Reminder: Our Xbox One at E3 Live Blog starts today at 12:30PM ET

Have the day off? Boss doesn’t mind you watching the latest and greatest on the Xbox One? Then join us for our live blog starting at 12:30PM ET (9:30AM PT) of Microsoft’s continued story on their next generation gaming console. (You can use this handy time zone converter to find your own time).

We have our gaming guru Paul Acevedo and Sam Sabri with their boots on the ground in LA for the kickoff of E3 (I’ll join them tomorrow) and they’ll be live blogging the event as it happens.

You can also of course watch it live on your Xbox 360, Xbox.com, Spike TV or load up the official Windows Phone Event Viewer app by downloading it here. Direct your web browsers for our Live Blog: http://www.wpcentral.com/live-blog-xbox-e3-2013 and join in on the conversation!

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ricbon says:

great day for the tech community, E3 and WWDC

tribexx says:

Off topic a bit...
Will you or your team ever have a chance to talk with Nokia about the 928's "yellowish" home screen buttons? It's mentioned in the 928 forum under the Bugs and Defects thread...

Aaaargh! Another wp8 app. Oh well. Sure everything will be on YouTube at some point anyway.

theefman says:

The WP live event player rocks!

Burasuteru says:

Getting an Error when checking the Live Video Player-app. I hope it disappears when E3 Live stream starts.

busngabb says:

What time is this in UK time?

ghoti00000 says:

Does the LIVE event app just not work for anyone else? Tried to use it for the XBOX reveal and now, but it just says "buffering" without any progress. Tried from multiple locations, wifi, cellular, etc. Lumia 810.

Josh Harman says:

Same for me, never got to work during the reveal. It 'buffered' for almost an hour and used about 90 MB data, but never did anything.

LEP not available for WP7?

Apparently not. Tried earlier. Bummer.

schlubadub says:

What's the time in UTC / GMT? Now I'm gonna have to Google it :P

schlubadub says:

(No, not Bing... never Bing)

schlubadub says:

It gives the worst results. I'm sure it works fine in the US as a lot of my phone search results are for US sites, but it's mostly useless for me in Australia. Google does a much better job of returning localised results... I try Bing first as it's more convenient to access on WP, but 9/10 times I switch to Google. I wanted to take the Bing challenge but it was US only - probably as it's only good for US sites!

Josh Harman says:

Fair enough, I can only speak for searches here and Bing has much better results, not just local searches.

Coreldan says:

Here in Finland both me and my fiancee prefer Bing due to better results

schlubadub says:

For anyone wondering it's 16:30 GMT... Which means it will be 00:30 on Tuesday for me :/

hardcoreplur says:

Microsoft is evil/awesome for starting their event 30 minutes before WWDC. I would have thought Apple would have been smart enough NOT to do their event during E3.

loebach1137 says:

Is there any way to watch this on a WP7 device? Im on lumia 900

Your not alone man

cherone21 says:

Great conference already purchased the one