Rudy Huyn's 6Studio dreams are put on hold due to legal entanglement


Rudy Huyn, the resident Windows Phone developer who taps into the app market and releases content to fill gaps where official apps have yet to be released, has encountered a slight issue regarding the legality of his new company – 6Studio. Huyn has published a photo of legal documentation he recently received regarding a company filing a complaint against the branding of his company.

Rudy Huyn

Beats Audio has kicked off a registration petition against Huyn, noting that the branding 6Studio is too similar to its own Beats Studio, which could cause confusion for consumers between Windows Phone apps under Huyn's name and its own branded accessories. It's unsure what factors the company has taken into account, be it similar logos or the actual wording.

This isn't the first time we've seen companies file complaints over controversial "trademarking".

Source: Rudy Huyn



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Dare2Blink says:

Similar if you are drunk or high maybe...

Who is Rudy Huwy ? Never heard about him.
Anyway this is the law, right ?

panesar7 says:

You must be new to the WP8 environment. Everyone knows Rudy in the WP8 circle.

tallgeese says:

You could be stoned...really...ok, virtually for not knowing who he is.

Welcome to WP community!

Rudy? In short, he is WP ecosystem's backbone.

Rishicash says:

We are all Rudy.

Really ? He's one of the (? Most ?) best known dev here, develops third party apps for services not on windows phone yet, like snapchat.

Life Artist says:

He's the top notch developer who created apps that were either missing from the WP store or missing in functionality. Many of his app are highly rated and in some cases more feature rich than the official apps themselves. Some of his apps... 6tag/Instagram, 6snap/Snapchat, 6sec/Vine and etc.. 

Life Artist says:

If he reads this... implement the share functionality into his apps for video! (*WP 8.1)

xeonfire says:

You use a WP? And who are you talking about? If you were talking about Rudy, at least have the courtesy to spell his name right..

He's our WP's superhero!

Anyway, Beats Audio thinks that people might find it confusing, are they stupid or what? Do they think that we are not able to tell the difference...some of these companies' legal/marketing people got too much time on their hands...

asoyemi says:

Danilo Bortolato says: "Who is Rudy Huwy ? Never heard about him. Anyway this is the law, right ?"

1) Rudy is the man when it comes to bringing the goods to WP arena with polished touch when the original apps developer(s) opt to dish WP.

So, simply put, Rudy is the .......... "could someone help with the word I am looking for here prety please "

2) What do you mean by "this is the law, right?" I want to make sure you are not read wrongly thus wrong answers.

The articles did not state that Rudy violated any law, it simply states that another company is challenging Rudy's use of 6Studio as a company name because the challenging company with totally different business believes 6Studio is too similar in name to "Beats Studio" and that it could cause potential customers who are in the market for audio accessaries that Beats Studio sells to accidentally go buy windows phone apps because of his claim of too similar business names.

(huh.. who knew, I wany head phone, I end up buying instagram app because the company names are just too close to call)

Now, tip for you and this one is free.: If you ever go to Windows Phone Store, search using 6 and most of the apps that get listed are Rudy's awesome works.

stui83 says:

Troll hard score = 9. Pretty crap bortolato

alexxinozgz says:

omg .... these people....


lpforthewin says:

It's due to similarities between the b in beats studio (b studio) and 6 studio
It looks more similar then

hopmedic says:

No, if you read Rudy's tweets, it is just the word studio.

norville2 says:

Good time to stop buying Beats.

Good time to down vote their shitty application....

mister2d says:

I'm going to cancel my Beats Audio subscription and rate it down now that I hear this nonsense.


immyperez says:

It was never a good time to buy beats in imo. The sound is so muddy. I've used £30 headphones that produced more accurate frequencies and tones.

yocktan says:

Yeah, my $ 50 Behringer is far more better than those junk produced by Beats. We should bring people to enlightment.

immyperez says:

Although I don't wanna be a hypocrite as I do own a pair of Nokia Monster Purity Pros, lol...but no joke...the sound is awesome!!!

