Battery Performance Windows Phone 8

Battery Performance makes keeping tabs on your Windows Phone look good

Much like screen protectors, we’re not big users of battery apps. Or rather, we found that they were more navel gazing than providing anything truly useful. That’s because battery life on Windows Phone is pretty reliable, where we often don’t have to think about it.

Still, we know these are popular with quite a few of you, so when Battery Performance came to our attention, we figured we’d take a look.

Battery Performance ($1.99) is admittedly one of the nicest looking battery apps for Windows Phone, at least from our limited exposure. It comes with most features we would perceive as being important for keeping you aware of your phone’s status and it does so in an elegant way.

The main features of Battery Performance for Windows Phone 8 are

  • Estimated Talk time
  • Estimated Web surfing time
  • Consumption rate (per hour)
  • Live tile (including double wide)
  • Lockscreen: Detailed status or Quick status
  • Graphs
  • Notifications (battery low, battery charged)
  • Scores from users around the world for comparison

The design of the app is probably the biggest highlight. As you can see from the video tour above, the app presents fluid, elegant animations and an eye-catching Modern UI. While battery apps don’t have a reputation for being easy on the eyes, Battery Performance reminds of some other high quality independent apps on our Windows Phone.

The app, like other battery apps, takes a few days to fully calibrate before it starts to give you reliable estimates on performance. And of course the Live Tile can only update every 30 minutes (a Windows Phone OS limitation). Once it all kicks in though, the app is certainly a solid performer.  

Battery Performance Windows Phone 8

One of the more unique abilities is Notifications, where you can program the app to alert you if your battery falls below a user-defined threshold e.g. 45%. Likewise, you can have it ping you when the battery is fully charged, with both notifications having an optional “night mode” to avoid interruptions in the wee hours.

And no, from what we can tell this does not consume any appreciable battery life, except for the half-hour ping to the Live Tile, which should be negligible (though feel free to correct us if we're wrong; we haven't seen any battery degradation though).

Because of all of that, we have to recommend that you give it a spin, as the app does have a free trial. Indeed, that is probably the only downside of the app: the $1.99 price tag. While we did pay for it due to the high quality of work presented, we can’t help but think it’s a smidge high. Still, with the free trial, we’ll leave it up to you to decide if it is worth it. At the very least, it’s worth your consideration (the app is made by a single indie developer).

Pick up Battery Performance ( here in the Store, or scan the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app. Windows Phone 8 only. $1.99

QR: battery Performance



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Good app, love the layout, wish there was an option to have a black background. Keep up the good work!

kinpin2131 says:

Why will anyone want I app with a black background ? 

psiu_glen says:

On a device with an AMOLED screen a black background will use less power. I find them less blinding at night also.

bkydcmpr says:

yes particularly true for an app named "battery performance". i just bought it, hope the next update will come with black background.
update: found a bug, it shows 59 on the lockscreen but 58 inside, verified by turning back and forth a couple of times, the number was out of sync.

This status will be synchronized at background. We know about this bug and it will be fixed soon. In the next realse.
About black background, it's not needed now. You will use BatteryPerformance for few minutes not all the time, the most important things is that what type of theme you are currently in use (black or white)

What about the Percentage numbers ? when i open the app it takes a bit long to reach its final Number while the Widge shape reaches the correct place almost in two seconds leaving the numbers scrolling behind. if both can be finshed at the same time, that will be great :)

Guess that answer your question.

xankazo says:

Interesting. I'm sure gonna give it a try.

sholokov says:

Most battery apps I use drain the battery more. Without any battery apps installed, my battery on 920 is lasting much longer. I wonder if this app is any different.

Aviad Kohn says:

So true, I don't know why but without any battery app my 920 has more time to live.

R42 says:

Been using Battery Sense
Gonna try this one

txaggie2016 says:

I'm still using Battery Sense. This one does seem very interesting but definitely not worth $1.99 when I'm already using a great app.

