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Lumia 1320 full country listing for Lumia Cyan mass rollout

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Lumia 1320 goes Cyan

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Lumia 1320 now available in the United States through Cricket Wireless

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Lumia 1320, 630 availability expand to Argos Ireland


Microsoft's next flagship Windows Phone to come out in November on 3 US carriers, features 3D Touch

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Nokia Lumia 1320 coming soon to Cricket Wireless


Nokia’s successor to the Lumia 520, the Lumia 530, reportedly codenamed ‘Rock’

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What's your experience with going from phone to phablet?

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Nokia's latest video features the Lumia 1320 in one continuous shot

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Nokia Lumia 1320 available at MobiCity for just £250

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Nokia Lumia 1320 launches in Ireland for €329.99

Apps comes to Windows Phone, brings the best rock music

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O2 Ireland getting the Nokia Lumia 1320; still no word on availability

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Nokia Lumia 1520, 1320 announced for Brazil; available in March

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Nokia Lumia 1520, 1320 announced for February in Spain

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Nokia Lumia 1320 available to pre-order in the Philippines and Russia

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Nokia Lumia 1320 coming to Australia next month, starts at AUD $449

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Nokia Lumia 1320 starts selling in Malaysia on January 17th

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Nokia Lumia 525, Lumia 1320 show up on eBay; Lumia 1320 heads to Singapore, India

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Nokia Lumia 1320 goes on sale in China for $412 (¥2499), coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore

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Review – ROCK Nokia Lumia 1320 Colorful Leather Case

When it comes to cases, a good argument could be made for the Nokia Lumia 1320. The large phablet is by no means fragile, but it does pack a six inch display which could be broken (or scratched). Combined with the size, and some people may want to go down the road of treating this phone like an old school PDA.

The ROCK ‘Colorful Leather Case’ runs for about $10 and it can be found on various websites, mostly in eastern markets. It’s certainly a bargain and due to the design and decent quality, I have to recommend this case if you’re into this style.

The ROCK comes in four colors, including yellow, white, black and red. It’s a hard-shell plastic on the interior, where the phone slips in. The case is then wrapped withfaux leather front and back that is relatively firm. It looks padded, but it’s really some minor filler to help reinforce the case.

The design is what really caught my eye. The colors are great, but the way the case looks makes it quite sharp looking, in my opinion. The case is not too thick, considering this type of style and it certainly adds a higher level of protection than going without a case. You can even fold the case in on itself to use as a kickstand, though it’s more of a kluge than banner feature.

I like the ROCK case a lot for the Lumia 1320. The quality is good enough, not outstanding, but enough that I don’t worry about it, and the price is right. Combined with the colors and design, it pairs well with the monstrous Lumia 1320.

So if you like the looks and are needed a case, you may want to consider the ROCK Colorful Leather Case.



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Lipe13 says:

Beautiful combo Daniel, loved the colors of the phone and it's case.

Tense says:

That's a beautiful case. I wish something like this was out for the 925. Minus the flap.

v3k1 says:

Do these exist for l920?

rodneyej says:

Available for 1520??... This is NICE❕❕

chuanmw says:

Looks good but I haven't 1320

ruddevil says:

I put ROCK cases for both my Ativ S and my wife's L920. The only thing you need to worry is how easy it gets dirty. It only took 3 months before it looked worn down. And for my Ativ S case, the outer layer started to peel out after 6 months. But, they looked good brand new and are good value for money.

Titanicology says:

Is there one for the 1520?

akshaypn says:

It is selling for 25USD here in India.Dont think its worth that much..

I have the same case for my L1320 but in black color. It's a very nice flip case but here in India its priced really high about 22$. But I didn't have an option as this was the only cover available at the time.

Guys....waiting for the Nokia Lumia 1320 review for a long time here!

HanifAhmat says:

Love the case. Why not make one for Lumia 620

where can i order this thing?.. my matt yellow lumia 1320 needs this

Kanuj Gaba says:

I wanna know ke lumia 1320 is really a worth to buy.
Plz provide me -ve and +ve points.

Danilo02 says:

Hi is this one available in the Philippines already? Are there other colors for this case?

Kindly email me your reponse to

Thanks and God bless!!

Bought this awesome case for my Lumia 1320 for about 15$ here in India. But its really worth the value when compared to the local makes available here. Really satisfied with the ergonomics and the protective feel it gives while on travel as well as holding in hand. The interesting part is that its so rigid that you can put the phone tension free inside a tight bag. And the cuts around the camera and buttons are so accurate and gives a premium feel.
A must buy if you care about your phablet.