That is because Beats are only worth about that. A $300 pair of beats is marked up from the $150 some odd dollar wholesale and then probably $100 from Beats themselves.
That is why they (Beats and Retailers) push so hard to sell them. They are pure profit machines.

tkdmacgeek says:

They're shit headphones!

immyperez says:

The purity pros aren't that bad, lol. I wouldn't use them for sound production or mixing (my sennheiser's at half the price are better for that because of the flatter frequency response) but the purity pros offer good sound for general listening. I would even go as far to say they are almost as good as my KRK6s (monitor speakers) as far as clarity and all around eargasms. Not to mention the fact that they are wireless, last 24 hours on battery, don't blow your ears apart due to the excellent noise cancellation resulting in safer listening, they work in unison with windows phone for all the voice recognition etc and they are so comfortable and lightweight that I can wear them for hours without discomfort. And they look amazing in yellow!!!

tkdmacgeek says:

Dr Dre needs to go beat off

Technically 50% was sold to HTC. Not sure if it was worth it since HTC has remain pretty much stagnant

nthkmf says:

It seems they have brought back there share holder from HTC recently.

HarkAtYou says:

Why not just call his company 6apps. Or is he worried that it sounds like saps? :D

Sap - A covered tunnel dug to a point near or within an enemy position. (somewhat like creating apps that give access to someone else's services :D

tallgeese says:

No, 6Studio is what it should be called b/c that's what Rudy decided. This legal filing by Beats Audio is a joke!

Agree. They're just afraid their own app may be lower rated because of Rudy's superior app...

John20212 says:

That will now happen for sure, since Beats just pissed off the core WP community.


tkdmacgeek says:

Fried chicken eating mofos.

borasar says:

is it cause we forgot about Dre?

You win! I award you with the interwebz ;)

SumairB says:

Amazing comment :D

teoami says:

Which is what people have to be to actually buy anything from Beats Audio...

John20212 says:

^^this; good way for Beats to lose WP customers.


machina says:

Since when the word "Studio" is proprietary?!

Is Beats learning from Apple? or are they really bored?

This is ridiculous.

Tiemen_S says:

This is so far fetched, only gives Beats Audio a bad name really..

Among wp users.. Others wont care. Sadly, Rudy is being harassed for no reason.

Rishicash says:

There are a number of Beats attorneys who would disagree with you. They have expensive lifestyles to maintain 'ya know!

Wael Hasno says:

Rudy may be a legend to us but outside WP borders not many will or notice.

Did they ever have a good name? Their headphones suck and the subscription services are overpriced for what they offer.

CommonBlob says:

Only to people who know what they are talking about. The masses are drones

Xsled says:

I think this is an asinine move by them, but...their streaming product is a great price/value. As well, their hardware sounds great, just overpriced.

neo158 says:

Can't comment on the streaming product as it's not available in the UK, thank god. Correction, their hardware sounds good .... if all you listen to is Rap!!!

FeedTheShark says:

Exactly. Nobody would confuse Rudy's great apps for their overpriced, celebrity endorsed junk.

tallgeese says:

That's what pop cultural celebrity endorsements will get you.

yocktan says:

Let's bring people to enlightment: Do not buy Beats product. Beats headphones are junk. My $ 50 BEHRINGER is PERFECT for average user and "not bad" for audio geeks. Bing it.

toyotast165 says:

I don't know, I still prefer my Sennheiser's

yocktan says:

Yeah. I love Sennheiser too. We got many wide spectrum headphones priced <$100. I just can't understand why Beats sued Rudy's nano-company.

If you want a truly great sound, buy studio monitors. Don't buy Beats

pinkymoshy says:

Film on tv app please

Does the title of the thread say"Please place suggestions for apps here"? Well, does it?!

Similar if you're an idiot

I think its BC of this... 6studio & bstudio. Not saying that they have a case but they do have money.

ymcpa says:

Their not in the same markets. Their would be zero chance of confusion because Rudy doesn't sell headphones and beats doesn't really make apps. They make a subscription beats music service, but there is still zero chance that anyone would be confused with beats studio and 6 studio. Frankly, most people don't really know which companies make their apps.

That's a shame. Rudy is supplying to an audience, demand is there - if these companies are so bothered, well surely this will only be a problem if beats I'd bringing something to wp8 and soon. Otherwise..?

