Tinder Rudy Huyn

Rudy Huyn teases his Tinder app for Windows Phone

Rudy Huyn is known around these parts for his work putting out high quality apps in the Windows Phone Store. He has a mix of both original, official and unofficial apps published under his name. His Wikipedia app was so good it received the blessing of the Wikimedia Foundation. TVShow and Fuse are some of his more original work. He really gained the support of the community for his efforts on making unofficial apps for Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. Now he’s tackling another unofficial app that many users have been waiting for –Tinder.

Tinder? If you’re over the age of 30 you’ve probably never heard of Tinder (gotinder.com). If you’re under 30 and in a committed relationship you’ve also probably never heard of Tinder. Tinder is a very popular iOS app that matches people. It’s primarily used for finding a date or hookup. What’s unique about Tinder versus other dating sites and services? Think of Tinder as a modern Hot or Not site, but one built for the very mobile and app centric world we live in.

On the official iOS Tinder app, users login via Facebook and select a handful of their profile pictures to add to their Tinder account. You’ll also fill in a brief bio for other Tinder users, although it’s fashionable to leave your Instagram, Kik, or Twitter username there so potential matches can further check you out.

Then the fun begins. You’ll select the gender and ages for matches you’re interested in. You’ll select radius for how far or close you want matches to appear. You’ll then be showing your interest (or disinterest) in potential matches by swiping those you like to the right and those you don’t to the left. If you and another Tinder use like each other you’ll be invited to message each other and see if you do hit it off.

It’s a super popular app on iOS that just recently put out their Android app. Which means any plans for Windows Phone are down the road. Rudy is stepping up and getting a Windows Phone version out as evidenced by the screenshot he teased on Twitter.

Tinder for Windows Phone? Would you use it? And any guesses on what Rudy will call the app? Maybe 6twig (Just kidding, he's going to call it 6tindr). 

Thanks for the tip Daniel C!



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rodneyej says:

Age❔ Sam, I'm 36 and I know what Tender is.. Lets keep the generalizations, and speculation, to ourselves, alright❔LOL❕

abel920 says:

All hail Lord Rudy.

DVELOPinc says:

Lol, I'm 41 and I know as well.

rodneyej says:

Lol❕❕.. Isn't it a bit annoying when young whippersnappers like Sam make assumptions about what people know based on their age❔What does Sam know,, he's still $hitin yellow❕..LMFAO.

doeboiO says:

Of course you realize That was a joke right

rodneyej says:

No❕ And, everyone must die now for this injustice❕ The world is coming to an end❕ This is EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT❕❕..A race of cyborg aliens are coming to feast on our remains, and pillage the earth for fuel, for their interplanetary robot war, which will lead to the entire universe being engulfed into the paradox of a black hole, changing all good into evil, and altering the laws of physics so that all matter is turned into a energy of absolute darkness❕❕❕❕.... And, it's all Sam's fault❕... This was hardly a joke, my friend.. See you in hell...

TLRtheory says:

26...had no clue what tinder was...then again, I'm damn near married so that's probably why lol

thinkdan says:

There's not such thing as "near married", in the same way you can't be "near pregnant" or "near dead".

TLRtheory says:

With just a couple months away from the wedding, there most certainly is a 'near married'.

I'm 29 (married) never heard of it, so I guess with any generalization there's a grain of truth. ;)

rodneyej says:

You're not helping.. We're trying to end the racism here... ;-)

ChrisLynch says:

We're trying to end the racism here... ;-)


Don't you mean "agism"?  Age has nothing to do with race.


rodneyej says:

I meant racism.. That sounds more funny.... You know, turning everything into something racial.. Lol..
FYI... I'm black, that's what we do..;-)

Of course. Racism is hilarious. :P

tribexx says:

I'm black and that's not what we do...


Stop generalizing....




BTW, 70's child and never heard of Tinder.

rodneyej says:

Lol❕ Such Hippocrates❕❕❕

Us darkies gotta stick together!

navidee says:

Im 37 and never heard of it until I read about it on here...that being said, I'll download it with no intention of using to show my support for all the awesome apps Rudy churns out!

rodneyej says:

Cool❕ You're awesome❕❕❕

The irony that OP called it Tender >

rodneyej says:

I got something tender for you....

tribexx says:

He will probably call it 6sex or 6hook or 6connect later....

wpn00b says:

I found that funny as well.

Chemilinski says:

I'm 19 and never heard of it, but very interested! :P

I'm 25, single and had never heard of it. I probably won't use it, but nice to see another useful app by Rudy Huyn being released ;)

Westoncreg says:

I'm 19 and have never heard of it :P

myrandex says:

Lol I'm 29 and this is the absolute first I heard on it.

