Rowi developers launch Start screen sharing site MyTil.es

Here’s a fun little experiment from Hidden Pineapple, the minds behind Windows Phone and Windows 8 Twitter client Rowi. It’s called mytil.es and is simply a place to share your Windows Phone 8 home screens.The site allows you to:

  • See the latest screenshots posted
  • Sign in with Facebook or Twitter and upload your own
  • E-mail your screenshots to a specific e-mail address to upload them
  • View details about each screenshot
  • Download the full size screenshot
  • Facebook Like or Tweet a screenshot

They are doing a soft launch and just seeing if there is any interest for projects like this. Be sure to report any bugs and leave feedback for the team. For me personally, it's fun to see little projects like this for the Windows Phone community. I'm looking forward to seeing how other people organize their start screen. So, what apps occupy your home screen "above the fold"? Share them in the comments below!

Bonus Tip: Don't know how to do a screenshot in Windows Phone 8? Just press Power and the Windows key at the same time. Then head to your Photo Hub and look under Screenshots. That's it!



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sdreamer says:

Neat idea. Wonder if WP7.8 will have screen shot natively, that would nice for us to join too without having to dev unlock.

CheesyJif says:

100000000000x yes!
There is no reason that this would not be able to be in WP 7.8! Its not even hardware dependent (it is, but you do not need something more powerful to take a screenshot...)

schlubadub says:

It's true - the app switcher already takes screenshots (not saved) when you switch to another task. Try tilting your phone when you press the home screen and you can get a diagonal screenshot ;)

Sam Sabri says:

You might see your upload image appear twice or so, it's just a fluke and the developers said a fix will be here shortly. 

tehkei says:

lol mine showed up 3 times

philpeeps says:

Needs a nice, easy way to scroll through the individual images with next and previous buttons.

I love the new Start screen on my HTC Titan <3

How u make the background green?

Custom ROM. Doesn't really work that well, but it gives it a more unique look.

ArtDB says:

Cool site. Does anyone know what app/setting allows some of the posters to use labels (e.g. Games, News) to section off their home screen?

jsayz says:

Groupy or New Group* I use both

Cool the image for the story shows my screen shot right in the center

JotaKa says:

I wonder who reviews the screenshots to filter out the jubblies, beavers, and peckers that are inevitably going to be submitted to mytil.es...

Sam Sabri says:

In the about section they mention for people to not be dicks and use common sense. It's a fun tool for the community to show off how they've organized their Start screen. Hopefully we won't be seeing any peckers. 

joshingyou says:

Very cool!! A native app will be fun too since I want full screen pictures :)

DenniSundaY says:

Won't upload mine...

1jaxstate1 says:

A lot of them look horribly cluttered! Groupy should see a spike in downloads. Nice site though.

IamNabil says:

I wish I could send my ENTIRE home screen. The whole thing is way more interesting than just the first page.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, that would be cool!! I'm going to get to work on that over on the WindowsPhone Blog. Great idea.

IamNabil says:

What do you mean?

cgold1 says:

Doesn't seem to work with the emails

rodneyej says:

This site just further proves that the WP8 start screen is the most customizable of any platform.. Period!

devize says:

Android is more customizable. There are way more unique things you can do with an Android homescreen, from widgets to themed icons etc. In the end, WP8 is just a bunch of coloured tiles, there's nothing all that unique between each start screen. 

Not that I don't like that, because I much prefer the WP8 start screen compared to Android's often cluttered and ugly home screen. But in terms of customizability, Android always wins, hands down. 

cgold1 says:

Would like to thank the Chicagoan going to a hurricane sandy relief drive.

Props from Brooklyn

ricardios says:

Awesome. Just uploaded mine and made it my Facebook pic

raxnw says:

Will 7.8 include the option to take a screen capture?

mythos13 says:

I really wish someone would make a utility that would allow changing the colour of an individual tile--then we could get creative. WP is starting to look bland with all the devs just choosing the theme colour instead of nice custom icons.

Calvin Qian says:

This is EXACTLY what I needed! It is so time-consuming to get the Start screen perfectly geared towards you, and I think this will help beginners get some inspiration for creating their own. I just hope the devs can find ways to make the site last more than a couple days or weeks.

awsman says:

Some of the screens over there are just horrible.  If I wanted a phone full of small tiles I'd go with an iPhone.  There's one REALLY good one that's basically using 3 columns though, a girl split into 3 pics in the left column, empty middle column and some tiles on the right column.  White background.  Girl is blonde wearing red.  Best one I've seen yet.

Andre Wilms says:

Thank you. That's my lumia 920 homescreen.
I love this minimalist style <3

wpguy says:

Did Nest functionality ever happen? I temporarily switched to Carbon, until that crew blew us off.