Review - Nillkin Ultra Slim Case for the Nokia Lumia1520

I’ve taken a look at quite a few cases for the massive Nokia Lumia 1520, but a new one available from Nillkin has won my heart. Running for $10 and coming in white, brown, black or red, the case is not only a good value but has some great features to make it a worthy slim case for you giant Lumia 1520.

Check out the video review and some high resolution photos to see why this case is a great choice for your Nokia.

The Nillkin has, in my opinion, three advantages over other “ultra slim” cases:

  1. Value – At $10, it won’t dent your wallet
  2. Camera protection – The Nillkin features a nice raised ridge to protect the front lens element
  3. Textured back – Instead of smooth plastic or soft touch, the Nillkin opts for a textured back, offering satisfactory grip

I also like the red color, though white would be great too to blend in with the Lumia 1520’s matte white finish.

This case gets all the little things right. Camera protection, decent cutouts for buttons and a textured back that makes holding the (sometimes) awkward Lumia 1520 more manageable. Offer it for $10 (or two for $9) with free shipping and this case is a no brainer. Shipping did take a while, since it came from overseas, but in the end it was worth it.

Previously, I liked the Incipio Feather case the most, despite it being overpriced. The Nillkin though gives value and a top design. While this isn’t a rugged case, between making the Lumia 1520 easier to hold, the color options and the textured back, the Nillkin should give you modest protection from low level drops, bangs or scratches.

You can pick up the Nillkin Ultra Slim Case from various outlets online, though I ordered from DX-Box.

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Sam Sabri says:

That case looks so fun to touch. 

It does have that tickle sensation when you rub it...the case, wait, I'm going to stop...

I saw what you did there...

Holiday Spirit...lol

Z10YkakPES says:

Really good case, but I wouldn't advise getting white one, mine is dirty after a week and doesn't clean that easy

spectre51 says:

I've had Nillkin cases for other phones and yeah the white will discolor and will not stay nice and white no matter how you clean it after you use it for a while.

Jackalneck says:

damn i was about to buy the white one.  thanks for the heads up!


LeiChat says:

Cheers for the tip.

Is it easy to pop the case off?
I have a ProClip mount in my car (for my previous phone) and I'm intending to buy the passive holder for the 1520 which would only accomodate the phone without the case.

walter1832 says:

Did the sendation when you rubed it raise your expectations?

taymur says:

Only if you got it right.

rodneyej says:

How soft is this case❔. Is it like hard plastic, or TPU❔

blackhawk556 says:

This case looks nice. If it had wireless charging capabilities it would be awesome.

Nazmi Lao says:

Yeah. I love the texture. Grippy too.

JennaMadison says:

Lol that's funny

moc426 says:

Dan stop doing reviews with the 1520, everytime I see the screen with the 3 columns ... sigh. Maybe when the 32 gb version is out for AT&T I will get it.

Jefe32 says:

Negrielectronics has the international version. They are having issues shipping to APO at the moment so I have to wait a bit. When I do get it, I will probably give my Lumia 920 (waiting for Nokia to fix it) to the misses.

moc426 says:

Dan did you get the wireless charging body yet?

Nope. Not yet. No worries, will cover that when it comes in/I set it up.

rodneyej says:

Will QI wireless charging plates be available for the at&t 1520❔

JennaMadison says:

I'm thinking about getting a black one for my White Lumia. I bought a cheap $5 case and it turned a nasty yellow within 2weeks. Looking for a better quality slim case now.

Z10YkakPES says:

Yeah don't get white one, mine is dirty already

That case looks good! Would love one for the 625!

Ray Adams says:

I ordered this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/251387233366?var=550314399594&ssPageName=STRK:ME... in brown color. It looks excellent with black phones. I had Nillkin case for my HTC 8X, also bought it for 920, but for last one it dosn't fit good.

Hope for 1520 it will be better without gaps on sides.

Live2Deliver says:

I don't get the idea with getting hard cases. it doesn't protect your phones during drops, covers the beautiful back of the phone, adds thickness, and sometimes makes buttons harder to reach, yet so many people loves these nillkin cases... enlightenment please.

Happy Holidays everyone. Happy New Year!!!!

Clavitox says:

But they do protect your phone from light drops

cesar ruiz1 says:

Is the case just over the screen can't see it in pictures

dk_banaah says:

As a member of this community and someone who found out about the Nillkin brand last November I feel I should apologise for not tipping you guys about them sooner.

They hands down make the best "elegant" case for all phones period in my opinion. Still rocking the brown Gentleman's Case for my Lumia 920

Edit: Last YEAR November I should have said. As in 2012

hazmatnz says:

I use nillkin cases on all my devices. Consistent quality across the whole range, and their flip cases are fantastic.

Yeah, it's a shame that most Chinese companies have horrible marketing and PR, they should be a huge name by now.

R4viRS says:

can i use the wireless charger with this case?

roomybonce says:

hi. I have the red real leather flipcase from Tetded. It really is quite lovely and probably worth a review.

DallasXanadu says:

Brown.  For those who want to mistake their phone for a first-generation Zune?

froesei says:

Nillkin is my new favorite case designer. I have one for my 1020 and it's pretty awesome.

These ship from China and it takes a month to receive them. The chinese must have a really shitty postal service.

ltjordan24 says:

  Is that right? One for $10, two for $9?

JennaMadison says:

How does the actually material of the phone hold up? Besides the white getting yellowish after awhile. Does it stay intact after a while of use? I'm planning on getting the black one and if its really 2 for 9,I'll be getting the red and black

AlwaysHedged says:

If it's anything like my white 920, it'll hold up quite well.  Mine is still clean and every bit as white as it was when new.

SACRIFICE_84 says:

Guys i wanna buy L1520 but i have heard it has poor video recording.I wanna know how bad it is and can this be fiexed by software update..

Games Goblin says:

I discovered Nillkin when looking at a case for my 920 - bought 3 cases and a qi charger from them since - great cases and great value

treiz says:

I'll pay damn good money for an otterbox or something similar for this darn phone. Why won't they take my money???

undulose says:

I had a black Nillkin Ultra Slim case for my old Nokia Lumia 625 and it really felt durable, but dust do go inside the case so you'll have to clean it at least one every month. I also got one for my 1520 and didn't bought a flip cover so I can use it with my waterproof transparent pouch wherein it would be difficult to hold with a flip cover inside.

szilix14 says:

I bought a nillkin case for my L620, and I love it!

joka165 says:

That case looks good! Would love one for the 920

Binson#WP says:

The nilkin one for the 1020 is awesome too.

Nazmi Lao says:

+1 for the 1020 case. It's amazing.

rodrione says:

I want that one for the 1020 looks awesome

brupub says:

Incipio's site shows a "coming soon" NGP case for $19.99, made of Fkex²O material with purple, turquoise, black & mercury colors with a translucent option to show the phone's colors.

Nazmi Lao says:

Nillkin is the best case maker IMO. I have it for both my 620 and my 1020. It has great protection yet it isn't bulky, it's tough, and on the 1020 case it has a sheath for the camera pod which I LOVE but dont see much on other makers' 1020 cases.