Review – Seidio ACTIVE Case for Lumia 900 (Video)

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The Seidio ACTIVE Case for the Lumia 900

We have a deal running all week on the new Seidio ACTIVE case for the Lumia 900 so we figured we might as well review it for ya, in case you were curious.

The ACTIVE case (yes, it’s in all caps) is one of those new hybrid cases where it comes in two parts—one super soft rubber the other acts as a hard frame. The combo gives a unique design and some great benefits including a built in kick-stand.

I’ve been using the case since last week and all in all, it’s quite solid. Head past the break for my video review of it and a few high resolution photos

The Seidio ACTIVE case comes in a variety of colors to fit your needs including black, white, purple, red and blue. I opted for the white one to match my white Lumia 900.

Seidio has always been one of my favorite accessory companies. Pricey? Sure but the quality and unique designs keep my coming back—I’ve used their quick release holsters for years in the Windows Mobile days and I’m glad to still see them around.

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As mentioned earlier, the case comes in two parts—the rubber soft shell and the hard exterior frame. You simply slide the rubber sleeve over and then snap the hard shell over it. Removing the assembly is easy too without much struggle.

Probably the big seller here is the build in metal kickstand. While it’s not spring loaded, it does seem sturdy and well built. The device is very stable in this position and doesn’t seem like it can be pushed over easily i.e. it’s well balanced.

Does this case add bulk? Yeah, of course it does. Is it acceptable? From my perspective yes. For one, the design is real slick and I liked showing it off in public. It’s of course not as nice as the Lumia 900 “naked” but it has cool look to it.

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How’s the protection? It’s below and Otterbox (e.g. Commuter) but way ahead of just the neoprene cases and sleeves that are out there. It’s a great case if you need to head to the gym, go for a run, work outside, etc. While it has no screen protection, dropping the phone should cause significantly less worry with this case on board.

In conclusion, for the sale price of $20 it’s a good case—well designed, feels good and I had no problems using any of the buttons. There is even ample room for the headphone jack which is good for those who listen to music on the go.

You can pick up the Seidio ACTIVE Case for the Lumia 900 for $19.95 this week only (normally $34.95). You can also add in the Seido ACTIVE Holster which is $26. While that holster is pricey, it superbly built with the quick release tab and rotating belt clip. The screen faces inward for added protection.

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rutvik19 says:

I'm going to assume it doesn't have an arm band attachment? I really want to try out zombie run, but without an arm band I don't see the point in getting this unless you really are that rough with your phone.

No arm band, just the optional holster. AFAIK, arm bands are just that and don't have cases.

rutvik19 says:

Cool thanks for the info! I bought this something similar to this for my iPod touch years back http://amzn.com/B003SNIV70 I was hoping/looking for something similar. The shell can be taken apart and a clipping attachment can be inserted for when u want to use the arm band, otherwise you just have a low profile hard shell.

Nataku4ca says:

duct tape! :)

hossiam says:

I bought the akon armband...or something like that..... off the site and just use a low profile case. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

Dethzilla says:

This is the best looking case for the lumia 900. The pics don't do it justice. Mad cause I bought one two weeks ago...

peterjr1boom says:

This is a great looking case, wish it was for 800 :|

DAN hey with better resolution with wp8 will that mean our lock screen will be higher quality

idrewpage says:

Looks nice......too bad I got rid of my lumia 900, and got a Samsung Focus S.  I like it much better.   I could get the Seidio case for it I suppose,

Is there something like this for the hd7 on tmobile. The cheap hard case I have just doesn't cut it.

Edosbeats_HD says:

Otter box commuter case.

Can't find it anywhere local to me. Saw it on bestbuy.com but the review said it doesn't actually fit the hd7 and the buttons were opposite where they should have been. But like I said, can't find it to see for myself.

I'm looking for a nice sleek and thin case for my Lumia 900, something similiar to the invisible shield where it wraps around just nice but thicker. This Seidio case is just to thick and bulky. People are going to ask me why am i so excited all the time.

Does anyone else think from the main pic it makes ur phone look a little like a dell venue pro

Jazmac says:

The belt clip is extra??  Did I hear that right?  I was about to grab this up.