Rumor: Nokia Lumia 925 to debut in China on June 15

The Nokia Lumia 925 was just announced a short while ago, and already Nokia is pushing the latest Windows Phone to the market. According to the official words in London, the Lumia 925 will be released first in China, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. Now according to the latest rumor, the China part will be done in a matter of weeks, or June 15 to be precise.

Interesting though, the Chinese Lumia 925 is not for everyone. Nokia is to make a splash with Superman: Man of Steel limited edition, much like they did with the Lumia 900 and the Batman logo.  The initial batch will reportedly have exactly 925 units in all, each augmented with the iconic Superman logo, and there will be wireless charging back covers (Superman-ized, too) for purchase.

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The launch price is said to be CNY 3,999 (US$ 653), which is quite a lot cheaper than Lumia 920 when it first came around (CNY 4,599). The price doesn't make much sense though. Nokia did say Lumia 925 will be priced a bit lower than 920, but by this much? Even for a limited edition?

The timing looks reliable. The latest Superman movie will meet Chinese movie-goers on June 14. Watch the awesomeness today and get your Superman-branded Lumia tomorrow, nice treat.

Source: WPDang 



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Sarang68 says:

Anything for India?

sunnybyday says:

Nokia India already has it on their website, should be around the same time - 2nd week of june is the guess.

rodneyej says:

I like Nope better.. Lol!

theefman says:

Price sounds right considering people would have to pay extra for wireless charging. And the lower price should help sales as well.

DaddyLikey says:

When should T-Mobile be expecting this? The long wait after the official reveal is pretty annoying -.-

Montpbm says:

I totally agree!

kullkid92x says:

I second this! CHASSSIT! any rumor launch dates for Tmobile USA ?? I got a couple friends waiting on Tmo.

ghoti00000 says:

I know! I thought that maybe, just maybe, Nokia had figured this out with how well they launched the 928. Announce, release immediately before people get tired of waiting and get something else.

Mystictrust says:

"Later this summer" is what the press is quoting

SeeVuPlay says:

i too am waiting for tmobile!  someone on the internet posted sometime in the past that tmo will have it in august. i really dont want to go att, but will head to verizon on 928 if they start dragging.
but still, cant beat tmo pricing plan.

Mystictrust says:

Might be right. Quick search turns up the following on at least a couple phone sites: "The Nokia Lumia 925 reaches European markets in June, and will follow in the U.S. later this summer".

Daniel Rubino said nearly the same thing in the video of him showing off the 925 to us (released in a few weeks, and on T-Mobile US later this summer). August may very well be accurate

Residing says:

August?  Really?  That's bad, because Nokia World will probably be in September and they will unveil the next Lumia (WP9 or whatever it will be called).
It's T-Mobile, though, so I'm not surprised.  Hopefully, they will beat expectations and release it in June.

Mystictrust says:

Nobody really knows, in all actuality. Some random site I found in a search posted, "it's expected to land with the Magenta Network in July. Some European carriers should get it a few weeks earlier"

wpguy says:

Also waiting for a TMoUS date. Have the OEMs and carriers learned nothing? Long delays after product announcements drive customers to the competition.

chuey101 says:

32gb for tmo please!

Mohan Raj K says:

Other websites discussing the hot topic "LUMIA EOS", but this website remains calm about that.....

Mohan Raj K says:

Other websites discussing the hot topic "LUMIA EOS", but this website remains calm about that.....

YianniGR says:

So,at this time we should also expect beginning of GDR2 roll out?

mayur89 says:

cool!!! :-D

I had a thought of them doing a superman phone

edsal says:

I hope it won't be that price here in the U.S for t-mobile cause i won't spend that kind of money anymore for a phone.

Duffau says:

You have to compare prices relative to country and keep in mind that tech is a lot cheaper in the US. If its cheaper than the 920 in china, then that's a sign that it should be cheaper than the US 920 price ($450). Im guessing $350, but hoping for $300.

gcdc_lumia says:

still looks ugly. i'd still prefer 920 over that

jsaviour84 says:

Is the USA getting the superman le too?