Awesome, i ll try it for free two days then i will plan if i buy it or not

topleya says:

Lock screen detail doesn't work

We know about it. It will be fix in the next version. Please stay in touch with us!

ctwinger says:

Locked up on my 1020. Re trying.

"Battery life on Windows Phone pretty reliable"??? Joke of the day? On my 4th replacement 920 in 8 months and could disagree more. After 4 of them, I'm certain it wasn't just me or rare device issue for poor battery life. I can make it 2-3 weeks after a reset, before battery life goes astray. Get at least a day at first, then slowly dwindle to 6-12 hrs. Headed back to iPhone 5 in a few weeks. Wish the battery was the worst of my woes with the 920.

Not sure what you're doing with your phone, so it's hard to judge. I'm not convinced though that Windows Phone has a widespread problem with battery performance and I do hope that you recognize you are in the clear minority here.

blackhawk556 says:

I really do believe some 920s have battery problems. I had a customer is severe battery problems. He walked in with 18% battery left and within 10 minutes of looking through his settings, it was down to 5%. His replacement also had problems.

I don't think WP has a battery problem. I think a lot of 920's do. Until my 920 (on my second one) all my WP's had spectacular battery life. But mine, my wife's, brother and sister in law all have poor battery. Enough so that brother and his wife went back to there iPhones. :( Personally I will take poor battery and WP OS any day over ios but they felt differently.

simphf says:

I have had a 920 since November. I rarely get to the end of the day with less than 40% battery. Maybe your cell provider does something to the phones, or it could be one of your apps?

procen says:

It got to be one or several of his apps.

RJ Priest says:

Battery life on ATIV S is excellent. Maybe a percentage of early 920's have battery problems, but not windows phone in general.

kinaton says:

Its only Nokia that has battery issues, we its a 3g reception issue that drains the battery. In flight mode I get 9 hour battery life .

gizzzmo says:

having terrible battery and overheating issues since the updates not coming through automatically problem has been fixed by Nokia on my Lumia 920. Sending my phone away tomorrow for a replacement.

kinaton says:

Yeah mines going back for a repair, they had better return with my data intact as promised.

jlynnm350z says:

Yeah, I have good days and then there are the "dark days" when I swear there is a little elf in there sprinkling pixie dust draining my battery and just laughing at me. . . Very dark indeed

You mean that 'you couldn't disagree more'

textomatic says:

You'll be fine with an iPhone 5.... once you slap on one of those external battery covers on it. 

drg says:

Me and my wife and 4 close mates all have 920's and don't have any issues with battery. have you done some reasearch or have you just gone back for a replacement each time the battery dies fast, used the new phone as you did previously and therefore you were just fixing the incident but not the problem? there are plenty of forum articles which tell you how to test or try and improve the battery. have you tried any of those? my battery was draining fast once and i found an article which suggested removing a weather app and then doing a soft reset and since then i haven't had any issues. i barely reset my phone, maybe once a month if that and battery is fine so you're issues may be user related. i have to question why you'd also throw in the "headed back to iPhone 5" comment because those statements, while they may not be necessarily coming from a troll, they certainly do sound trolly.

I wouldn't say I have a battery problem but I do wish the battery would last longer. I'm a heavy user constantly on my phone and without charging I can go thru the battery in 4hours or less.
Good thing I have a wireless charging pad at my desk.
The issue that I think I have and I'm not sure what's causing it is data... Sometimes I'm at home under WiFi and I still get notifications saying my data is close to it's limit.
These at&t overages are killing me.

hans 8x says:

The wifi-connection is unfortunately not shown right all the time. Try the app 'active net now!'. This one showes you definitely if you are using wifi or not. Maybe it can help you solving your battery problem also. Excuse my English.

