Rumor: AT&T looking to launch the Nokia Lumia 820, 920 on November 2nd

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Coming Friday, November 2nd to AT&T?

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Two sites today—TechRadar and the Verge—both with decent track records on rumors (not-ranked and 84% respectively, via Tracour) are claiming that AT&T and Nokia are looking to open the doors to the Lumia 920 and 820 on November 2nd.

The phone is reportedly in testing at AT&T’s labs and if all goes well, that is the date that AT&T will be looking to put the phone on the shelves.

The date is a bit odd as it falls on a Friday. AT&T as far as we know always release phones on Sundays and they have been quite consistent in that recently for the last few Windows Phone launches. Why the change if true? Perhaps to get the phone out as early as possible but also maybe they are timing it with the end of BUILD 2012, which coincidently ends on the same day.

T-Mobile is expected to launch the Lumia 820 during the same week and later Verizon will launch the flaghship Lumia 920, hopefully in that fireball Red.

Both devices are able to sport pentaband HSPA+ and LTE as options, a possibility due to the new Qualcomm chipsets used in Windows Phone 8.

While we would be very excited to see the new Windows Phone 8 devices launch on the last day of Build 2012 (imagine if they gave them away?), release dates have a history of slipping as happened with the original Lumia 900 on AT&T, so we wouldn’t request off from work just yet. 

Windows Phone Central will be at Build 2012 for live coverage.

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Source:  TechRadar, the Verge



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pstorm13 says:

Lets hope this is true. I'll be ready for an upgrade by October

jfa1 says:

Europe is supposed to be two weeks earlier or thereabouts!

DavidinCT says:

Hey, I sent in the tip over an hour before you posted !

Yeah, you and 60 other people or you know, I could have just checked my RSS feeds when I woke, lol. 

jtshorns says:

Nicely done sir!!

DavidinCT says:

ok, LOL.... worth a shot :)

Just teasing a bit...we do love the tips we get from everyone here :)

DavidinCT says:

Has it been said anywhere that Verizon will release the 920 ?????

DavidinCT says:

Great, I hope the delay is not too long, if they release the "822" , I'll have to wait for the 920 to be released..
I really hope AT&T does not have the exclusive....
Why is it I am always waiting for Windows Phone on Verizon?????

OMG55 says:

Because your not an ATT customer! And I don't care to here about poor service from ATT because I'm in southern Texas and have no issues. I also have a Verizon cell and I'm sure I'll have the 920 on ATT first ;-)

ur2sweet says:

Wow! It's my birthday on that day.. Luv to see :)

TacoForte says:

Ohh this looks good, take my money!
What is that tracour data? Does it go with the rumor meter or another layer of metrics to base the rumor on? Kinda like it i think and is it new?

the1aboveall says:

I'm so upset Sprint is sitting on the sidelines for WP8. Two of my contracts are up and I plan on moving since they are not at all interested in listening to its customers.  Come Nov. we are gone. I guess I should at least do some shopping on plans soon. I don't want the new iPhone I want WP8 Nokias!

Nokia is gonna take over again be ready windows phans

TheWayne says:

Wake me up when Nokia and Verizon announce the Nokia Lumia 920 with Verizon 4G LTE please.

deadwrong03 says:

Nokia said Verizon was getting a device with a pureview camera...theres no pureview on the 820

erzhik says:

Sorry but WP8 will once again be lost in the eyes of consumers. iPhone sale will completely block sales of new WP8 devices including 920.
Microsoft and Nokia could've hit jackpot if they launched it before the iPhone but now it seems that once again consumers will not give a crap about WP8. And then Microsoft wonders why nobody is buying their product. If they want a decent marketshare, they have to stop going after their fanbase, their fans will keep buying WP. They need to go after the competition and right now they are completely failing at that.
One thing they had to do: Announce the phones and release them a week or two later.

OMG55 says:

Are you a friend of Joe Belfiore on tweeter? If so, tell it to him. I've posted a few things, but could not reply directly to him, because I'm not on his following list

Ho Hey says:

That's what you think.

