Rumor: January Windows Phone 7 update to be massive, catches up with iPhone

We've been covering the rumored software update for Windows Phone 7 for sometime now, even having our forum members add some info to the mix. So far, the update is suppose to have the following features:

  • Bing turn-by-turn directions, improvements
  • Custom ringer support
  • Copy/Paste
  • Multi-tasking (of some form)

We have a feeling that's just the beginning, as Chris Walsh, known for his contribution to ChevronWP7, has evidently been leaked some info on the update, calling it "massive" and more tantalizingly, "MS took 3 months to do what Apple did in 3 years" and "Lets just say the could have called it Windows Phone 8"--that's exactly the kind of thing we and the market in general want to hear.

Whether or not it all bares fruit remains to be seen, but too many independent sources are all saying the same thing: the first update to Windows Phone 7 will impress.

Oh and one more thing (snicker), Chris promises some screenshots later today. Stay tuned.

Source: Twitter; via mobilitydigest



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theefman says:

Just remember, its a rumor,not breaking out the champagne till its released.

GP07 says:

Only time will tell how big it is, few more months to go.

benjitek says:

This sort of thing might be interesting if it were factual -- gotta fill these Monday morning blog pages somehow though ;)

uberlaff says:

What it took 3 years for Apple to do? So basically they're adding cut and paste.

andrewm9199 says:

Anyone know if the update includes using "Hidden" SSID's? and if it adds the "Out of Office" ability?

andrewm9199 says:

also...I hate to compare ...but Zune seems prehistoric when compared to iTunes. Doesn't look like you can even backup the device completely in Zune. unless I'm missing something :(

mvierling says:

Doubt that it is coming in January. Nothing other than copy & paste was mentioned at CES.