Thanks for the info. Let's see if it changes anything

pokexpress says:

I have the same issue. My 920 would get hot and the battery would drain quickly after 10-20 mins of browsing, forcing me to kill all bg apps and turn on the battery saver, even switching to 2g when I'm not at home. Emailed Mr Elop about it and he referred me to a local Nokia Care. I'll see what happens after that.

Winnabe says:

In fact, while I can not call myself a heavy user, i use the phone heavily in spurts, and i have found in those spurts, that the battery drains very very fast. Consider this - it drains 6 percent in 20 min, whenever i am surfing the internet or using Whatsapp. When I play games, the battery drains at 6 percent in 10 min. Now, with similar patterns of usage on my N8, which had i believe 1350mAh battery, as compared to 2000mAh on my L720, my phone lasted a little more than a day, whereas my L720 doesn't last the whole day. I seriously think WP8 is not as power efficient as we are led to believe. At least WP8 is unable to prevent its apps from being power-hungry or huge battery drainers. Therein lies the rub. :(

Talbot690 says:

I use a 900 and its battery usually last a day an a half.. My cousins 920 is having alot of problems sometimes it lasts long sometime just a few hours. We are just getting LTE in our area and it seems both our phones are switching between full bars 4g to 1 or 2 bars LTE. Could that effect battery life, do different signals have different power usages?

ctwinger says:

This app is great. Must have been an issue as I was uninstalling the old while installing the nee app. Thanks for the find!

Oldmajor says:

One day I'll have a Windows Phone 8 device, but given my luck it'll be 6 months before Windows Phone 9... Sigh

Nakazul says:

There is nothing stabil about battery on WP8.

driver_king says:

To an extent, I agree. My life fluxuates quite radically. Sometimes, I can get more than a day out of my 920. Other times, just a few hours (even a few times while I simply left it unplugged doing nothing). It may be a device specific issue, however, so I cannot generalize and say that all other phones experience the same. From my experience however, there are at least four other people that I know of with Lumia 920's and 8x's that experience the same issues. Maybe GDR2 (which RTM'd in April... this I find completely unacceptable - most consumers won't see an updated slated for April until at least August, but I digress...) will help aid this issue, or maybe even GDR3. I was hoping that by this time of year, we'd be seeing at least GDR3 right around the corner and Blue for November/December but, oh well... Hopefully Microsoft gets the ball rolling with consistent platform updates starting with Blue... Or maybe next year's Windows 9 will be the almighty OS combination of Windows and Windows Phone into one uniform OS. Either way, I support Microsoft but these oddball bugs they're dealing with which are throwing off the update rythm are detrimental to consumer support. As a Microsoft supporter, I have a tough time excusing the extensive waiting periods for updates, when explaining platform issues to others.

I agree. That's why I'm dumping my 920 to go back to iPhone 5. Its clear Microsoft has no priority in their mobile platform. Even if they pushed out unbaked updates, they'd be doing something. I wanted to love my 920 and WP8. I'm a Windows technology guy, but for mobile I more need reliable and efficient. I don't love iOS, but I know I can do business if that's the only thing on my person. Since getting 920, I need to always make sure I have my iPad or laptop in order to support my Microsoft infrastructure and applications at my company. Tell me something isn't wrong with that equation.

procen says:

I used to have the same problem with my 810, doing a little tinkering, found out that one or several apps is causing the problem, which app/ apps, I don't know. I uninstalled around 5 of them after that my phone battery is great and my live tiles all works. Maybe you're having the same problem?

Hoekie says:

Windows Technology guy myself and battery life of my Lumia 820 is better then any my collegue's iphones. On a days work averaging 0.5 up to 1% per hour. Twice there was an app misbehaving, but that's it. Check the app that is misbehaving, check for app updates or remove the app and you're good to go.

TechFreak1 says:

Enjoy your 1440 Mah Battery! (don't believe me check here: lol

I did have an iPhone 5 for a week b4 920 came out. Battery life was better. I'm a heavy user, and only ask about 12-14 hours of battery life. Today, I don't think that is too much to ask. At least Mophie makes an exceptional case and still feels less bulky than 920.

