Bing Local Returns

Report: Local tab returns to Bing search on Windows Phone

It was late August that we started to notice some changes to Bing search on Windows Phone 8. The Local results pivot was notable in that it merged into the redesigned Web search. Now we’re getting reports of the Local pivot returning to Bing on Windows Phone.

We’ve been seeing reports the past few days of the Local tab returning. We’re now seeing it ourselves and decided to see how widespread this is. We’re still seeing local results in to the Web section of Bing search on Windows Phone, but you can swipe to the side to see just local results.

We’re not sure why the Local tab is back, but we’ve reached out to Microsoft for clarification. It is the weekend, so we don’t expect to hear anything until Monday. In the meantime, let us know if you’re now seeing the Local tab back on Bing search.

Thanks for the tip andy.h and everybody else!



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jayabarker says:

Been back a while for me(uk)

rodneyej says:

Speaking of WP features... It would be nice if there was a setting where we could adjust the start screen scroll speed.. I want mine to scroll faster.. After comparing how fast the start screen can scroll, compared to scrolling in apps like FB beta, I noticed how limited its scrolling speed is.. It may be fine for some, but I would like to adjust mine to scroll much faster..

WPCrook says:

Adjusting scroll speed is a good idea!

Do u mean some kind of auto scroll?

rodneyej says:

No, just the regular, typical scrolling that we already do everyday.. Take your finger and flick the start screen as fast as you can, then let go.. That's the maximum speed that MS has limited the start screen to scroll at.. What I'm saying is that I would like the limit removed, and a setting for us to adjust it.. This would be similar to adjusting the mouse pointer speed on a PC..
Its time for MS to start adding more options in settings so that the individual user can fine tune his, or her, experience...

rikycaldeira says:

Never lost it as well in portugal

goncaalo says:

Now i know that i wasn't the only one getting confused with the tittle of the post ;)

vkelkar says:

Back in India

Sarang68 says:

It had never gone in the first place.

rodneyej says:

Here in the US it did, and I was disappointed. I'm so glad it's back because it's very useful..

vkelkar says:

Hey guys just a thought in Mind.... I heard some news some while ago.... About wp roadmap... Where microsoft... Mentioned before wp8.1... There would be another small update.... For wp8.. Maybe that would gdr4 or feature pack.... Which would include the completed request for wp8... File card installation.. And flick down Shown on user voice page.... What are ur thoughts on this... Guys.. :)

rodneyej says:

My thoughts are that's going to be bundled as part of 8.1.

jaymin00 says:

But it should be given as gdr 4 before 8.1 release.8.1 is far away..

Duduosf says:

For me too! (Brazil)
Personally, both are okay for me, so whatever... The results are all that matter!

vkelkar says:

It wud make a small difference... Coz if comes as gdr4 then wp 8.1 wud contain different and new features....

Daakkon says:

It wasn't on my phone yesterday. I for one am glad to see it return. It is such a handy way to filter local search results.

TechnoTim says:

Same. Pivoting to Local forces local results where web ranks them. When you search for a common web term that is included in a location's name it was near impossible to get the local result. Please keep it this way.

I never lost it (uk)

polomint says:

Me neither :)

IzaacJ says:

+920 (Sweden)

Guzzler3 says:

Same here (AZ, USA). I rely on it quite a bit. Sadly, it still shows places that are no long in business. Need to find a way to help them update their database.

DWTrump says:

If you tap on the listing you know is wrong, it will open that business card. Scroll to the bottom, and there should be a link to suggest changes. The changes should get submitted to MS/Bing for them to verify. Not the most efficient way, but the option is there.

AndyD33 says:

Not efficient at all since I notified them over a year ago that a Kmart was closed, and they still list it right now.

KFBradley says:

Yup. Back for me in Canada. (YAY!)

Good news. Don't know why they removed it in the first place.

SilverSee says:

My theory is that a lot of people (even tech reviewers) who are unfamiliar with Windows Phone would entirely miss the local search results, leading them to the conclusion that "Bing sucks!" 

Google doesn't work this way, and if you are coming to Windows Phone from another platform without the concept of Pivots, it's easy to miss this.  How many people even now are aware that they can swipe left or righty from the Bing Search experience in Windows Phone 8 to see local movie showtimes, local deals, videos, etc.?

colbey427 says:

Got it here in Florida

MilkyTee says:

Always had this. Did they remove it from just North American phones maybe?

gamepop says:

Ah glad it is back, really like and need this...please don't take it away again ms

\o/ I love bing and wp. Buying ATIV S and switching from google to ms services were best decisions ever. :)

Thank you. The local tab is huge. So much better. It was one of the big things I missed when i made the jump from wp7.8 to wp8 last week.

Nik Rolls says:

We never even got the new features and layout in New Zealand, so ...

EDIT: We never used to have the local tab either. But now it's shown up for NZ.

mcphersc says:

Im happy its back. Its was always super useful for me

teaMJPx says:

Awesome. Glad its back. Makes things much easier to find this way.