Residing says:

@erzhik...Please!  iPhone sales are going to block the sales of ANY device, especially when the iPhone 5 is initially released. 
People who want iPhones, whether they are current iPhone users or not, are going to get the iPhone, when it's released or after it's initial launch. Period.
I like WP, and will purchase a Lumia 920 - my mind is made up; and many on this site are going to purchase a WP device - their mind is made up;  but I am realistic - even if every WP oem released their devices before the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 will outsell all WP8 devices combined once it's released. 
I personally think that it will be more advantageous to WP devices to come to market after the iPhone is released - at least they will have a bigger window in the spotlight as opposed to only couple of weeks before the iPhone 5 is released.

aubreyq says:

I agree. Android phones are outselling iOS phones, so there is a non-iOS market out there. Apple will get 1 or 1.5 months of post-announcement iPhone 5 frenzy, but then the media will be ready to talk about other stuff. It's at that point where the Lumias start getting advertised heavily. Throw a Black Friday special in there to boost, and you have a formula to get WP8 properly exposed. Sounds reasonable to me.

vizagdude says:

With Windows phone and their OS, Microsoft was always releasing them at the beginning of October. So, it was us who were thinking they were going to release it sooner. 
Regarding the OEMs of WP8 announcing their hardware earlier, I think there is a strategy to that. They were probably giving a glimpse of their hardware to have the people on the fence decide whether to wait for the WM8 device of their choice or go for the iPhone. 
Hey, once you get a phone on a plan, you are locked for 2 years. I think it was good strategy from HTC, Samsung and Nokia to display their hardware before iPhone release. And MS will take on the OS part of it while talking about the features.
I for one have decided on the Nokia Lumia 920. Cannot wait to throw my money on this device + the MS Surface. 

jhoff80 says:

Of course it might still not be true, but if you remember, people who preordered the Lumia 900 had it on Thursday and Friday before the official launch on Sunday too.
I just hope that in their rush to get WP8 out the door, that it's actually stable and feature-complete by the time these devices arrive.
Also, it seems much more likely to me that they'll be giving out Surface RT models at BUILD, not phones.

I really dont think MS is rushing at all to get WP8 out the door. I think they are just waiting for IOS6 to be released out of beta before they release the OS for RTM. I really wouldnt be surprised if the OS is finished already.

ThePKReddy says:

So both 920 and 820 are going to ATT. Looks like TMO will probably get a Mickey mouse device ala 720 or 630.

WilliamC1972 says:

Figures T Mobile will only get the 820. Damn T Mobile, please go all out and get a high-end Windows Phone!!!!

ThePKReddy says:

I'll believe it when I see it.

TheAsbo says:

I want the 920 as well. Too bad T-Mobile won't have it. I won't settle for less though. I'll just wait and hopefully they'll release a camera with PureView on T-Mobile eventually. Maybe next year. No Windows Phone for me until then.

CobaltDragon says:

I think one of the problems right now with WP8 is that they are announcing all these phones (which are nice, but not really AMAZING), and then no one will actually be able to get one for 2 or 3 months!?!? Only hardcore fans are going to wait that long...the average consumer will have long forgotten the news stories about the new Lumias and other WP8 phones.
That is one thing Apple does better - it announces a new iphone and it's available pretty quickly!

ThePKReddy says:

Yeah. You can go check it out or demo the following week while its fresh in your mind. They need to hire the PR guys from apple.

pressstart says:

Well, is it really any better for all these WP8 announcements to come in October instead of now? WP8 was always scheduled to come out Q4, around October-November.

CobaltDragon says:

I think it makes a lot more sense to build excitement and big announcement a week or two before your product is available than months before...no one is going to remember it - they better be planning one hell of launch party, ad blitz, etc

havok13888 says:

No screw you guys I'm tired of T-mobile getting low end versions of win phones. If nokia really are concentrating on expanding their market they need to do what samsung does. Put their premiere phones on all carriers. Favoring ATnT is not going to get them anything.

