Rogers introduces the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV

Rogers Windows Phone Lineup

The three OEMs down together

Rogers has pledged strong support for Windows Phone 8 through the announcement of both exclusivities and hardware that makes use of Microsoft's latest mobile system. This mirrors the strong carrier support we've seen so far here in the UK. We managed to get some hands-on action with said devices, so be sure to pop on past the break for all the photos.

The Canadian carrier will be sporting the Nokia Lumia 920 (exclusively available in black), HTC 8X (blue 16GB / black 8GB), and Samsung ATIV S. Consumers will be able to take full advantage of what OEM partners have to offer with Windows Phone 8 at launch. We also touched on Roger's unveiling of its exclusivities and carrier pre-loaded apps today for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.


Rogers Lumia 920

Rogers 8X

Rogers Lumia 920

WP Central

Rogers ATIV S

Rogers ATIV S



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jenjen4u says:

They all look lovely!

ThePKReddy says:

The HTC looks too much like a Lumia

jenjen4u says:

I actually thought the HTC looks like my Samsung Omnia  7, which is why im not going to get HTC. Time for me to try the lumia

nizzon says:

I agree. Very similar to the Omnia7, I still like the looks of mine, but the oh so slippery aluminum will not be missed.

jenjen4u says:

indeed very slipery phone but istill  love my omnia 7 too i usually change phones every year but i stuck with the omnia7 for almost 2 years now thats a record! But i deffinitely want a yellow lumia next!

Or like my girlfriend says "It looks like a prettier Lumia." I think it will appeal to women & teens.

ThePKReddy says:

Yeah. I think the HTC colors are more femine. The back cover looks different from Lumia

jenjen4u says:

I am a lady! and yes when the HTC 8X was revealed after the Lumia 920 i was debating with myself because the colours of the htc were a bit more "pretty", but my fav colour is yellow anyway so im getting L920 im much excited! im overdue for a new phone =b

111san says:

wow the 920 looks stnning even in black....but what a load of bullshit that Rogers wont even be offering any of the other colours....these guys are really dimwitted..ts not like they have spend even a penny mroe just to sell the different colours?

db4williams says:

Be grateful. At least they're getting a 920. Us Verizon subscribers get a gimpy a$$ midrange nokia and the 8X (in an undisclosed color) at launch according to various sources in these forums. That's it.

R0bR says:

Screw grateful.  If Rogers is putting up STRONG support for Windows Phone 8 then they should carry all the colors, same with the HTC.  It's bad enough users don't have choice with the 920 being exclusive to Rogers but now cut down interest more by only offering black. I was planning to drop Bell to get the 920 at Rogers but not for another black phone.  Now I have to source an unlocked 920 to get the color I want.

I'm lucky I'm on ATT, but my friend lives in Canada and is on Rogers and wants this phone in yellow...

db4williams says:

Jealous. This is the line up that Verizon should have. 

boldt says:

Ohh la la, that Sammy is looking sharp. Verizon Verizon Verizon, get with it.....

rocky 710 says:

lumia 920 is stunning but I would prefer cyan back will get one from the Nokia stores
I wish it'll be in India in 1st week of november

RedDawn says:

The waiting is killing me.
I cant decide between the Samsung (for a possible 96gb of space) and the 920.

Yeah that Ativ looks awesome! And expandable storage too! That seems like a true flagship phone, imo.

koffey says:

Note that the Nokia weather app says Toronto, ON.  :)  I'm hoping that the 920 exclusive in black is the downfall and other colours are available from other carriers.

TechyMexican says:

I really hope T-Mobile announces the ATIV S soon. Los Angeles hasn't been fully refarmed and getting a unlocked international device will just give me edge in most places. If the ATIV S or a Lumia 920 variant for T-Mobile don't get announced, I will have to settle with an international version. 

cdbstl76 says:

I am not a fan of HTC, but I think their phone looks sweetest. I just can't pass up all the extras onboard the Nokia 920

westwaswon says:

I'm really starting to come around to the 8x too. Plus with the 920 exclusive to ATT I want to stick it to Nokia and buy an HTC.

