the world wants to spend there money in there selfish needs not just the rich. Look you must of them hate to work super hard to get what they have money didnt just fall into there lap

willied says:

You're joking, right? No one said anything racist.

ShortStuff says:

What are you talking about there's plenty of deference's

Odd-i-See says:

Ron Paul 2012.

Obi Wan Kenobi 2012.

Im with Dan on that lol

Neusyn says:

+1, unfortunately he is dead.

cannon#WP says:

Dead? I thought he was now more powerful than we can imagine.

Neusyn says:

Ok, you may have a point there ;)

lippidp says:

He couldn't even persuade his one apprentice. What chance would he have with Congress?

evilrobot says:

I'm pretty pissed that Johnson was excluded from the debates so I'll pass.  I can't even vote for him since i live in 1 of the 2 states where he won't be on the ballot, and Oklahoma doesn't even allow write ins.

Jeebus137 says:

I think you have to poll above 10% on an average of Country wide polls. Ross Perot was the last to be able to do this.

lippidp says:

The "debates" are not run by the federal government or the states. They are run by a private corporation funded by Democrats and Republicans. They are designed to exclude any other parties.

inteller says:

yeah I'm in the same shitty state.  Oklahoma is downright gestapo when it comes to ballot law.

Mouthsmasher says:

Based on what I've read all day from the comment sections of news sites, I'm apparently the only one planning on watching the debates. For me, the debates are always a good opportunity to hear what each candidate's plans are on a wide variety of issues.
On top of that, I certainly wouldn't mind getting some free Halo 4 armor for my Avatar. Can't wait for November 6th! Go vote and save the country, then go home to play Halo 4 on release day and save the universe!

wolfgangjr says:

I guess we will be two.

lippidp says:

-1. So that brings it back to 4. ;)

Romney and Ryan FTW!! Noy watching it on my 360 though.

ScarletStar says:

What about achievements?

tbonenga says:

I wish but only the Halo Gold armor for your avatar if you watch 3 debates.

peeder says:

Gary Johnson will be doing live commentary during the "debate" tonight via Google+ and Twitter...

Okay folks, "bumps" and #hashtags don't work in comments, lol. 

Neusyn says:

Lol, I know but I can wish can't I?

ebradley says:

No. 4 years of proof

I been watching president stuff on Xbox and its really cool how Microsoft has changed the gaming console world

So many things the Xbox can do now it's the best

sinime says:

Hmm, I wonder, if two accounts are logged in to XBL on 1 console, will both get credit for watching it?

Embiggens says:

Interactive tv seems like a completely lost cause that MS just won't give up on. Good luck I guess.

It's more than that though. I don't have Cable or OTA TV (never set it up) so everything I watch is through Xbox (either video files, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, etc.).

So for folks like me who give the finger to cable companies, this is an awesome treat. The "interactive" part is just a neat twist--I mean, the Xbox 360 is already set up to do that, so why not?

I'd rather MS *try* to care about politics and democracy by attempting potentially gimmicky stuff than just ignoring this...it's a great way to get young people involved.

NIST says:

Is American Idol voting next for Xbox?

iSingBass says:

To spend some time listening to politics uncut like this rather than have sombody just tell you what was they thought was "important" can be very educational and instructive. Democracy (public will) can be easily abused through ignorance. If there's any one time to pay attention, a candidate debate would be it. Way-to-go, Microsoft!
Unfortunately I'll have to watch it on delay from my DVR tonight. :(

tbonenga says:

@Daniel no cable? I'm serious thinking about cutting the cord. I have Netflix , Hulu, Amazon and crackle. My weakness is football. If the Xbox ever gets the NFL Sunday ticket my cable would definitely be cut.

tbonenga says:

I work and run my business during the day so I don't think I'd come close to my data cap. Which Comcast doesn't in force in my area.

erzhik says:

I'll be watching all 4 debates..but only because I will get extra credit in my class for every debate I watch. If it wasn't for extra credit I would rewatch Game of Thrones.
But this show that Xbox is no longer a game console, it is so much more. I tried this tech when they showed Democratic and Republican conventions and it was pretty neat. Loved the live interactions.

evilrobot says:

Looks like there are quite a few Johnson supporters on wpcentral, unfortunately he has about the same percentage of followers that windows phone does :)

tbonenga says:

Who is Johnson? I've never heard of him. Is he a conservative or liberal?

sicnus says:

Any football games on tonight?

m0ja74 says:

Definetly will be watching. They clearly DO NOT stand for the same thing people. My only complaint is that everything is scripted.

Neusyn says:

Well, its a duopoly by the Rs and Ds and they make it impossible for third party candidates to get in. Although Gary Johnson is gaining popularity. I'll be watching the debate in Chicago which all six leading candidates were invited to (only Romney and Obama haven't said if they're going) which is a fair and equal opportunity... Btw I think it's awesome that our Xbox's can do this but I'm not watching, may go down to Denver and protest though.

jman#WP says:

Does anyone know if this debate will be on the live player or is there a special app?

DaveGx says:

I hope they show debates but don't have commentary. Commentary is usually bias.
I won't be watching, but I hope those who are still unsure who they'll vote for will watch.
Mitt already has my vote. This recovery has been bad and lies on Libya terror attack is the last straw with Obama.

Arsenic17 says:

You say we can watch Live, but don't mention the time in the article. Not the best reminder. Thanks for the tip I googled it.

aubreyq says:

The image used in the post shows the time. I know it's not the same thing, but still...

We give you the link, spelled out, for more info...plus it's in the image.

J4rrod says:

Ron Paul should be the Rep nominee. Oh well. Go GOP.

jsantana0793 says:

No bias on CSPAN..

RayWP7 says:

Oh, nice.

ScarletStar says:

Is this for the US only?

If u don't live in the US, do u really want to watch it?

jedijaxpavan says:

Im going to do something constructive with my time. Like kill zombies on Dead Rising 2!

Miistercoool says:

I'm definitely watching these debates on my 360 now! Even if it's only to get that halo 4 armor! :P :P :P

chuco187 says:

Totally cool

tbonenga says:

Romney is killing Obama in this debate.

mke_geek says:

For sure. During the economy section Romney should have said, "so Obama, are you saying that your first term was just the planning phase."

DaveGx says:

I thought Obama would actually show up. He got his ass kicked. He couldnt even win on Obamacare, his own Bill. Obama wouldve done better if he left the chair empty.
After watching tonight, it makes you wonder, just how is this man President?

lippidp says:

Chicks dig him. That's a huge demographic. Now mix in the white guilt vote, all the liberals and welfare recipients and voila!

Quin 2013 says:

No they don't. Stop watching fox news!

Get your facts right. The top 1% pay the lowest tax in the country. Its the rest of us that pay.

lippidp says:

Why do facts matter? Our two wonderful candidates continue to display a total lack of regard for facts, so why should any of us care?


Anyone that truly cares will not vote for either of these losers. There are other candidates that don't lie and mislead.

DaveGx says:

They pay more than anyone else. 40% pay nothing. Only one person looked like a leader last night. Barack got exposed as the empty suit he is.

willied says:

What the f is wrong with you? No one said anything racist, ya dumb POS.

DoNotWant says:

Question... did anyone else's stream cut out mid-way through?  Everything was fine and then it cut.  Everytime I tried to go back, would get an error about not being available.
So I just shut it off and loaded up YouTube on my HTPC and watched the rest live that way.

tobiaspete says:

Mine did the same thing, I switched to OTA broadcast, but I missed the interactive polls and I hope this qualified for the Avatar Halo Armour!