Zamir Yusof says:

That's understandable if Rudy creates an app that provide audio enhancement, but in this case it will be the name of his newly set up company =..=

That's not how all companies think. Remember Microsoft's SkyDrive and Sky TV? SkyDrive was providing a product that is in no way related to what Sky TV provides, but still caused an issue because they were 'Sky'

Zamir Yusof says:

Sky Drive and Sky TV sounds like coming from 1 company but what about Beats Studio and 6Studio can be related? There are several other companies out there that can have more relatable names such as Bird Studio, Bees Studio just to name a few. I can't believe how stupid this case is.

Actually, they must've meant that the 'b' of beat studio logo, it would look like 6 in many ways :-P

Zamir Yusof says:

But he said due to name is too similar, not because of the logo. If the logo is infringing the right then it will be stated there in the first place instead of the name. Stupid right? 

j_the_geek says:

I think in the past (might still be going, not sure) BSKyB (or Sky) had a 'cloud' storage service which, technically, would work similar to Sky(One)Drive.

Until SkyDrive had to change name, I'd never heard of this servie they offer (or seen it advertised) and I've been with Sky for 17 years.

ymcpa says:

Microsoft would have won if they went to court. They weren't in the same business and you can't copyright a generic term like Sky. I think microsoft just want to deal with the legal hassle and they really didn't spend a lot of money advertising the skydrive brand. So, they decided it is just easier and cheaper to rebrand it.

+920. And I think Sky did them a favour, OneDrive fits nicely in with One Microsoft...

This on the other hand is compeletely bull$hit. Who is Beat Studio?

What about (Bing results) www.studio.com, Southpark Studios, Facebook-studio, the3dstudio, 24studio.co.uk, ... Are they going to sue them all? I would think that the amount of companies already using the word studio at the end of their company name shows, that there is no case?

This sueing-people-for-using-english-words is getting a bit out of hand.

karelj says:

What on earth are you talking about?

MetaG85 says:

Just leave em to himself, he just needed to get that out.

atherosxd says:

haha they are just retarted. 

tkdmacgeek says:


You spelt "R-E-T-A-R-T-E-D" wrong dude.

dalydose says:

He actually spelled it right, but the use of the word is sketchy.

borasar says:

what's that? is it when you were a tart and then you got redone into another tart?

fkiehner says:

So call it 7beets! Lol (dumb asses). Guess Beats board is bored!

Yeah.. Not bothering to make a proper official app, but can bother to bother nice devs who bother to bother themselves and to make apps so that people don't get bothered by missing apps from companies which didn't bother to make an official app.
Hell, who can understand this comment ? :))

+720, and bonus points for Beats Audio app not being available in Chile.

varunpatrick says:

They dont have the time to sit and work on worthwhile official apps themselves but they got all the time in the world for such nonsense. When it comes to bringing down somebody.. These guys are first in line. Morons.

scdkad says:

Do they have evidence of market confusion?

terrokkinit says:

If not, he's set. Can we start a donation fund to help him fight it?

bahamut443 says:

Beats audio sucks. This just makes those fucktards suck even more.

matt john2 says:

Haha, fuck beats, fuck their crappy fake( sound quality) headphones. Get Sennheiser instead

Ma1dere says:

This is retarded. They probably took their lessons from ZeniMax (Elder Scrolls = Scrolls)

Bigsro says:

So 6Studio is similar to Beats Studio? How the hell are consumers going to be confused by that? What is wrong with these companies...

mpt15 says:

Its not similar. Heck I didn't even know Beats Studio existed. I've heard of Beats Audio, but not Studio.

fpostrow says:

I think they may have a point. Like many here I can't figure out wtf beats is talking about. Ergo I'm as confused as everyone else, we are all confused hence proving their point. But what beats misconstrues is that consumer confusion is related to their products being crap, not Rudy's co.

ade333 says:

This is the problem:

borasar says:

yes, for people that actually confuse numbers with letters

MetaG85 says:

Way to insult the intelligence of their very own target market.

ymcpa says:

not really a problem since they are not the same business. If he was putting red 6s on headphones, I would understand their issue with it. 6Studio will be making apps with the 6 in front of the name. Will beats be making a bunch of apps with a b in front of the name?

borasar says:

bbeats, it'll be a special birthday edition haha

spinzeroWL says:

Beats Studio should probably file a lawsuit against Microsoft Studios and Dreamworks Studios for that matter...
Oh no, they are a bit too big to take on. Best take on the little guy instead
The whole Beats company is a huge steaming turd. Overpriced headphones and a pretty rubbish music streaming service. I hope they fail.

abdhoms says:

and Visual Studio too.

