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Rogers and Vodafone strike up 4G roaming agreement


Canadian service provider Rogers has struck up an exclusive agreement with multinational giant Vodafone for 4G roaming. Whether or not that means LTE or HSPA+ is anybody's guess. The deal will also connect Rogers to equipment providers that regularly work with Vodafone to help build out the Canadian network.

Vodafone regularly makes these kinds of arrangements through their Partner Market program. Hopefully this agreement means that in due course, Rogers handsets shouldn't have any trouble getting on LTE in the UK and other international markets serviced by Vodafone. Similarly, anybody visiting Canada should be able get access to Rogers' high speed network. Though that might not always be technically possible, Rogers sure could stand to lower their roaming rates. Currently you pay $10/day for 20 MB in the UK, or $60 for the month with 40 minutes of talk, 150 outgoing texts, and 40 MB of data. With any luck, this Vodafone agreement could lower those prices, but I won't hold my breath.

Canadians, how often do you visit Europe? Do you get a roaming package from home, or grab a local SIM? Europeans, do you come to Canada often?

Source: Rogers



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Shimoner01 says:

I took my Rogers phone to France once and had a $650 bill when I came back. Needless to say, I just don't bring it anymore, anywhere. It is offensively easy to go over their puny limits on already expensive plans. Rogers sucks.

Mooncow27 says:

Leave the phone at home. I agree.

AccentAE86 says:

Grabbing a local SIM is ALWAYS the best idea.  Which is also why I always buy unlocked phones. 

Regular mobile rates in Canada are obscene to start with.  Their roaming fees are ludicrous.  A few years ago, I went to the UK, and my friend living there hooked me up with a local SIM, and with an add-on for like $15 to let me roam care free around europe for the rest of my trip (France, Switzerland, Italy).  All of that was cheaper than one month of regular service in Canada.  WTF.



Yeah we have high rates but @ least we cant complain about the signal strength

Anilu7 says:

Agree completely!  I got a UK SIM when I went there and except for the first day before I got it, my rates were fantastic!  Canadian rates are obscene!  I paid $65/month for 2 GB data on Rogers.  In the UK on GiffGaff, you can pay about $18-20/month for unlimited data on 3G!  Rogers, get a grip!!

Walkerboy79 says:

Never been back to Europe in the age of the smartphone, but encourage friends and family who go to unlock and go prepaid in europe.

Walkerboy79 says:

Even going down to USA its cheaper to go prepaid or else use Roam mobility.....i think they piggy back on T-Mobile

jfmanzo says:

I always pick up a local SIM in Europe. I do just use Rogers new US roaming default in the US now though.

I used knowroaming for US. Theirs a similar company to them called roamly but so far only knowroaming is making an effort for wp support

kidjenius says:

Rogers still sucks. All carriers in Canada suck. They suck donkey balls.

simphf says:

Is there any other kind of balls?

aafa says:

Wind Mobile sucks less balls of them all. Their only downfall is their coverage.

alex6272 says:

Wind Mobile is great. Even roaming with Wind can be cheaper than the per minute call rates or per text rates Rogers has.

WIND has the best US roaming add-on out of all Canadian carriers.

KQ17 says:

So is it only Vodafone UK or also other Vodafone like Vodafone Portugal?

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BaritoneGuy says:

So now you can blow through ridiculously over priced roaming data faster than ever.

gwinegarden says:

I'm hoping we will be going back to Europe this fall.  I am on Telus using an unlocked Rogers 920 and will, definitely, be going local SIM, unless things change, dramatically.

Denegar says:

A local SIM is the way to go. You can unlock almost any handset for about $20 online (or $50 through your carrier), and then get a local pay-as-you-go SIM. I have no idea why anyone wouldn't do this when it is soooo much cheaper than roaming rates. As for the option of leaving it at home: Even if you don't plan on using your cell phone, it's good for calling a cab, finding places, reserving hotels and restaurants, or emergencies.

ale2999 says:

I got on average 0.8 a year. I always buy a sim. In fact I buy a sim also when I travel  to the USfor more than a few days.

Get a giffgaff sim. £12 a month for 300 mins, unlimited texts and net including tethering. Pay as you go so your not tied to any contract