Fantastic! Our voices have been heard.

chsoriano says:

So glad they enabled the local tab again... Sometimes local results were buried by web results and I hated having to scroll down to find them.

Fellipe Abib says:

Local tab never had gone to me (Brazil)

Glad to hear this. I hated the integration with Web.

Jf.Vigor says:

So glad they brought this back

Guakala says:

Had mine for over a week... Missed it too much. I noticed it was back after installing a new ROM on my 920 so I thought it was just thanks to the ROM. Glad to know its coming back for all.

solidheat says:

Now just add a search phone tab!

wapoz says:

They better include a search phone tab/capability in WP 8.1 or im gonna flip the fuck out.  Being able to search the phone for content is one feature I sorely miss from iOS.  It's mindboggling that 3 years into WP's life that MS still hasn't included this feature :/

Mr Geek says:

Actually it does have phone tab. 

WilsonBlaze says:

The Local Tab is now Beautiful! It didn't work well before

Loco5150 says:

Is back for me in Finland

JG333 says:

YES!!! So happy to have this feature back!!

topleya says:

Mine is back in the UK and very happy to see it return

I used it daily and was lost without it.

One of the stupidest things they did was to remove it.

big_slim750 says:

Had mine back for close to a week now. So glad to have it back. Should have never left. US

Jas00555 says:

Mines been back for like a week (US)

danrod1981 says:

I'm happy its back life made a little more easy in new places!

iMiah says:

+1 Minnesota

KQ17 says:

It never left?

troylytle says:

I liked the integration but I love the tab by itself and missed it.

Never left for me (From the UK)

jdandison says:

It shows up for me (925 t-mo US), but they also still show up in web, which I like.

Finally... I loved this feature and it saddened me when they removed it for no reason... 

admrjosh2001 says:

Its showed up on my phone.

theroyboy44 says:

They should put it after videos or at least photos, cuz when I search its usually for photos. But that's just me, if you guys use local that much maybe its a hood thing

Zeroplanetz says:

Hell yea! Missed it so much.

Bryon Burns says:

I never lost the local tab. Lumia 1020 on At&t since September.

Samst22 says:

Just realised I have the new images and videos tabs in UK. I imagine they have rolled out the new tabs worldwide now and based on feedback decided to put it back in. Do you think we'll see new bing logo soon? Or not till 8.1?

nez99 says:

I never lost the local tab, unlocked Lumia 520, 820, 920, new zealand

purefire21 says:

Focus s 7.8 so it never change for me lol

sdreamer says:

Hope it stays!

Funny that this changes only applies for US users...

Marco Gomes1 says:

Local results by Nokia?!?!

Neo Nuke says:

Hell yeah. My life is complete

Just checked and yep, Local tab does appear to be back here in the UK

sasukeluffy says:

Nothing has even happened to my bing on Samsung Ativ S.. Guess they didn't bother with Finland.

Bacchus1976 says:

So glad its back. So useful. Now if only they incorporated universal search for messages, people and files on the device and in the cloud.

AccentAE86 says:

So glad it's back.

ajohnson777 says:

Really glad to see it returned.

toph36 says:

It's there on my Lumina 822 on Verizon. The top 3 local results plus the map is still showing on the Web tab. They probably don't need to duplicate that info.

corbyj says:

I noticed it Thursday

I have it, was annoying when you searched for something local and unless you put the city/state it wouldn't find local results in web, but now it is along with the local tab

polomint says:

Its back, but I do not recall it ever going lol

waded says:

Local pivot is back (US, AT&T.) I like the local results blurred into web results, but don't mind having a local pivot to filter to them when they are the only thing I want.

That tab is not available on my Bing. Lumia 920 gdr3 in El Salvador

motosada says:

It's back. Thank God. Whenever I would search for some local restaurants, I would end up getting results for Buffalo, New York, not Columbus, OH.

gemini5150 says:

Tears of joy are falling for me now. Thank you Bing!

Back for me on lumia 810 in CA. Now if only typing an address into bing would bring up a map and option for directions on our phones.

Hackemate says:

Local tab always here in Spain.

Can we get a news tab?

kevinn206 says:

Holy smoke. I never thought of seeing it again. I missed you so dearly. My email to a higher up at Microsoft was not very kind after they removed local.

wapoz says:

*cries* I'm so glad it's back.  I was cursing at my little 920 just the other day over the lack of local search when trying to find the number and directions to the SPCA.

rubjurgens says:

Yes, Germany and Lumia 920

whatup12 says:

I am in south Africa and here....but Bing has no database here so useless. But nice to see it and will use next week when one in us. Didn't like the scrolling down to see if local result was there!

danielgray says:

It never disappeared in Australia.

albadi88 says:

yep i have local tab on my L1020 using a US account but why is't so important ??

fbendotti says:

USA NJ got it

Came back today and confused the crap out of me when trying to find a place.