Akash Patel says:

I read his tweet he told the only word with which beats has problem is "studio" they guys really suck!!
You can find his tweet here.

MacDaMachine says:

I think its just because the 'b' in the beats logo and nothing else. This will only be a problem when WP blows up and if Rudy is still making apps.

Yeah 'b' can be the reason. Didn't notice it till now. Rich you can add it to the article.

Thamuz says:

Except that Rudy has said (and it is noted in the picture he posted) that their issue is with the word 'studio'...

Zamir Yusof says:

But he said due to name is too similar, not because of the logo. If the logo is infringing the right then it will be stated there in the first place instead of the name.

Bryan Suazo says:

I smell fear, way to go Rudy... smash them!!

Mark Richey says:

This is out of hand,

wpgeek820 says:

Guys check this video out to see how Beats Audio fools people.


makarand14 says:

great one. this would make me choose a non-beats product.

i like to tune my own EQ


Go Rudy!

gajomau says:

I think it's similar because the logo on beats it's a small "b" and the similarities between "b" and "6"...
Still it's very farfetched.. :/

Wtf? Confusion ? Is Beats Studio serriously out of their mind ? Companies have so much money to waste these days that they spend it on filing petetions for stupid things.

buster471 says:

We should run a campain against them on twitter @BeatsSupport

Sahil Kutty says:

Beats audio has gone full retard. One should never go full retard.

Sagar187 says:

While, the name does not sound similar to beats studio, the "b" in the beats logo looks very similar to 6. So, there is a small room for confusion. That might be the basis for the legal notice.

crise says:

Except beats studio never advertizes as b studios, they always go with the full word beats.

This Is ridiculous

paulheu says:

They can't make proper sounding headpones, their music service is failing hard and so I guess what's left is being a troll then.. the idiots..

PureView says:

They're actually one of the most profitable headphones company in the world. But carry on with your Rudy circlejerk

MetaG85 says:

This is only because they are trendy at the moment, their products are not that great or near the level of their asking prices.
Rudy on the other hand provides 3rd party apps that are often times known for blowing away apps provided by their official company developers if provided at all.
So Yes we will continue to support Rudy as he is actually doing something useful in proving what can be done on WP and helping grow and mature the WP ecosystem.

MDMcAtee says:

Only because people are idiots,and have no clue as to what the audio is supposed to sound like to begin with.

yocktan says:

Profitable? Oh.. Only stupid people buy Beats headphones. We should bring people to enlightment. My $ 50 BEHRINGER is PERFECT for average user, "not bad" for audio geeks.

Darkgift says:

Yeah, but that's just because of marketing. The headphones are, in actuality, over priced garbage. There are plenty of headphones that blow Beats out of the water, and aren't as recognized by the consumer market. And less expensive, too. That's what happens when the market is filled with droned sheep, great marketing, and celebrity representation.

matt john2 says:

@ PureView, you are a fucking retarded moron who doesn't know about sound quality or you don't know about headphones at all. Do some research before commenting that beats are most profitable and by the way... FUCK YOU

paulheu says:

Beats headsets are at best lower-middle class quality products which are way overpriced for the quality they offer. You buy into the brand and 'cool' factor but basically deprive yourself of any real audio quality.


My background is being a sound engineer for 30+ years, what's yours?

matt john2 says:

yeah exactly but it still doesn't deserve to be called BEST.

