Rocket Riot gets explosive new update with Mango bonuses

Rocket Riot

One of our favorite Xbox LIVE games for Windows Phone, Rocket Riot, has received quite a major update a few days ago with version 1.4. We've reached out to the devs at Code Glu for a specific changelog but they're off having croissants or something, so we're winging it:

  • New icon - The old Rocket guys are gone and instead we have...rockets. Makes sense.
  • Two ringtones - We love when devs do this and Rocket Riot certainly has one of the most addicting (borderline annoying) theme songs in history. We're not actually crazy enough to use these to spare our sanity, but we're pretty excited that they're on board
  • Pin campaign to your homescreen - quick access to your campaign, perfect!
  • Rated E10+ (Everyone 10+) - part of that mobile ESRB thing we covered earlier

Overall this is a superb update. It gives users a few new options and breathes life into a game you may have put aside for awhile, so kudos to Code Glue for improvements! Read our full review of Rocket Riot and grab it in the Marketplace for $4.99 with trial.

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incendy says:

Nice, one of my favorites!

RyoTGZ says:

If only other devs could update their games *cough* angry birds *cough*. Have you guys reached out to Chillingo to see if they plan to update AB? Noticed that Breeze has an update as well. Any info on that one?

rikkit says:

Fast switching?

Willing to buy now, thanks.