Mamacita42 says:

I'm glad its back

mateole17 says:

It's back on mine in NV and I'm glad it is

drg says:

I just visited the US for 4 weeks and found the results in Local weren't very accurate. I found using Here Maps way better.

schlubadub says:

Bing results are usually crap. I thought it worked better setting the mobiles region as US though

fjh11 says:

It has never been available in Brazil (and I don't expect it to be anytime soon)... Third world problems

mgkeath says:

Back for me in MI. U.S. Happy it's back. Much more useful than just having local combined into search. Glad someone wised up and put it back.

wonder1070 says:

Yup got it here in the states Washington

Tansen says:

Very glad to have it back. It was always a little frustrating having to scroll quite a ways down to find what I was REALLY looking for, a local place or thing. Definitely alot more functional to have it this way.

TMavC5 says:

Yay!!!! Glad they bring it back.

MDak280 says:

Yeah, it's back (Ohio, US). I don't want it back, I liked the changes they made :(

RockmanNeo says:

Yes I'm glad it's back. Also glad MS realizes Bing isnt as smart as they think

humboldt1 says:

Thank you Microsoft,glad its back

Fiann says:

It never entirely went away for me. When I would do a search, sometimes it would come up with the old results style and sometimes it would do the new one. I assumed it was down to which server took the request , not all of them were updated maybe.

willied says:

I searched for a restaurant tonight and it no longer finds it.

stevethenerd says:

I just wish local scout worked on WP8... WP+US!=WP-US :(

wpcautobot says:

It's back in San Jose, CA! yay

sameersaab says:

Thank god its back

donebrasko says:

I'm glad its back.its all I ever used. The combined way made it more difficult

michail71 says:

Not sure why it's back??

Local results were terrible after it was removed.

KasakDesign says:

Its back. At&t L920 US

iamoniwaban says:

Just noticed it today. Canada

ivankan says:

Yay, this was my most used feature and I missed it

myrandex says:

Noticed it a couple of weeks back here and greatly appreciated its return. My wife and I were not happy with the decision to remove it.

peteco0403 says:

Never lost it here in the uk...

Rick Smits says:

Didn't notice but glad its back

Never seen it before so It must be new for The Netherlands. Looks great.

Didn't notice but is there. Good.

chriswong13 says:

Glad it's back. Shouldn't have been removed in the first place! Sometimes local results did not show up without it...

Wow, thanks for pointing this out.  I'm really glad it's back.  The Web tab would only show 3 local results, and sometimes I would not get any local results.  I generally liked the integrated results on the Web tab, but it just seemed that local search get less reliable after the removal of the Local tab.

Darkgift says:

Back...i actually prefer it being its own tab, but that's just me.

HaibaneReki says:

Back, but giving no results in Czech rep.. =/

mpppp says:

Whoever decided to remove the local tab frim bing search needs to br fired..

Voxophone says:

Just came back today here in California for me (on Verizon, if that matters). No more Local results in the Web search pivot.

RobertoGNice says:

It's back on my 520 (TX, USA). But, just searched "coffee" right now as a test and given poor results. Previously before it was removed from Bing, the Local tab would display nearby coffee shops. Now, only displayed 2 places that happen to have the word "coffee" in their business name.
Ever since MS removed the Local tab and tried to integrate it with its Web results, the lists of local business searches have been severely weak. I really liked typing a term such as coffee example above and receiving a list that included the obvious Starbucks and smaller cafés near me. Hopefully, they are addressing this issue as I'm sure I'm not the only user who has noticed this.

Never went, never used. Bing is shit here in the UK. There is a cycle repair shop in the next street. Nearest local hit was 18 miles away.

swizzlerz says:

Canada Lumia 1020 I still see local

v3k1 says:

I only have web and media. Will i ever get other hubs like local? Im in Croatia, Europe. ty

Nakazul says:

I still miss the cute local name under the search bar when you first lounge Bing. Was so used to see it in WP7.

Azurus says:

"Brought back the local tab, but still didnt change to the new Bing logo on its own windows phone platform" scumbag microsoft

ManAboutIt says:

I'm already mad that the Bing app has been integrated into Search on Win 8.1. Now having just ordered my WP8 yesterday, I may not have the fantastic functionality of the Local results on my trusty Focus?

razor1973 says:

Thank God! Whenever I typed something trying to find something local, if Bing estimated there were no local results, it didn't find any. With the local tab, you can force it to find local results even if they weren't the most relevant.

Edwardlb20 says:

I never use Bing search anyway, there should be a way to change it to Google etc.

davros1179 says:

Local is back for me, At&t usa

Im seeing it for long.. Most helpful feature..

Bartdog says:

Back in Florida

nlm says:

Interesting comments from some of the Canadian folks b/c i never lost it on my L920 on Rogers since May.

Anyways, I think MS can find some middle ground with the past complaints by centring the results tab so that Local is highlighted but can see if you swipe left you get web results or right you get media results. Right now the active tab is left justified so you may not know swiping left gives you something else.