Ronnet says:

In what language does 'beats' sound like 'six'? Why do companies insist on being hated by the public?

srwal says:

Warning : "Playing audio too loud for extended periods can result in hairing loss".


bromoid says:

Complete morons.

ratsttam says:

I would never have contributed my male pattern baldness to loud music. Suddenly I regret having used old Koss Pro headsets when I was younger, and having a system in my car metered at 143.2db by iasca.

Antistatic says:

Seriously Beats Audio? Seriously.....?
What a stupid company you are!

Yeah because the word studio is copyrighted by these idiots. I cant find how both of them are similar.

aerosidinc says:

One day new companies will have no name to name their nameless company. These people(registrar) are shortsighted lol

textomatic says:

I will vote on this matter with my wallet.  Nothing Beats for me, thank you.  Freakin rediculous.

MetaG85 says:

Been on that boat, never purchased anything beats and never will.

ZvjerOPC says:

What I don't like, as a Windows phone user, is that now Rudy will spend time on legal stuff while he could instead work on the apps we use!

mrshots says:

Never heard of beats studio. Wtf if they want to dispute on windows phone they need to make a wp app, wtf is their problem...

Personally I would never be inclined, as a consumer, to confuse the two brands. One is a creator of high quality apps for Windows Phone, the other makes shitty, overpriced headphones that only partially deaf teenagers buy.

hopmedic says:

Beats must have a pretty low opinion of its customer base, too

MetaG85 says:

Exactly!!! They don't think anything of their target market, that comes through crystal clear with this dispute.

NHUK says:

but seeing those trendy low trouser slung music aficionados wearing their brightly coloured and tremendously overpriced logo-earmuffs is how you know they're so jolly clever about music and quality and stuff

TechFreak1 says:

I read the documentation, it appears that they are "concerned" over the use of "studio" in his company name and trademark filing. If that is the case what about Microsoft Studios?? are these lawyers on crack or something?! Lol. http://wmpoweruser.com/beats-electronics-block-rudy-huyns-6studio-tradem...

SAM 77 says:

Yay to all the suckers that bought  beats audio.





SwimSwim says:

Um, ok? I don't see how people will get these confused... But for Rudy, I feel it'd be easier to just find new name and ignore it.

Don't waste your precious time fighting these guys, just change the name to 6jam or 6mix or something. But good that you highlight these issues to us so we know to boycott asshole companies like these

hopmedic says:

This is what happens when big companies like Microsoft roll so easy on names like Metro and SkyDrive. I guess next I'll have to install an update changing the name of Visual Studio.

Idiosyncrasy says:

Microsoft Visual Editor and Development Toolkit for Developers 2013 Service Pack 2 Release Candidate 2?

hopmedic says:

Truly that would surprise no one.

NHUK says:

Dammit, I was about to register my budget wireless headset distribution company specifically for people called Peter:

'Pete's BlueDio',

but I can see now how that could also cause confusion....

swizzlerz says:

Beats suck. Lumia line is beter

PureView says:

Dude, don't go full retard.

aerosidinc says:

Lol I prefer starbuks. Haha.

plasmid_uk says:

Similar how? Only noobs buy beats headphones with their stupidly high bass and trebles. Whatever happened to full spectrum audio?

MetaG85 says:

It remains with serious audiophile companies like Sure, Sennheiser, Bose and so on. Beats is just a trend that will soon pass.

zigzagr63 says:

Sounds pretty damn petty to me. Other than the word studio they are completely different.

xrm209 says:

Leave The ultimate wp8 dev alone. They're just haters.

They crazy if they think beats studio and 6studio are similar. Beats need to kill themselves and make a better product

rajantiwari says:

MTV Coke Studio sounds like Beats Studio, why not create fuss about that ...... Just because Rudy is a small WP Developer , you cannot harass him without any reason.

They need to patent the word studio if they want to have an argument

hopmedic says:

I'm sure you meant trademark.

Rednedo7 says:

Is it just me or is a very dangerous precedent being set here. Words are being hijacked and if anybody uses them they end up being sued sky tv using " sky" bethesda suing over the word "Scroll" now this where does it stop?. Just wondering....

Albert Sharp says:

Ok, it is kinda strange, but I gotta say it, what is this guys fascination with the number 6. I mean it seems a little satanic to me. I'm just sayin. Am I the only one here that thinks that's kinda out there. All these sixes, 6this & 6that & 6studios & 6snap. 666?

