Rogers announce they are preferred carrier for Windows Phone 8, launches Lumia 920 tomorrow

Rogers WP Lineup

Rogers has unveiled in a portion of its media event in Canada today that it's the preferred carrier in the country for Windows Phone 8, which is a claim we can certainly believe with the arsenal of handsets it's taking through to 2013. It's also set to be the first carrier in the world to sport the Lumia 920.

Announcing the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S, the Canadian carrier is aiming high with only the flagship devices from each manufacturer on Microsoft's platform.

Rogers also revealed that a combined marketing effort would take place for the new hardware. The campaign will be boosted through investment from the manufacturers, themselves, and Microsoft.

As well as the above, Rogers will be putting the Lumia 920 on sale starting tomorrow. So be sure to check out your local Rogers store (or give them a bell) for more details. According to the presentation, the device will be available for $99.99 on a 3-year contract and $549.99 on a month-to-month rolling plan.

Thanks, Zach Gilbert from CrackBerry, for the info!



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WPenvy says:

You Canadians are so lucky.... Enjoy though!

Nataku4ca says:

holy moses, we actually get something first for once XD

diapers says:

Rogers did not announce it. There is no announcement only rumor

Generalguy41 says:

Lol lucky? No one likes Rogers.

darkm4gician says:

+1 but still nice that they're showing wp 8 a lot of attention.. well i at least hope they do so in their stores lol

pookiewood says:

YAY!!  Awesome news for you guys up north! 

droyces says:

I guess I'm off to Rogers tomorrow morning. Good because I hate having to wait.

My thoughts exactly.

Rican_One says:

Must be nice. Happy for you guys... We will have ours one day lol. AT&T hurry up already!!!

aventador779 says:

Quit complaing about AT&T. You're lucky to even get the 920 unlike us Verizon customers.

RaRa85 says:

And loyal T-Mobile customers. Hopefully the Ativ S will fall into our hands or its the 8X for me.

dalydose says:

Switch to AT&T. :)  The coverage problems are non-existent in my experience...unless you have an iPhone.  The reps are rubbish, but if you escalate or contact Twitter support you get people with empathy and education. :)

dalydose says:

Switch to AT&T. :)  The coverage problems are non-existent in my experience...unless you have an iPhone.  The reps are rubbish, but if you escalate or contact Twitter support you get people with empathy and education. :)

dalydose says:

Switch to AT&T. :)  The coverage problems are non-existent in my experience...unless you have an iPhone.  The reps are rubbish, but if you escalate or contact Twitter support you get people with empathy and education. :)

allos autos says:


Do you know Crackberry's source for the release date? All I can find online is a MobileSyrup article that quotes Rogers's CMO. There's no information on Rogers's website at all, and Rogers isn't commenting on its Twitter account (@RogersBuzz).

Rich Edmonds says:

I believe both quotes are same, I'll double check with CrackBerry's source.

allos autos says:

Thank you, sir!

Rich Edmonds says:

Safe to say it was the same source, if that helps? :-)

allos autos says:

I hope so!  I guess we'll find out tomorrow! :-)

Lumia 920 only comes in black on rogers:(

vdubskey says:

Is the ATIV S for Rogers LTE? And is it compatible with AT&T's LTE?

kidjenius says:

yes and yes (i think)

Coan says:

Should be, as a Rogers customer, I have no issue with AT&T's networks when travelling. It helps that AT&T used to own a good chunk of Rogers.

Cobbakazi says:

I'm happy for yall but this SUCKS!!! when is ATT getting any of these phones?

laserfloyd says:

ATT... Hurry up. :P

danielm298 says:

What is the phone in the middle, it says Samsung....???

weetigo says:

So..  I saw this story, called Rogers immediately. 
I was told, the 920 will launch in select locations only, but #611 (rogers) isn't sure if it will be in my hometown or not.  
I called all the Rogers Plus stores today and noone has it in stock yet, but they said try tomorrow, but no guarantees.
Also I had reserved the device and it said my position was #1 in queue.. but to date I have received no shipping notification, or notification to pick up in store.
I found out the Rogers Plus shipping receiving times are around 11:00am - 1:30pm, so I will be calling around tomorrow and hoping for the best.

aubreyq says:

They probably went "Yeah, sure, you're #1 on our 'queue' if you want to be. The phone ain't coming anyway, hahaha!"

weetigo says:

Updated to say "In Progress now, shipping process has begun. Additional changes cannot be made. An email with shipping details has been/will be sent to you." -- no email notification though.

kingkapadia says:

Called a Local Rogers, and contacted rogers online chat, no1 knows when its being released. They said to go to RedBoard Rogers for offical announcments, but no announcment yet :(

Rockartisten says:

3 year contract? Oh...my...balls!

Aldoron says:

Nothing new in Canada...

weetigo says:

3 year contracts, yes, but the termination fee is the cost of your phone, so its like buying it unlocked to get out of contract without penalties.  Same deal with upgrades, pay off the remaining balance on your phone, sign a new 3 year contract.

Rockartisten says:

Ok! So if there's 1 year left, you pay 1\3 of of the original fee?

Terrin says:

correct  everymonth so much money from you plan goes into the remaining price of the phone and if you cancel with 2 years left you pay that amount so the longer you had the phone the less you pay

mythos13 says:

It's actually far worse than that. Carriers practially get away with murder in Canada. It costs $20 a month for every month you want to get ouf of your contract early. The carriers also tack on a data-discount fee that they trump up so as you make you more captive. So in my case, where I've been paying $80 (incl tax) for a HTC-HD7 on a 512MB plan for a year and a half, I would have to pay about $480 more to get out of my contract early and that is before I buy another phone. Absolute robbery.

