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Rogers puts Nokia Lumia 1020 up for pre-order, offers free camera grip too

Nokia Lumia 1020

Those folks who are up in Canada have good reason to rejoice as Rogers has finally put the Nokia Lumia 1020 up for pre-order. Customers can now head to the Rogers website and start the process through their online reservation system (good for new lines or upgrades).

What’s more, if you pre-order by October 3rd you can nab yourself the awesome camera grip. The PD-95G from Nokia adds an extra 1000 mAh of battery power, better shutter button and a tripod mount making it the perfect accessory for dedicated-shooting days.

It was back in late August when we learned that Rogers was to get the Lumia 1020, due for release in early October. Since then, we also found out that Telus would be picking up the 41 MP camera phone too, making sure Canadians have a choice this time around.

To get your reservation for the Nokia Lumia 1020 on Rogers, head to their website now:

Source: Nokia Canada (Twitter); Thanks, Justin S., for the tip



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chezm says:

awesome deal

Josh Harman says:

Amazing that they have the audacity to call that a Nokia.

mrolympia74 says:

I dont know how much this phone costs on contract.  What if its $299?  I'm hoping itll be $199.  Theres a reservation fee of $40

RyanAMG says:

I'm sure that goes to the price of the phone.

simphf says:

They're known as Robbers for a reason.

david90531 says:

Yup, robbers is the worst, sadly have to go with them

buggyglint says:

Reservation fee
Please be advised that an immediate charge of $40.00 plus taxes  will be applied to your account for the phone reservation.
Once the phone is shipped to the store or if the reservation is cancelled a credit of $40.00  plus taxes  will be applied to your account.

pankaj981 says:

Yeeee now T-Mobile customers at least have an option, best part about Rogers Lumias are they come unbranded and the latest 920 ROM does not have the Rogers splash screen so the phone is kinda unbranded plus support pentaband, now have to wait till they start showing up on ebay after 4-5 months for cheap, currently rocking a 920 on T-Mobile from them and absolutely loving the camera

Hell yeah! I'm very seriously considering grabbing a yellow one once Negri has them. I'm good with my Rogers 920 for now, though, so I'm willing to wait until the end of the year or even next year. Really excited about this!

theefman says:

I'm grabbing one right away, 4-5 months waiting will put you smack in the middle of rumours of its successor! Plus that's too long a time to be without the 41MP goodness! :)

Mooncow27 says:

I'd love to, but need to know the cost. Soon it will be mine if $149.99 or less.

DarrenSproat says:

Come on TELUS... Where's your pre-order deal? :)

bpvu says:

That's what I'm talking about!

trickym81 says:

I need to know the price as well. If it's $199 or less, I'll switch to Rogers to get that deal and the camera grip. If it's more, I'll buy it outright and unlock it to use on my (cheaper) Fido plan.

R0bR says:

Rogers phones work on Fido, no unlock needed.

allos autos says:

As R0bR said, you don't need to unlock a Rogers phone for it to work on Fido.  However, if you do want to switch to Rogers, call up their customer retention line (same as customer service, just ask for retention) and ask for a better plan than what they advertise.  Without a fight I got an amazing deal (for a Canadian telecommunications customer).  Not sure how receptive they'd be if you technically aren't on Rogers, but it's always worth a shot.  The people in the Rogers locations don't work for Rogers but rather AML Communications, and the most help they'd give you is to list off all of the reasons why you should buy an iPhone.

MrGoodSmith says:

Sorry Rogers, you are too late. My eyes are already on the 1520.
Canada better bring that beast soon or else I will bring it myself.

apocacrux says:

Same here!
If the 1520 hadn't been leaked I'd totally grab this deal.

Same here, gonna wait for 1520 before getting rid of my 920 :)

WavingReds says:

Can't wait to get my yellow one!

You guys across the pond are being ripped off. I have just pre ordered my 1020 from phones4u here in UK, Yellow with camera grip, tripod, wireless charging cover and plate as well as a free wireless speaker all for.........£0.00.
Contract is £46 per month for unlimited calls and texts and 10gb data. That is a deal. Oh and 6 months free Netflix thrown in.

mythos13 says:

Believe me we in North America know all about how we are ripped by our carriers compared to the rest of the world and Canada is the worst.

I feel for you guys, but if the 1020 was £199.99 plus contract over here, it would still be worth it!

navidee says:

Wow. I have 3gb and pay more than that...

ElNino77 says:

Got my reservation in. Hopefully we don't have to wait much longer.

leceltique says:

What was the price?

ElNino77 says:

No price listed yet.

chucky78 says:

Please be RM-876

R0bR says:

Rogers has a ridiculous trade up to any phone anytime built into their plans. Just have to pay the remaining balance on your current phone. Some deal. They should look at T-Mobile's Jump plan to see what a real upgrade program should be.

Mooncow27 says:

I'll have to get this phone soon. Think I'll get the yellow. Ordering tomorrow. Excited. Thanks Wpcentral.

allos autos says:

Is anyone else still exceptionally happy with their 920 and have no intention of upgrading?

gerbir21 says:

I'm #32 in the system... Would've thought the number would be higher. I do hope there is an option for the 64gb version available.

allos autos says:

That may just be for your region.

Too bad Rogers is awful.