MetaG85 says:

Please stop. Seriously -_-

Darkgift says:


_Emi_ says:

666 is the number of the beast, and nobody knows what beast... only people... satanic and christian gave it to satan.... so they started saying "oh look I'm satanic 666" and others "oh look he is satanic with 666".
but some people have found that making mathematics with latin language... it gives Pope or VICARIUS FILII DEI a number of 666 same as "LATINUS REX SACERDOS. so is pope satanic for you too?

so yes, only you and few people think about satanic and 666, I mean... how a number can be satanic? it's like thinking number 13 is bad luck... or 7 good luck. they are just numbers, a number wont make you go satanic and make some monster with horns appear in front of you.
it's like the same crap about "the mayan end of the world date" it was just people assuming stuff, and some really thought it was real... like if Mayan knew crap, they did of course, but I'm sure they won't know when the world will end.

stop believing in numbers and be happy, 666 is not satanic, only some humans made that number satanic. I'm sure if Satan wanted a name, he would take them all, so you would be satanic with any number.

When will Visual Studio sue Beats Studio? /sarcasm

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jailman says:

Well he can call it 6Lab or 6works or something

David P2 says:

I might recommend against 6works.... for it could be misconstrued by the PC* Happy Brigade as something totally different.


*Politically Correct

MetaG85 says:

This is classic big guy bullying the little guy.
This reveals how small beats really is.

_Emi_ says:

or maybe 6studios as he wanted... this company studio beats doesnt sound and has nothing to complain about... many companies use "studio" so... I think Rudy should name his company whatever he wants as long as it's an original name, as it is...

Stokesperc1 says:

I call bullshit

wulf Alpha says:

Don't worry people. Somewhere there is an alternate reality in which Rudy is suing beats studio for criminal stupidity... No but really this is kinda dumb. Way to go beats for pouring sulfuric acid on my newly regenerated faith in humanity....

David P2 says:

Also.. if I could sue certain people I know for criminal stupidity, I would be rich lol

wulf Alpha says:

True that bro true that

borasar says:

Time for MS to lend its army of lawyers to Rudy, he has done a lot of great things for WP. Beats has a history of questionable dealings and ripping people off, a horrible company

wulf Alpha says:

Scary thought... An army of lawyers....

hopmedic says:

Yeah... Armies of lawyers is why we have this problem.

What how are they similar what moron would think they are the same

jamrock60 says:

Rudy case is winnable. Other company like universal studio, studio one, ETC didn't objects to beats filing
For their name. This just a shot to scare him away. Their objection will mot stand in a challenge.

thettk says:

As someone who is in the process of trademarking a name this is a normal part of the process i.e. once you file for one other companies are given an opportunity to file objections. The onus is now on Rudy to prove that their claim is bogus which it probably is. Most of the time companies just throw this out to intimidate the competition, kinda like a fishing expedition. So once I am done with mine I can pretty much file complaints against anyone who uses a "similar" name, although I will not do it just because I can. Hopefully Rudy files his objection soon and gets the name he wants.

Meltdown0 says:

Can we start a legal defence fund for Rudy and all other small WP developers who are going to be sued by large companies because they use the word "the" in thier app name?  This isn't even an app name!

bullmoose20 says:

This has to be a joke. Really!?!?!?!?

If they get away with this one I'm starting a campaign against corruption in the patent office. Besides, if ever your tempted by a $250 set of beats, compare em to a $70 set of sennhiesers or other "quality" phones. Honestly the beats sound like something out of a Christmas cracker in comparison. (own a set of beyers myself, this is no fan boy comment)

hopmedic says:

Though there are plenty of problems with patents, this it's a trademark dispute.

Zeroplanetz says:

I use UE anyways. Beats are blah.

Dean Lewis says:

Would love to hear my New Zealand friends say 6Studio ;)

David P2 says:

It's just like King trying to copyright the word "saga".  I think they u-turned on that after the flood of aptly named apps named just to extract a certain bodily fluid from them.  Maybe the same thing would work in this case?