Strangely, I uninstalled WP Central app, one of a few that I didn't have blocked in background only 1.5 percent drain. Hmmmm....

I've never had that low of drain. 2-3% was norm for first 2 wks after a clean reset, and all the same apps as I've always had installed.

he_shark says:

Check your background tasks as well. I don't know what app it was but after killing some background tasks for apps I rarely use my battery life went from flakey to consistently lasting a day with moderate usage. Games still seem to heat it up and make it drain quite quickly however.

Nakazul says:

I have about the same apps in WP7 and that worked fine. Most are official apps and why should i need to bother even? If i remove any more apps i destroy the vision what a smartphone are. There are way to many flaws currently. I love what WP wants to be and how it looks, but that doesn't mean i have to accept the flaws it present. Its just sad, and 3 or 4 years down the line i have invested a lot of money in apps and services. But if all the various faults WP8 currently have, don't disappear soon im seriously consider leaving and start over on Android.

he_shark says:

I agree WP has a lot of potential that it hasn't quite reached yet. WP 8.1 can't come soon enough, but hopefully GDR2 and then 3 will tide me over until then. Right now my 920 is stable, I get good battery and am happy enough and will be patient longer while I wait for things to reach their potential. The alternative of moving back to Android does not exist for me, for it's better app support you have to deal with a very fuzzy and messy system. I find it amusing that people who slagged of Windows Mobile and Symbian actually like Android, cos really it's not all that far removed from them these days. Give Symbian the amount of power the GS4 has and it'd probably be a faster and better OS than Android. Anyway, I'm sticking with WP, if things don't mature by Jan/Feb when I expect to hear news of WP8.1 then i'd consider the dark side (iOS) but I can never see myself returning to Android - unless v5 totally surprises me.

blackhawk556 says:

What is missing if we just "try it"? Can we just continue using it?

The version is limited in time

procen says:

@Daniel, try "Insider" battery app it's very nice.

It was buggy in my 8x. :)

procen says:

I have on my 810 and 925, and it's runs great.

Darren Walsh says:

Just bought it there, very slick indeed!!

inertiaNokia says:

Although im not as critical as some other users, I do believe battery life could be improved. I have a lot of live tiles on my home screen, and I really like being able to see notifications without opening each app. However, if I have to limit the number live tiles to conserve battery, I feel like that defeats the purpose. I'm still very happy with wp8, and this battery app has a beautiful interface. Not trying to be rude or negative, just giving my observations. Thanks for the tip :)

uopjo6 says:

There's not a day I hit 0% before I charge my 920 but that's because I avoid playing games like Halo on the road. But when I do battery drops quicker than a fly I just swat and isn't very reliable. Games like cut the rope and angry birds hold up fine though.

Still questionable.

kinaton says:

Do you have a Nokia by any chance

Jf.Vigor says:

He'd asking if you have a Nokia brand windows phone. Since the going theory is that nokias have a battery drain issue

uopjo6 says:

Please read my comment again.

Jaskys says:

Or just use Dev menu in phone for free...

Octonabz says:

How do I get this?

Jaskys says:
Keep in mind once you activate this special app you can't delete or remove it from app list(Well atleast on my HTC)

Duduosf says:

Is it just me who's having trouble with this app? I already deleted it and reinstalled it, but it keeps freezing in the start screen!

Duduosf, can you write something more ? what phone model ? with GDR2 ?

Duduosf says:

It's working now. It's Lumia 925 - with GDR2, of course. Thanks, dude :)

Duduosf says:

I got another question. Somehow mine won't show the life cycle. Confused

Can you do some screen shots from Logs and send to us using application. Please to click Support via e-mail in "About" tab.

m4tthall says:

Froze the first time I ran it, tried again and it worked fine

m4tthall, thanks for info! can you write model phone ?