BioDave says:

I don't believe this is correct, I believe Rogers has changed it policy to the one listed above.  If you leave before the end of your contract, you pay the remainder of your phone's subsidy.

weetigo says:

No its not worse. Rogers makes you sign a 36 month contract. You pay off $13/month you are on contract (for smartphones), which adds up to 36 x $13 = $468 over the 3 year contract.

So, for example, the Lumia 920 is $99 on 3 year contract, which means your total buyout price was $568 after 3 years. Or to illustrate another way, after 12 months if I want out of contract or a new phone, I'd owe $312 remaining on my phone for another upgrade, or to exit my contract. ($468 - ($13x12) = $312)

Also, if you are stuck in an outdated contract with 500mb data, try going through retentions. I'm currently paying $53/month for unlimited calling and 6gb/month with call display, my10 and voicemail.

mythos13 says:

Oops, my first reply went to the bottom.
If Rogers does that it must be a new policy and it's awfully odd they don't advertise it because Bell certainly doesn't do that and it always been a huge complaint of Canadian carriers. If I find out that is true I will switch to Rogers as soon as they offer the 920 in other colours.

v10type-r says:

I'm calling first thing in the morning to get mine, I was contemplating the 8X but I think the 920 is better.

zahrans says:

good choice!

Terrin says:

I work for rogers and I can't find any information about this launching tommorow other then a email we receieved explaining training coming up and its coming out in the coming days

Simon Tupper says:

I'll have a new phone tomorrow then

rjmlive says:

It doesn't matter what they say, Rogers won't update their site for about another 16 days and I don't think any employee will know anything about the 10-15 they have throughout the company (Black only of course) for another week or so.

Happened with my Lumia 900 too.
No option but to wait.

Terrin says:

I know at my local stores they each had roughlky 5-6 lumia 900's but we had a bit of notice on our end we were getting them that day this saying tis tommorow without a internal memo or even a hint that we have them is odd especially when we keep saying we are the leading windows 8 partnership I expect honestly to have them out by next week the way I am reading what we have

tomatoes11 says:

My preorder is in progress and I was number 27 in line. So it might be legit. I didn't get a shipping email yet so might not be tomorrow but should be relatively close.

vinscg says:

Its sad wp8 is out and we still cant send an MMS with an unlocked lumia in canada
Still no network setup app to configure apn

There is actually a way to get it working along with tethering, I just did it last night.
Info here:

tacofiend says:

My pre-order went from #4 to "in progress", if I can pick it up tomorrow my week will be made!

weetigo says:

i was #1 in pre-order queue a couple hours back, but it now says 'IN PROGRESS' too.  :D   im smiling but i have no idea what that means..

Oronolek says:

it means that you'll get it either tomorrow or the next day

WP-addicted says:

Oh Canada! Love it!

peterjr1boom says:

Woah, id love to live in Canada right now! :D

R0bR says:

I was ready to drop Bell for the 920 but black only? No thanks.

polob says:

Any hint yet of what's heading to Telus?

Mike_B#WP says:

So far, just the <<yawn>> Ativ, to my knowledge. Telus has the "Coming Soon" page up for it.

S h a n e says:

sadly only the Ativ S (16GB) has been announced...

How can no one at Rogers know about this the day before? Tel reps are saying nov. 12 while these internet people are saying they said tomorrow? what, the deal?

Oh crap, thankfully I'm off work early but living in tiny ol' Regina probably means none in stock yet. I'd love to be proven wrong though!

spamouflage says:

You let me know if you find one in Regina. 

Rhamsey says:

Whats with Windows phones launching so quickly in other countries but not here? I'm jealous.

the_tyrant says:

I asked, they only replied "stay tuned" on facebook.....

Mueez says:

ROGERS IS BULLSH*T FU*CKING HATE THEM. racist ppl and bad support

Thryon says:

Sold in select stores in any colour you want....as long as its black. Nope. I would rather wait a few weeks and pick up a nice coloured one. If I wanted black, I would have gone iPhone. (nah, I would still go Windows Phone, but I would not enjoy it as much).

mythos13 says:

If Rogers does that it must be a new policy and it's awfully odd they don't advertise it because Bell certainly doesn't and it always been a huge complaint of Canadian carriers. If I find out that is true I will switch to Rogers as soon as they offer the 920 in other colours.

Terrin says:

so we got the offical announcement yes select stores do have the lumia 920 but the offical canada wide launch is nov 12

Dos101 says:

Shipping to stores, yes. Can you walk in and buy one, no. They are only shipping to those who have pre-ordered it.
From the Rogers Announbcment:
"We were able to ship a limited supply of Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones in black to some customers who reserved a device using the Rogers Reservation System today. These customers will be the first in Canada to have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. We’ll be shipping more devices in the coming weeks."

weetigo says:

Garden City location got two phones in today. I got them to hold one for me. While I was picking it up a woman walked in to inquire about the other handset. My first post from ny new 920

jabcoco says:

Montreal will have to wait. Rogers Plus St-Chaterine (one of the biggest around) has received only 4 devices. I've called more then 20 other Rogers Plus and Retailers and none have reveiced the device. They say the Official lauch should be in 1 or 2 week..... :(... can't wait!!

chucky78 says:

Limited Availability was basically 2 Lumia 920 at each store LOL.  What a joke of a launch.