IceDree says:

24 & never heard of it :)

WhippedKream says:

Almost sounds like sexting... I like

sasukeluffy says:

In swedish, sextin'

Marco Gomes1 says:

Sounds like 16, kinda pedophile

Jas00555 says:

Sam, I imagine this'll be a very welcome app for you ;)

Sam Sabri says:

No, I need an app to keep the girls at bay. 

Jazmac says:

More like eBay. Lol

I'll take the leftovers!

kjordan_29 says:

Awesome, can't wait

89caps says:

Rudy strikes again!

sundawg#WP says:

Hopefully you can tell what device potential matches are using.

schlubadub says:

Yeah, we don't want to date any lousy IOS or android users :P

I never understood this app... So it tells two people that know each-other that they're interested in each-other?

The high-schooler in me assumes that teenage girls could just "select all" and tease/laugh at guys they're not interested in, who expressed interest through the app.

But I have no experience with it and could be completely wrong. Either way, you're on a roll, Rudy. A huge, ridiculous, unstoppable roll.

Looks like it'll be a nice looking app, too.

Sam Sabri says:

Rule #1: Always be handsome

abel920 says:

There goes my chance of marrying Daniel.

Got that down. :P

Sometimes isn't enough, huh?

kjordan_29 says:

It's not people who know each other.  The point is to match with people you don't know, and you can't tell if someone is interested unless you say you're interested too.  

guyjkh says:

@SamSabri , Welcome for the tip!

shaunydub says:

Awesome stuff, can we have a Twine app too please Rudy ;)

Wael Hasno says:

Always happy for more apps by Rudy but I'd like to see something else.. Maybe a proper Viber app that works better than what we have now. Okay, probably something else..

schlubadub says:

On WP7 we still need a Viber app that works at all. The official one crashes out for almost everyone, and it hasn't been fixed in over a year

drokssilva says:

WP7 is no longer supported by anyone

schlubadub says:

We both know that's not true

Sean Miller4 says:

Rudy, i dont know who to ask but you, we need an app for network switching in the US, nokia/at&t allows us to get into field test to switch from 2g/3g/4g network only but its very annoying going in and out all the time, when i'm at home i only get a 2g signal and my battery drains cause of low signal so i switch it to 2g but when i leave its so slow i need it back to 4g, how hard would it be to make a network switch app i can put on the start screen? Should be fairly easy right?

schlubadub says:

You can only use a shortcut to the mobile network settings page. There's plenty of apps that will give you that... Dashboard, Wiztiles etc.

Sean Miller4 says:

<p>Not sure if you arent on at&amp;t or not in the US but thats not possible, you cant switch from 3g/2g/4g in network settings you have to actually go into field test mode and change it in there which is a huge pain but is possible. And thats only possible as in the last couple months. Cause nokia/at&amp;t unlocked field test.</p>

schlubadub says:

In my "mobile network" (cellular network in the US?) settings I have a "highest connection speed" and it has a drop down with the various options "E, 3G, 4G". E means Edge, which is basically 2G. I'm not in the US.

AT&T branded phones have that selector disabled sadly.

Daniel Curry says:

It's going to be called 6tindr.

Tahiti Bob says:

Waste of talent comes to mind. There's probably better to use time and resources on. Maybe Rudy should get working on a fully feayured Gmail app, not that I need one but that would be extremely popular (except on this website). Just an idea.

twelvetudors says:

There's already a fully featured Gmail client.

Tahiti Bob says:

And? There were two or three fully featured Instagram apps before 6tag and 6tag ended up being better than all of these.

Ultimateone says:

Tinder is easily one of the biggest apps right now, waste of talent I dont think so at all.

Chemilinski says:

Grindr and OkCupid comes to mind when I think about missing dating apps on WP..

MikeTheYid says:

Not missing. The app is terrible though.

DJCBS says:

If I dared to use this, my girlfriend would kill me. Besides, I'm happy with what I have at home. I'll just leave it to teenage girls and 40yo virgins :P
(so, this is the next official App to launch a couple of months after Rudy releases it I guess lol)

yanzfoot says:

What I like most about Rudy apps is the name of it. When someone take my phone, no one knows that I have Instagram, Snapchat etc. So they won't look at it ... and of course the quality they have xD

onysi says:

Here's hoping Rudy makes grindr.

drokssilva says:

Crossing fingers, for 6grnd 

k00ksta says:

Hate to say it but I know 2 people that passed up a Windows Phone because of this crap haha .. not even joking.

greedypnguin says:

This crap? Id like to see you do better...

Jan O says:

He ment Tinder...

