Developers: Due to high demand, a repeat session of Nokia’s design seminar has been added!

Well, you did it. You broke Nokia’s planned design seminar, which is to occur this Thursday. Earlier this week, we reported on our renewed partnership with Nokia DVLUP, their design seminar for Windows Phone apps and a chance to win a one-on-one design consultation with Arturo Toledo.

The idea was for you to register for the ´Lessons Learned´ online seminar, occurring on January 30th (8:00 PST | 10:00 CST) where Arturo would share the most common design challenges, after reviewing dozens and dozens of apps. That session is still planned, so no worries there if you signed up, but there was an overwhelming amount of you who wanted to join who could not.

Arturo just dropped us a note:

“Due to huge demand, the amount of registrations exceeded the capacity of Adobe Connect that Nokia uses for the online seminar. In fact they are breaking the attendance record with almost 500 people.

Because of this they've decided to have a repeat session at 8PM Pacific which is great for Asia and Australia as well as for people in the US who would rather watch this at home back after a work day."

As we like to say, that’s an awesome problem to have. So with that, here is the link for the repeat session, where you can sign up. Go, go, go!

So, to our awesome and inspiring developers, sign up, learn a thing or two and discover how you can win one (of 30) one-on-one design consultations for your app!



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sip1995 says:

Can non-US cisizens participate ? Should i pay anything to register and watch or it's for free ?

TallAssRob says:

It's free for anyone. But really only useful for app developers

sip1995 says:

I'm going to develop an app for Windows Phone, and it's useful for me too.

schlubadub says:

You can pay me $10 to register if you like

Good job, continued interest is excellent for the platform! :)

DWR_31 says:


Windows Phone is coming along nicely.

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endacrowley says:

Lol. Do you use both Android and WP?!

weaverly says:

I have a Windows Phone and a Nexus 7. If I had the money, I'd lay it down on a Windows tablet. And for the record, it's weird going back and forth between Android and WP8. But both are good, with pluses and minuses. Though, these days I prefer Microsoft Land.

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Marco Gomes1 says:

Lots of people use 2 phones. Nice way to have the best of "two worlds". To tell the truth, that Sony Z1 compact has got me thinking of doing the same :)

weaverly says:

I just registered. Thanks for sharing!

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MrA2Z says:

Thanks for the reminder, actually I just registered for Thursday's session.

Gmotagi says:

Havnt they heard of youtube?

schlubadub says:

Is YouTube interactive? No. It's not just a lecture, but allows participation and questions