If you can't get the device on T-moile release an unlocked version the same day to buy from amazon or Nokia's own website. I don't care I am on a prepaid plan right now and plan to but an unlocked device anyway. I have the HD7 and It's about time that I upgraded this phone has finally started freezing and getting other random problems.

ThePKReddy says:

And yeah. My HD7 has been deteriorating at a rapid pace.

wpguy says:

How much free storage space do you have? If you are below 2 GB, go to Zune Desktop and "remove from phone" a bunch of older photos, and uninstall apps you aren't using. I did this the other day, and all the freaky behavior went away instantly. (Another reason 8 GB is not enough!)

Ho Hey says:

My HD7 is still going

OMG55 says:

The carriers choose which phones they stock, even if one carrier gets it before the other. Just like Verizon was approached about the L800/900, but chose not to carry it

ejlee072006 says:

Dude why don't u get it unlocked... Life is short if u know what I mean.. I was with tmo hd7 then 710 now att.. And I'm happy

pressstart says:

Assuming the 920 doesn't cover T-Mobile's 3G and "4G", why bother getting it if you rely on the data plan?

havok13888 says:

Space is fine...my hardware is getting old and I have put it through some real rough use. If the 920 supports t-mobile networks I will get it unlocked. It has to me kept in mind the android truly grew because T-mobile carried the first google devices and now everyone does. I just feel people get half decent phone on this carrier always, so a treat like the 920 will be a boom for Nokia in this market unlike Verizon atnt and sprint all of which carry iPhones and the best of Android.

jbrandonf says:

Blame T-Mobile, not Nokia or Microsoft. They're the ones who decide what phones to pick up. It's confusing me why they can pick up high end androids like the S3 (and potentially One X+) but only mid end WP.

jsantana0793 says:

Why At&t.. I want it for t-mo.. I think it's time for cell phone carriers to get regulated so phones like this would be available on any carrier.. It's BS.. It really bugs me..

ThePKReddy says:

TMO isn't putting the investment into Nokia or winphone. ATT is. The carriers play a critical role in the success of a device. Yell at tmobile !!

jsantana0793 says:

All the reason why cell phone carriers should be treated like landline carriers.. Many countries, you buy the cellphone, then choose the carrier.. Would be better for the consumer and competition. The way they do things now feels like favoritism and does no good for the consumer as far as choices, competition, pricing and available products.. At&t pricing model is too expensive, yet if you want the best phone, your left with the question to choose At&t and pay more or get the 2nd rate phone and pay less.. Nokia should release the phone on all carriers to give the customer a choice. Why should consumers have to wait and see what investment the carrier will make to carry the best.. Let the consumer choose.. The carrier and the phone they want..

hd7b4radar says:

Exactly. I'm gonna stick with tmobile cuz att is way more for less data 3 gigs for 30 and on tmobile and I get 5 for 25. I really wanted to get the 920 but just gonna wait and see what happens

jbrandonf says:

LOL you want the government to tell which carriers to pick up which phones? Ridiculous.

ejlee072006 says:

That's it.... Im adding this to my family plan

Izaku says:

Is Tmobile ONLY getting the 820? -_-

hardcoreplur says:

I feel like this could be dead on, it is a Friday release, one week after windows 8 and the Surface (RT version) trying to keep the hype going. I think if they can super saturate the market with ad (and cross-advertisements) Microsoft could have a huge hit.

jsantana0793 says:

Riiiight.. Microsoft and marketing anything does not mix well.. I seen it time and time again.. I love Microsoft, but well thought out Marketing is not their forte. Even the presentation of the Lumia seem kinda a snore.. I watch alot of keynotes and one company who excels at it is Apple.. I also watched the Kindle keynote and they kept people engaged. Plus what hurts Nokia and Microsoft is showing a product and not talking about release date and pricing.. Leaves people playing the guessing game.. This only gives the competition the time to do the opposite. Amazon showed the different kindle's, release date and pricing. Thats how you market.. I hate how Microsoft does marketing.. It's not good for business. People tend to forget about your product when the competition keynote gives you all the information you want.. People want availability and pricing..