Question - does the 8X have curved glass like the Lumia 920, or are my eyes just playing tricks on me?

tomatoes11 says:

All three have curved glass, including the Ativ S. Although it is a lot more subtle on the Ativ S.

sinistar25 says:

Black 920 very nice, can't wait:)

tds101 says:

No pricing? ;-)

JedH says:

Man Nokia would clean up if they just offered tons of colours. When you're passing by a 920 in a kiosk or storefront, it will look like any other boring black phone. I bought a black Lumia 900 on Rogers and no one has noticed it (not that I care), my girlfriend has the magenta Lumia 800 and everyone is constantly asking what phone it is, and then they check it out. I love Nokia but they're honestly going to fail with the dumb little mistakes like carrier exclusives and a lack of colours, which, to the average user is going to be one of the first things that gets their attention. Stupid stupid stupid, I truly believe they've given up to a certain extent.

R0bR says:

You seriously belive that Nokia wouldn't sell the 920 to all carriers in all the colors it comes in? It's the providers that tell Nokia what they want so blame Rogers.

TofuDelight says:

They should make it in any color EXCEPT black. Then the carrier would have no choice but to carry a non-black phone. The real miracle is that Rogers chose a blue 8x instead if a black one.

Lundon44 says:

I'm stuck buying another variant of the 920 since I can't settle for black. Anyone know how to still keep MMS and internet sharing on Rogers with an unlocked 920? Or is it a sacrafice I'll make to make?

Terrin says:

just need to add the apn settings to the phone same with any other unlocked device

Lundon44 says:

Thought you needed 2 separate APN's for data and for MMS... At least I did on Telus which is why I lost those features on my unlocked Lumia 900. If not then great!

selfcreation says:

You do , u can get them on the Rogers website

blutroniq says:

Thankfully everyone is hammering them in the comments for lack of colour... not that I'm expecting it to result in a change in future behaviour

simplescheme says:

Does the Ativ S support LTE and if yes which bands? Anyone knows?

jfa1 says:

Rogers has the same bands for LTE as ATT

ltyarbro42 says:

LOL @ the Ativ

trickym81 says:

I really like the look at he Ativ much more than I thought I would. That said, Samsung is probably the least dedicated to WP out of these three companies, so there's about zero chance I'm getting that phone. But it looks really nice.

tomatoes11 says:

They are the most dedicated to Windows overall if that matters, which it should since the chances of WP8 succeeding might be directly tied into how well Windows 8 does.

vtective says:

The black levels on the Ativ S and 920 seem to be superior to the 8x.

WP95 says:

Freaking Canadians, so lucky.
Only if Verizon supported WP like this.

wpguy says:

The three-phone display looks good. Makes the phones stand out.

mythos13 says:

I wouldn't call offering the Lumia 920 in one boring colour strongly supporting WP. I might have swithced to them if they offered more colour choices but I would rather pay hundreds extra for an unlocked 920 then have another black phone.

tomatoes11 says:

I am hoping those two brown spots on the Lumia 920 is not indicative of some poor screen manufacturing.

sir_mycroft says:

They're drool stains.

Rockartisten says:

It's a reflection.

pbroy says:

It's jizz. That's actually my hand in the picture holding that phone. I had the phone in my pocket when I jizzed in my pants.

rubenbest says:

Dude rodgers sounds like an awesome carrier

vdubskey says:

ATIV S for AT&T where are you!?

TofuDelight says:

Does anyone know if the AT&T 920 is 100% compatible with Rogers LTE, 4G and 3G? How about the international versions?

Rogers and ATT use identical phones and support the same bands. I bought a Rogers Lumia 900, unlocked it the same day and took it to Italy where I found out 3 major carriers supported the bands it used. Only the obscure bands are omitted nowadays. Apparently the international 920 only has one band extra that the others don't.

Aldoron says:

Red 32gb :( Is that so hard to get?

nzrocketman says:

pre orders for the 16GB version has started in New Zealand.  http://www.mobicity.co.nz/samsung-ativ-s.html.  costing $889.00NZD. 

monigal2 says:

I really like Nokia, but i definitely want to try the the red HTC 8x. I like the advanced ffc 2.0. And the color is so pretty, the phone is light and cute :-)

TechAbstract says:

Cameras are not about MP. I have to wait to see video comparison of the front facing between 8X and Lumia 920 to tell which is better. The front facing camera on the Lumia 900 is the best FF camera I have seen though.

polob says:

What about Telus?

sbwright says: