Anchorman 2 Windows Phone Game

Party with Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2 for Windows Phone

The amount of marketing that’s been done for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is ridiculous. Some future marketing classes will definitely be looking back at the amount of work that Paramount Studios has done to promote it. For example, Will Ferrell has been in character as Ron Burgundy on CNN and ESPN in the weeks leading up to the movies premiere. Now we’ve got an official Anchorman 2 game for Windows Phone.

According to Ron Burgundy, the following game is “the greatest app in the history of western civilization”. Here’s what you can do in the game:

  • Tons of brand new lines from Ron Burgundy, voiced by Will Ferrell
  • Simple swipe-to-toss gameplay, easy and fun for everyone
  • 4 different locations: The News Teams' new NYC apartment, Ron's shag-tastic RV, the 24 hour newsroom, and Tino’s Jazz Bar
  • Play in real life!  Print out a copy of the Table Top Rules with a nearly life-size portrait of Ron to accompany your games with actual ice!

Anchorman 2 Windows Phone

The game has been loaded up on our Lumia 1020 and performs well. It’s nothing innovative, but it’s pretty fun to hang out with Ron Burgundy on our Windows Phone.

The movie comes out today. Anyone seeing it?

Want the game for your Windows Phone 8 device? Download clocks in at 41 MB. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store for $0.99. 

Via: Windows Phone Blog

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walter1832 says:

Is this Wilt Chamberlain?

Jas00555 says:

No, It's Tits McGee.

ricbon says:


Sam Sabri says:


PeterFnet says:

Go fuck yourselves, San Diego.

Edit: thanks Jay. Apparently I need to brush up. Anyone seen the 2nd movie? How is it?

walter1832 says:

I am Ron Burgundy?

PeterFnet says:

You ARE Ron Burgundy.

Jay Bennett says:

You mean: Go Fuck yourselves San Diego

PeterFnet says:

Oh darn. Yup! Thanks Jay

jgservices says:

San Diegons. Diegoins?

Banstyle says:

A whale's vagina

tk-093 says:

I saw it opening night.  It was funny as hell.

PeterFnet says:

Good to know. Thanks!

iamoniwaban says:

Can't wait to play

Rick Smits says:

80% percent of the time it works all the time.

walter1832 says:

You've got a dirty whorish mouth.  :P

jsnod25 says:

Smells like big foots dick!

xyronaut says:

No, it smells like a diaper filled with indian foods

salsahil says:

Noooooooo! I want this SO badly! Freakin' 1 GB RAM restrictions!

S_C_B says:

I should probably watch Anchorman.

PeterFnet says:

So this is marketing I have to pay for?

simphf says:

This is what I'm saying.

K_lando says:

As much as I love Anchorman, I feel your feel. Its a promotional tool, it should be free.

and I'm no cheapskate, this coming from a person who paid for Halo, Mass Effect, PvZ and Shogun.

Cory Kincaid says:

Agreed, never going to pay for marketing.

pottyvick says:

Yeah, i dont agree with having to pay for marketing... would get it otherwise... BTW: The movie came out wednesday :-)

coip says:

I'm surprised they are charging for it. You are right: the amount of marketing behind this movie is incredible. Ron Burgundy is doing clips everywhere. He's also been on IGN and on Xbox Video.

poddie says:

It's funny, this write-up not only doesn't include the name of the game, but doesn't even say what is in the game. Easy to find out from the link, of course...

raccoon210 says:

Anchorman 2 was terrible

tk-093 says:

It was great.

walter1832 says:

I love this app, appy, app, app. Here it goes downloaded, downloaded to my phone.

sicnus says:

The staff at WPCentral could learn a lot about the news business from Ron Burgundy, clearly...

xyronaut says:

Totally, channel 4 news team rocks! Where did wpc guys get their clothes anyway, at the toilet store?

tendoboy1984 says:

Will Ferrel is the new Jim Carrey. Anchorman 2 was amazing.