DontHate707 says:

Rudy dont play games

lippidp says:

Meeting people this way seems weird to me. I used to love going to parties or bars and meeting girls that way. The choice is limited and time is of the essence. Ahhhh, the good old days...

pLUSpISTOL says:

Get outta here, old timer!

twelvetudors says:

I think 6spark would be a good name.

Octonabz says:

6pack, 6spank, no? Never mind. Lol

asylumxl says:

I have heard of this before, and it sounds like the most shallow thing I've heard in a long time. Also, I have a girlfriend.

Broomcorn says:

I guess this is good.  Not for me, but it is popular for some reason.  It's like a lazy date service.  Looking forard to your next endeavor Rudy!

marantaz says:

Brings new meaning to the words 'phone sex'.

boredtoday says:


toraji says:

Rudy, love your devotion to WP. I think SINder would be a great name, (SIN from single and SIN from it's a sin) Both important parts of this new wp app and including a part of the original name. (s.. Sells and its a s..y name ;-)

All the best to you, you deserve it


onysi says:

Being single is not a sin

toraji says:

Onysi, you should read my suggestion better, its a combination of both things going on on tinder

juba20 says:

Hope that Rudy make YouTube app, I need it

drokssilva says:

MetroTube all the way 

Trevor Wolfe says:

Mytube is better and uses rudys trick to open YouTube videos from webpage in app

jlynnm350z says:

I'll just stick to prostitutes, thanks 

Perhaps Rudy's next app will let you do just that.

Fndlumia says:

Really? Only bloke I know that does that has a head like an ass.

I really wish he'd go back to some of those early apps... particularly TVShow... and fix the bugs on them. His '6' apps get all the attention. Then I get mad,because he promises to fix them and doesn't. :(

Tahiti Bob says:

Agreed there's a lot more that could be done with TVShow.

Trevor Wolfe says:

6sec has been all but abandoned! Rudy just sees the $ signs of making new apps

getalex says:

Rudy is the best WP dev, or we are all just a bunch of baboons.. how is it one guy singlehandedly developed the TOP THREE missing social apps??

Jack Larson1 says:


eruptflail says:

Single 21 year old and had no idea. Man do I feel old....

ymcpa says:

Why not call this app 69, because that is what is really about, hooking up.

Planblover08 says:

I'm 23 and never heard of Tinder but will supoort rudy. Can't wait for the release.

ScubaDog says:

While I fully support the great effort Rudy has been putting in, I think it is just so horribly sad that our society finds something like Tinder to be a desired service.  So, we're really nothing more than rutting dogs in the streets, apparently.  Sad commentary on society.  You realize that this service is nothing more than the human equivalent of sniffing around trees looking for someone in heat, right?  Yep, something you wanna brag about.

dalydose says:

It's the same thing people do at bars and grocery stores. We check people out and if they return check you out, then you start a conversation. I don't think it's such a commentary.

getalex says:

the app is not for you :) neither are most things these days, I'd venture to guess.

toraji says:


Although I agree with you the truth in life is completely different. In the Dutch language we say: op ieder potje past een dekseltje (for every can is a cap). We all have our own turns to make so don't judge what we/you don't know..nothing to brag about. We should be happy there is something for all colors and tastes and Rudy provides on all levels, the good, the bad, AND the ugly..... A lot to brag about, but that is just my personal opinion of course

Seen it on my friends Tab 3 and looked like fun. Good laugh for single people. Bit of a novelty, would get a bit boring after a while unless you get responses.

Don't forget this was how Facebook started off as. Hot or not. One for the young or old pervs.

dalydose says:

Nice. I was just telling someone that WinPhone is lacking in dating apps. I mentioned how I would like to see this and OKCupid.

MagusShadow says:

WELL, I'm 31, single.. And never heard of this app.

I hate being generalized almost as much as I hate being generalized correctly ;-)

TechAbstract says:

My tinder is ready for this app.

jaymin00 says:

Rudy can u make tr2 and subway surfer for 512 MB??:D;)

kumasokka says:

I'm 23 and have never heard of it, but I'm gay and we have our own suite of apps that haven't been ported over to Windows Phone (besides the underwhelming Scruff).  Would be great if we could get a 6growl, because Growlr has stated they have zero intention of making a windows phone app, and it's one of the most popular gay community apps.

drokssilva says:

I've never heard of it either. Although I had never heard of Growlr, either. 

LeLee092 says:

Yay so excited! Heard about it a week ago..and I felt an old pang of of missing apps I haven't felt in a while with WP..glad to see Rudy is picking it up!