Shambels says:

As a 820 user I find that I'm always checking battery life...

But why lots of apps in Windows are not free ? I do not like this fact.

dalydose says:

For the same reason that you don't go to work for free. The developers have to eat too.

Developer can put ads in the app. Why all oever the windows phone apps money ?

Localhorst86 says:

Not every developer wants to put ads in the app. Ads require data usage.
Nevertheless, I still can not agree to your notion. A lot of apps on the windows phone marketplace are free. And even with apps that cost money, there is often a free trial with limited functionality or even ads.
Looking through my app list, I can only find a handfull of apps I had to buy because of a possible limitation of a free version or no decent alternatives
Amazing Weather
Cocktail Flow
IM+ Pro
Runtastic Pro
I bought a few more apps than that, but those I bought to support the developers, the apps would have done their job as trial/free version.
Back to the point: The developer is free to charge whatever he wants for the app. Most of the time you can use a free or ad supported alternative, but don't complain about a good app costing money.

Case in point: This app looks great. But it's not without alternatives, there are at least 5 different apps in the marketplace that monitor your battery life and cover a variyng degree of this apps features. Looks might not be exactly as greatm, but this app is not without other decent alternatives.

gerzhwin says:

1.99$ price tag? Good design is always worth paying for.

ebradley says:

I wish it could tell how much drain different apps are causing.

Axel'79 says:

Instant buy, without any hesitation... Wow... Beautiful!!! +920

ttsoldier says:

how is your consumption rate 0% -_-

kinaton says:

Lol at the first image 1% usage per hour. No on Nokia phones you won't.

Narathan says:

I have that on my 822 when idle, so it is possible?

Hoekie says:

I have. And have pics to prove it. Less then 1% during a whole working day. Lumia 820.

michail71 says:

I do have occasional weird battery days with my 920 where is just tanks at incredible rates. Back when the graphing on my battery meter app worked reliably you could even see the steepness of the line in the graph. But as with most background tasks the graphing no longer works reliably.

GizmoEV says:

I think the weird battery issues are due to stuck processes. When I see that happen I power off, usually wait a minute and power back on and 99% of the time things are back to normal.

DADSGN says:

+920 to that!

FYI, Wouldn't open, until I deleted my other battery app. Its truly a beautiful app, well see after a few days how reliable it really is. ATIV S on T-Mobile.

Purchased, design was good, Shud test how it works :)

venetasoft says:

This app has a awesome UI, I see the developer put lot of work on it, I will definitively buy it :)

xratola says:

Everything is great but i wish this app had tile customization:/
that's the only drawback for me...

xratola, in the first version we had custom live tile, but this kind of live tiles consumed too much memory :( and it was bad for battery life. We had to delete it and used the live tile recommened by MS.

If you are using some other apps where you have some custom live tile (Weather app) and the same on the lock screen your battery will go down.

xratola says:

Ohh... That's sad :/

Many people are unaware modern lithium batteries need to be discharged fully, then recharged fully to reset the battery sensor, at least once every month. Battery Discharger is a good app for doing just that.

you should not use any app like Battery Discharger

Please explain why? I am always happy to learn something new

I'm pretty sure the new phone will not so quickly unload using this software than your phone. This kind of software negatively affects battery life. Why do you want to use the entire arsenal against your battery just to unload it ? 

nunyazz says:

You might want to research that statement. "Li-ion should never be discharged too low"

Let me clarify, thank you for the article, the battery should be discharged until the safety protection circuit kicks in to reset the state of charge sensor. I agree full discharge is not recommended. I have had good luck using the partial discharge method, whether by intentional or unintentional discharge. My NL 920 is the most consistent battery I have owned. No more gaming or bluetooth or nav while plugged in though, as it distorts the state of charge. :(

jmerrey says:

I like the look of the app, but the small live tile is a little busy for me. I've been using myBattery and been very happy with it.

