Which app will you send to Hollywood?

Round 4 voting for the Next App Star competition has opened

Happy Easter weekend everyone, fancy winning a free Lumia 920? Of course you do! Which is why you should be following Microsoft's Next App Star competition, where every vote gives you a chance to win one of Nokia's flagship devices. What you may not have realised is that you can vote once every round, so with round 4 voting starting up today you can head over to Facebook and vote for your favourite app in the quarter finals.

With round 4 the prizes for developers get big. The apps that win this round will all be featured on Microsoft's channel 9 show, and the 2 that win the next round will have their developers sent to Microsoft's developer conference with hotel and flights paid for (huge prize!). Round 4 is the quarter finals of this competition for which the end is very much in site, and you can find a full listing of the apps which have made it this far after the break.

We're proud to say that the official WPCentral app is one of the quarter finalists, but our competition this time around is ProShot, a lens app we absolutely love and expect will be the one to knock us out of the running. Of course we would love it if you'd consider Windows Phone Central for your vote, and to those of you that have voted for us so far, thank you so much. We really didn't think we'd get to the quarter finals and it's an honour to be mentioned in the same breath as the other quarter finalists.

If you missed the link above, you can vote right here via Facebook. The contest is decided entirely by public votes, you choose which developers have the chance to go to San Francisco this year, and which will be featured on Channel 9.

ConnectMe vs Amazing Weather HD

ConnectMe vs Amazing Weather

Lomogram vs Wikipedia

Lomogram vs Wikipedia

ProShot vs WPCentral

ProShot vs WPCentral

VoiceTranslator vs Emergency Kit

Voicetranslator vs Emergency Toolkit



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Muessig says:

Go WPCentral!

Sarang68 says:

Sorry for not picking but did you mean in sight?

..sorry for nit picking, but did you mean nit picking?

CJ Thunder says:

Knitting a sweater?

Ron Gramann says:

No, picking a nit, silly

Thanks Jay, just downloaded 4 of the apps I didn't have. Go WPCentral!

shahidw says:

Just voted for you mate!! All the best!
ProShot currently ahead. We need votes!!

eizsoft says:

Don't forget to VOTE for AMAZING WEATHER also :) We would love to go to the semi finals.

though I'm a pretty avid weather flow loyalist, major props due for all that you've done with amazing weather! definitely getting my vote.

also, strong competition is always a good thing in my book and I'd like to think amazing weather has made weather flow a better product and likewise in the reverse. keep up the, amazing, work!

Just recently downloaded it, and LOVE it! Live tile is the best! You got my vote!

aaa6112 says:

Voted for Jay and eizsoft!

Please, add Brazilian Portuguese language support for Amazing Weather! I voted for you guys. :P

The final round will be Rudy versus Jay... I will cant decide wich one vote!! :(

frenzydude says:

Voted for amazing weather and wpcentral. Don't care about the rest.

Proshot is currently winning over WPCentral? that is not right, we all have to get over there and start voting correctly :D

Jay Bennett says:

Nah Proshot is a brilliant app, very nice interface and some wicked camera controls, if we go out to them I won't be surprised at all :)

WHAT IS THAT ATTITUDE?? We got this Jay, we just need to push harder.

Jay Bennett says:

Ha, I love the energy there Kem but I acknowledge the talent in my competition :)

Jnbs says:

Nooo!! Just unacceptable.. WPcentral MUST win and get featured in T.V :D

aaa6112 says:


WNxAshik says:

Damn, the other ones winning.

Reflexx says:

WPCentral all the way!

In my opinion, the best ap you competed against was Armed!

Rauliulian says:

If these are the top apps on windows phone then I am sad. Only 1 or 2 have the right to be in this top. I dont see a bright future for wp if microsoft does not start pumping money and get the best devs for wp, just like they did with xbox.

Jay Bennett says:

The competition was for any dev to sign up for, but I'd bet that many of the bigger development companies didn't sign up, there were a total of 9000 apps which entered out of the 140,000 in the store

irvin792 says:

Vote wpcentral!!!!!

tedfordz says:

Happen to like that wiki app too. Good luck!

larspassic says:

I haven't been able to vote during all four rounds... On my phone or the Facebook page. :(

Jay Bennett says:

Try switching your phone's internet explorer to desktop mode :)

Etios says:

Open your laptop or desktop and vote, it may take  1-2 minutes to load but we are able to vote.
WPcentral is losing, so you need to vote, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/windowsphone?sk=app_289569661171794

ihavewp8 says:

Remote desktop better. Who wants another weather app when there are so many already

aaa6112 says:

Apparently, all the people voting for it.

Wow... how am I supposed to choose between Connect Me and Amazing Weather. I bought both AGES AGO. I love them both, and I use them both daily.
Of course, when one of them comes up against WPCentral, that's gonna be a really hard choice too...

Etios says:

Voted for WPcentral but Proshot is still leading, vote guys vote, show your support for wpcentral.

Shouldn't have to pay for a remote desktop app. WP8 should have one just as WM 6.5 did.

Jnbs says:

Ohh c'mon that app is just simply amazing!!

The Americans just woke up. Now most of the votes will come Jay.

AskaLangly says:

As of this time, 3 of the 4 apps I picked aren't winning... No Amazing Weather, no Emergency Kit, no WPC! D:

inferno434 says:

One more vote for WPCentral!

AskaLangly says:

WPC vs Wiki... That would be so cutthroat...

Jay, make another post about this. You need to win!!

DavidinCT says:

Voted for WPcentral and Amazing weather HD....

Guys lets spread the word and lets get people to vote for WP central. This app deserves to win. Do this small part for the community and the site that gets us such amazing news.

AtefShehata says:

Hello, I'm Atef Shehata the developer of ConnectMe. Really I'm a big fan of WPCentral app. I use it every day and I have voted for it in all rounds. I wish all the best for Jay and WPCentral. For my app ConnectMe, really I didn't think that ConnectMe will advance to that round, BUT when I think about the seven months of hard work I have spent to develop it, I say YES, it deserves ;)
I have a great honor to compete with all these brilliant developers. Good luck for all apps.

Whodaboss says:

Done! My vote's in! As they say in the movie "Taken" - Good Luck!

mrnavkhan says:

My vote for wpcentar

Marco Enxuto says:

Jay, good luck. At the moment wpcentral is not winning. :( sad.

You've had my vote in all the rounds Jay. Best of luck - great app. Admire your impartiality too!