Gohar428 says:

Hmm..he should do something for kik..the official app is nothing more than shit

mayur89 says:

Awesm video :)

Armin Mhd says:

He should make a pheed app too. I know a lot of people dont use it but its popular between some. Please rudy!

shamrock1988 says:

Tried this app on my tab. Meh. Like bang with friends just not as sleezy. I'd like to see some big companies sub contract developing their apps for wp to Rudy. Like viber and banks... And Skype lol

Shobiz says:

I'm 36 and found out about 2 weeks ago. It's pretty slick

Larrybeo says:

I don't think the author of this article is very in tune to who uses Tinder and what they use it for.

Been married 10 years, therefore very interested ;¬)

JoRdaNeK says:

The fact that every girl on there will be calling guys "seeds" or "creeps" will do my head in...because they are doing the very same thing! Apps like this make men feel insecure about their flirting abilities

Why does he like that number "6"

tanveer 786 says:

Rudy should create a handful file manager for windows phone.

Coreldan says:

24 and never heard of this, that said I already have a family.. I giess this might be more of a US/UK thing anyways, but I guess this will "land" in finland 2 years late as all trends

drozdpatrick says:

Yes, yes yes! Lets hear it ladies!

lovebill says:

Well is it a little like R U interested app in FB? Sound fun. Still hope for Google apps from Rudy :) 

Here in India, our parents are Tinder.

StrayMutant says:

I wish Rudy would do the same for Grindr. Show some love for Gays as well, Developers. Most of my friends won't adopt windows phone, even though they find my 1020 attractive, because of the lack of grindr and hornet or whatever those apps are.

gcdc_lumia says:

true. well, there's 'Scruff' app for wp... but it would be bettr if Grindr joins in

tapehead says:

Agreed. Scruff is a good app... but Grindr has the most users.

Fndlumia says:

34 and yes Sam I had never heard of it. Calm down ppl its just an article on an app

Momotachi says:

Maybe for Path, Rudy will making 6Pat. Lol.

gcdc_lumia says:

anothr good one for wp platform! keep them coming! but y'all making me more jealous ryt now. argh!

spinzeroWL says:

I hope Rudy is being paid a salary by MS. He is singlehandedly filling all of WP8's app holes!
As for Tinder...that is the only app that still has me using an Android device. As soon as the app arrives on WP, I'll be saying a happy goodbye to my last Android device!
By the way, for everyone slating the Tinder concept...I assume you have never sought out a girl from across a bar simply on the way she looks and carries herself? Tinder is just the same - strips away the pointless veneer of POF/OKCupid and gets us back to making the gut reaction choices that we do in real life.
Well done Rudy...and thanks for choosing Tinder as your next project! (I'm quite sure it'll be better than the bug riddled Android version!)

tapehead says:

Tinder is just one big rip-off of Grindr, and it kind of bugs me that it's getting an app before Grindr is. But whatever. Straights get all the fun anyway. Don't know why this should be any different.

ivorysamoan says:

Maybe because Tinder is about 10x the size (user wise) of Grindr???

Straights get all the fun?

What are you even on about?

tapehead says:

Did you not understand what I wrote? Let me break it down for you.

Without Grindr, there would not be a Tinder at all. It's a very clear rip-off of a program that has been around since 2009. And given all the complaining gay/bi WP8-users have done on Twitter directed at Grindr, I would say there is still a market for it. It annoys me that this clone program is going to get a beautiful treatment from Rudy Huyn when Grindr deserves it more. And as far as I know, Rudy has yet to respond to the requests to make a Grindr app, so I think some of the gay users are feeling a little slighted. At least, I know I am.

spinzeroWL says:

Rudy has made it quite clear that he is straight...so frankly, why shouldn't he build an app of his choosing that also suits his sexuality?
At least Tinder has the option to choose either gay/straight orientation...Grindr doesn't. On that basis alone, Tinder is the better option to develop first.
Also, Tinder is one of those apps that helps an ecosystem sink or swim. You should be applauding Rudy for making WP8 such a viable platform

tapehead says:

I've used Rudy's apps in the past. They are very good. But it still annoys me there will be a Tinder app and still no Grindr app (and that he won't even respond to the people who have tweeted him about it). That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

MikeTheYid says:

Everything is a rip off of something else. Why should he create an app he doesn't want to. It's his own personal choice whether it's moral or userbase/popularity. 

Should stop hounding him about it really.

ivorysamoan says:

Tapehead, you sound like you need to date more, relieve some 'stress'.

tapehead says:

That'd be great. Let me know when Grindr is out.

ivorysamoan says:

Age - 33

Tinder - Been using it for ages on my Android Tab2

Average Age of Tinder Uses - All sorts.