We recommend use the biggest one

Microsoft can eliminate the need for such apps by just presenting the battery percentage on the top beside the battery icon ( like it normally should be) without the need to navigate through options and check battery level. And its up to us, the users, to install these apps for further information such as the usage rate and temp. This way a one app less is working in the background.

Not true, really. This app does a lot more than just tell you battery the video.

he_shark says:

But it would still be nice to have the option of displaying the percentage. Also I can never get any of these apps to correctly display the battery percentage on the live tile without actually going into the app. It makes it slightly pointless. Has anyone found an app that updates the live tile properly?

What im saying here is that, its a great app ( along with many others ) and Some users will find a need for it, im one of them actually, but not every user is a "power user" that needs to be on top on the Discharging rate, Tempreature and the Battery percentage at a given time.
A small indicator at the top of screen next to the battery icon will be more than enough for them, why should they install an app that runs the the background?
Cant see the harm of doing it, besides its more conveinent for a large range of new comers to the platform from android, ios and BB.

sicnus says:

Great app! Battery sense is a good alternative for free.

Developer can put ads in app but not to buy with money. All windows phone is just money

David, ads destroys UI

arkhale says:

+920 that! Is $1.99 too much to ask with such a great app which has a very intuitive UX?

That's what I (also) like about WP, ads are very tacky, I prefer to have fewer apps, but no ads.

YCSJ2980 says:

My first 920 had some battery drain issues. This one is fine. There was a bit of time where my battery was getting hammered but I figured out that for whatever reason fairway solitaire absolutely crushes your battery even when suspended. Making sure its clear from my recent app list (IE making it so I can't get back to it when I long press on the back button) has rectified the problem


Sgele says:

Since when is $1.99 The same as €1.99 ? As nice as this looks, the price, to me, will never justify it.

falcon304 says:

AT&T 920's have a massive battery drain problem, so apps like this are essential. It depends on one's local network, which is why everyone doesn't experience the problem. But the 920 does have a problem of the cellular radio getting stuck on. This has existed since day one and still hasn't been fixed.

Like you I'm not into screen protectors, I like it as it is, but unlike you I need a battery app, my 820 lasts me on average around 12, 14 hours. This app is indeed great looking, too bad I bought myBattery which doesn't even come close, either in looks or features.

DreadVenom says:

Simply stunning UI. Shame about lock screen issue but overall excellent work. Best battery app so far.

Lock screen issue will be fixed in the next version.

Robborboy says:

Does Windows Phone just not support a battery tracker pooling information of what uses what? Like IE using 5% of batter over a period of time. And how much the screen and other apps use over that same period?

Otherwise these are pretty much useless for increasing battery life.

I don't think saving battery is the purpose of these apps, I think it's meant to keep track of it, like if you can't charge for a few hours you'd know when to start saving.

My 521 lasts me a whole 12 hour shift and I still have 30-50% left depending on what I've done with it during the day. Right now I have 37% as I type.

Chris_Kez says:

I love the idea of comparing scores with other users. Would be nice if you could see average battery life by phone model, wireless carrier, location, etc.

We decided not to interfere with locations of users while respecting their privacy.

cpdjoe77 says:

Is there a battery app that tells u what individual apps r using what as far as battery drain

arkhale says:

Just bought it! Keep it up developer! I'll never refuse to pay for an app like this!

Mustii says:

yeah it will be nice if theres a feature in this app where u could see which app drains alot. anyways nice app bought it

currently it is impossible to get this kind of info.

Mustii says:

locksreen needs fix too

It's fixed. New release soon.

Strangely, I uninstalled the WP Central app, and now have only 1.01% drain. May have found my culprit. Never had less than 2-3% in the last 2 wks since full reset. Been stuck at 6+% for a few days and did reboots, etc. Will give a few days and if sustains, will reinstall WP Central and see if poor again. This was the 1 app of 3 total that I allowed background tasks. I never use background changers, and never use Live tiles as I use smallest icon. So could have been this app, which sucks, cuz is one of my most used!