TYTY805 says:

Now theoretically because both the lumia 820 and 920 support the exact same network frequencies, if one phone is released on a carrier (820 on TMoUS) with full 3G/4G capabilities, could you get an unlocked (920) and still have the same 3G/4G capabilities?

wpguy says:

I'm hoping so, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll wait and see if anyone has success getting Tmo 3G/4G on a 920 before deciding.

Eg0nz63 says:

Ill be waiting in line Thursday night to get my hands on that yellow 920. Will sell my Lumia 900 on E-bay.

Ebaneeezor says:

announce, maybe deliver 8 weeks later, after iphone5... not winning.
It would be interesting to hear the business logc behind this.

Not T-Mobile'a fault. Doesn't AT&T have an exclusive on the Lumia 920? Though I'm not sure for how long. That might be why Verizon is supposedly getting the 822 before the 920(922?).  


If Windows Phone 8 is no longer going to work with Zune, and is supposedly going to only work with the new software - which is launching with Windows 8 - they really CAN'T release this phone before Windows Phone goes complete gold and the software rolls out. I'm fine with a November date.

Eg0nz63 says:

What Nokia needs to do is start investing on marketing this phone with commercials on tv, 24-7. It seems like all I see are Iphone and Galaxy slll commercials. This will absolutely help till the launch dates. It will keep the interest of the Windows fans and advertise to the oblivious.

wpguy says:

I also see a lot of the HTC "goat" commercials for one of their Android phones.

jsantana0793 says:

Good luck with that.. Microsoft marketing SUX!!! Don't get me wrong.. I love Microsoft and I'm with you, but Microsoft should have started weeks ago with marketing..

wpjoe says:

Any 900 trade-in credit?

ahabenezer says:

Man, this is really the first phone I've been so interested in that I'd break contract and move carriers. 

Anyone have any experience moving from Sprint to AT&T? I know that my wife's parents were contemplating moving from Verizon to AT&T, and AT&T was willing to pay the ETF for their lines. Anyone have a similar experience when leaving Sprint?

Ebaneeezor says:

If they actually offered to pay the ETF, you better jump all over that as it is as rare as a diamond found by chance. only way to get out of Sprint (or any carrier with a signifigant fight) is to pay the ETF and sell the phone to soften the blow, or try to find someone willing to assume your remaining contract and give them the phones for free.

Ebaneeezor says:

or if they happen to modify the terms of service. Dont forget that you signed a contract and that any modification to it is grounds for termination of contract without an etf. changes like increase in charges, decrease in services - or if you roam alot on other carrier lines not owned by Sprint as this costs them alot of money.

jbrandonf says:

Careful, they're only willing to pay a portion of it, depending on how many lines you are opening.

My experience with Sprint goes back a couple years but the difference is immediately noticeable. Coverage is great where I am and speeds are terrific compared to Sprint. The main reason I left Sprint was because of their atrocious 3g speeds. Phone selection is much better too. It's a little more pricey, but the payoff is worth it in my mind.

so the iphone would have been on sale roughly a month before windows phone 8 launches in (allegedly) november? Who will be left to buy them, besides us who post in this thread. Seriously they needed to undercut the late sept/early oct release for the iphone . ATT would love to be less dependant on the iphone. This release date doesnt help.

Please remember too hat this phone OS has to tie in with the win8 pc,notbooks,laptop,tablets and the rt tablets thats what makes the ecosystem. Pretty pointless releasing a phone before win8 or rt is available to the public.

jbrandonf says:

Why is it pointless? The phone OS isn't dependant on W8 right?

I'll be ditching the last bit of my service agreement with Tmo next week anyway, then I'll switch tho the walmart family mobile in the meantime, then I'll be free & clear by Nov 2 (or later) anyway. The Micro USB port in my DVP is starting to fail badly, anyway, and I'm afraid I won't make it to February, when my contract ends, anyway. Wireless charging, polycarbonate uninody, OIS PureView, 332ppi screen, gloved touchability, WP8, and last but not least, yellow, here I come!