Hoekie says:

Well, you're at least at the right place to request an app update. Glad you found the culprit. Battery usage on Lumia/WP8 can be very good. Have 0.5 to 1% battery usage during a working day using a Lumia 820. With everything enabled. Some did not believe me. So I got print screens to prove it.!8792&authkey=!AD5...

Winnabe says:

Wow, hoekie! Very very envious. My battery drain is 3.58% when I don't fiddle around with my L720 (2000mAh battery).

LennH says:

:O what sorcery is My 1020 drains about 5-7% without any use! Sometimes 5 mins after chagring it's already at 95-93%

Whenever wpcentral is in the background my battery drains quickly as well

Patrick, from Developer point of view, it's not important if you don't use any Live Tile or you are using the smallest one. All software at background need to be ready to update 3 size of Live Tile. So even if you don't use it, the memory is consumed for it.

Mustii says:

hmm patrick i might try that i have also noticing when running wp central my battery drains a little bit more

Mustii says:

An update so you what see what app drains battery would be amazing. by the way the app looks fantastic

currently it is impossible to get this kind of info.

gevabar says:

I downloaded this app.....its pretty cool......does anyone know about car chargers why they barely charge? Or which chargers do a better job then others???

Jazmac says:

I thought this app would tell me what apps I had running and what battery they were using. How is a daily log of battery uses each day help me..for 2 dollars to boot?

raycpl says:

How a bout a battery app that shows both consumption of active & background activity - and off course, the battery app itself shouldnt be a battery chomper!!! Its a tall ask..

pmhgeneral says:

Just loaded the trial app and had the start screen also lock up on me, using Lumia 822 on Verizon. The app looks great and will purchase if no other problems.

useme2useyou says:

Very nice app, but recently I bought Insider Pro which shows battery usage and much more. Very nice design also.

jlynnm350z says:

Don't really get the statistics. They don't make sense. Or maybe im just mentally retarted

Duduosf says:

You're not alone there... Or maybe I'm just mental, too

Guys, please to write something more. You can use the support via e-mail in "About" tab.

Anshul_Davda says:

Does this app have the ability to pin tiles of other connectivity shortcuts? The app I use (Battery) has that built in. I use WiFi toggling almost everyday and I don't want different apps for something that can be in one app. This looks amazing and I really want to use it but with battery constraints on my 820 I don't want to install too much and have manyt hings working in the background. Any ideas?

Yes, new release is soon. And this option will be implemented :)

arkhale says:

Thank you for being hands on Marcin!

CarmanL says:

"That’s because battery life on Windows Phone is pretty reliable, where we often don’t have to think about it."
Hahaha, excellent joke !!!

jabtano says:

I'll give it a shot on my L925..though I've haven't had any issues with the battery at all and I have a lot pined

duncan0622 says:

looks flesh and inoformative. But I think the price is a deal breaker,1 buck would be more acceptable. Anyone tried and feel 2 bucks is still worthy?

Victor85 says:

You americans complaining about 2 dollars.. Us Europeans need to pay twice the price!

What's the difference of this and "Battery"
I can see no difference than Battery being better (black background, live/lock screen info correct, shows how many times it checked against the power value)

Chrispcrust says:

Yeah the app is nicely designed, save for the massive header text that looks completely out of place.  This enormous cut-off text design language is really starting to tire on me.

uopjo6 says:

These are very subjective and if you hate massive headers you're on the wrong platform. 

zvnkt says:

In my 920 AT&T, the consumption rate and logs do not update anymore. When the phone is charged, it does not also show the charging rate. I just wonder if those problems are due to the trial version.
And the price 1.99% sucks. I think I would stay with Battery Sense which is more reliable, even with the free version.