Ryse sequel may be cancelled due to issues between Microsoft and Crytek


Online rumors claim that a sequel to the 2013 Xbox One launch game Ryse: Son of Rome has now been cancelled, reportedly due to issues between the game's developer Crytek and publisher Microsoft over the rights to the franchise.

The reports, which come via unnamed sources, claim that pre-production of Ryse 2 was slated to begin but Microsoft said they would only fund its development if they could buy the Ryse IP from Crytek. That is apparently something that the developer did not wish to give up. A Microsoft spokesperson has been quoted as saying the company has "nothing to announce about the future of the franchise at this time."

This rumor has been combined with other unconfirmed reports about Crytek not paying many of its employees on time, along with many workers deciding to depart its studios located around the world. A few weeks ago, Crytek announced plans to release the first person shooter sequel Homefront 2 in 2015.

Ryse was in development at Crytek for a long time. Indeed, it was first announced in 2010 as an Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive with the title Codename Kingdoms. Crytek and Microsoft later converted the game to an exclusive for the Xbox One's launch, but the reviews of the third party action game were mixed when it was finally released.

Source: Kotaku, Eurogamer.



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I don't understand why MS needs to buy ip. They can just make there own, to their liking.

If anything, I wish they bought Phantasy Star Online, Skies of Arcadia, Mega Man, and really give these current and old games some new life.

NeoGohan says:

Amen! That's what I'd do.

I mean if they want to own it they should. They have leverage and they basically partnered with crytek to make microsoft this game. Crytek is hurting themselves by not making smart decisions. That's why crytek is in the state its in.

I can see why Crytek didn't oblige MS. Selling something that you love or want to continue developing as Crytek seems fit, is the best way to go. Just because MS has money doesn't mean they will make the game any better, probably worse, than Crytek.

It's not always better to sale, just for a profit. MS thought their deep pockets can sway anything, but it can't and wont.

Just make some incredibly fun, new games. I'll be inclined to buy Kinect games if MS was serious about Kinect. Maybe the are and we just haven't seen anything yet.

Owning IP probably wouldn't have any impact on how good the game is. It sounds entirely like a long term business decision.

Microsoft could help fund Ryse 2 and get exclusivity on it. If it sells really well Microsoft will have made some money and helped Xbox's profile. But a year later Microsoft have nothing. Crytek on the other hand still have an asset in the value of Ryse 3, 4 etc. They can go on to sell the next one on PS and Xbox, bigger market and potentially more sales.

With Ryse currently being the launch game for Xbox One, you can understand them wanting to make it an Xbox only game forever. It's no Halo, but imagine how people at Xbox would feel if they hadn't bought the IP and Halo was being released on PS4.

Duffau says:

Its not just about buying from deep pockets/ selling for a profit. The article states that MS was funding development, why wouldn't they want to protect their investments? If they give money for Ryse 2 and it becomes super popular, Crytek may have resources for future games that it may use for future ryse or similar titles and make them multiplatform. This is why I think they are doing this.

Arda Ozkal says:

Its managed by turks. We sometimes dont do smart decisions.

DreadVenom says:

I like all the games you mentioned but I really, really, really want SoA re release. Man I loved that game. Also Capcom if by some highly unlikely chance you are reading this, please give us PowerStone. Not asking for new game, just re release pw2.


DreadVenom says:

Yes, that pure awesomeness was on that legendary machine.

Omg!!! I totally forgot about Power Stone. That was a really fun game.

f88 says:

Actually, Microsoft has a chance to at least get mega man, what with capcom being open to a buyout. They'd also get all the other goodies that come with it, like street fighter, resident evil, etc. That would be huge!

Tyradius says:

They can make a real sequel to devil may cry and continue the story from 4 with Nero and Dante instead of the emo, punk rock kid remake they let ninja theory do.

lubbalots says:

Capcom open to buyout? Lets fucken tweet Phil Spencer!

Zuka_WPC says:

Monster Hunter on the Xbox One? I would die.

I just wish they'd never have let Mass Effect go to EA!

AriesDog says:

I think Mass Effect is the reason why Microsoft Studios doesn't to repeat history with Ryse.

Rubios says:

They never owned Mass Effect.

OMG55 says:

It doesn't really matter because if crytek can't pay their employees on time, that probably the reason it postponed or canceled and if finances are they bad then maybe they should sell.

Ordeith says:

It seems if your studio is broke you might be wanting to sell off an IP or two of it means keeping the lights on. I guess not for crytek. Hopefully their employees don't suffer to long because of these decisions by management.

wizll says:

was thinking the same thing.

Paul Acevedo says:

Yeah, although it's understandable that they would want to keep the IP, it doesn't make sense to hold onto it during a financial Crysis.

b23h says:


I guess you can say that was called for, but I'm still not happy.

Zuka_WPC says:

HA! I see what you did there Paul

Well MSFT have to maintain that position since they have to secure that exclusives are exclusives. Example gears of wars

ven07 says:

I hope this is not true!

andreirlopes says:

Come on, Microsoft. I love you, but come on. Ryse is one of the few Xbox exclusives. Stop bitching. =(

thekinghippo says:

I think they want the IP before dishing out funds because they're worried crytek will go belly up before finishing the game. Pretty valid concerns in my opinion if they can't even pay their employees. I think it's a smart choice.

dkp23 says:

Im pretty sure it is the opposite.  If crytek wnats funds from MS for development, it only makes sense to give up the IP or guarantee exclusivitivty.  MS wants to secure the IP, so it makes sense why MS would not fund if they can't own it, i wouldnt either. 

Xsled says:

We obviously don't have all of the details, but what if they work with Crytek, who is said to be a failing company. Why would they fund something that could potentially be sold to a competitor. Hard to make any assumptions as we dont have all of the details.

Crytek would be a good studio for Microsoft to buy. Microsoft to reorganize management and own some rather unique games and the crytek engine even.

Reflexx says:

If Crytek wants MS to fund all of development, then I can see why MS wants to own the IP.


Xsled says:

That is how I see it.

jlzimmerman says:

It reads as if Crytek was in a lose-lose situation. Give up rights or not have a game. Good on them for giving MS the middle finger.

thekinghippo says:

Crytek apparently can't even pay their employees. I wouldn't give them a cent either without something to show for it. Sounds to me like crytek's in risk of going under and they were trying to mooch some bucks to stay afloat just a bit longer.

_Emi_ says:

if you read the article and other articles about Crytek and their economy... MAYBE, just maybe you would think a little more before commenting.
honestly, do you think this will affect Microsoft? yeah it's an exclusive, but Microsoft can find another exclusive, a better one, and another studio that will make the same or better and just ignore Crytek. I mean, it's not like this game was close to be finished so Microsoft surely is giving Crytek an opportunity, they don't want it? well that's not Microsoft's problem becuase Microsoft is not the one in danger (and it's not ike Ryse was or is the best selling game on xbox one anyway)
But oh well... ignorant people everywhere.

jlzimmerman says:

Why are you so angry lately?  I've followed MS gaming side for two decades and former boss is a project manager at Guild Software.  I read and hear things from the past several years. How about you? I've been gaming long enough to see how they've burned bridges by taking advantage of developers and gaming houses in need, in trouble, or small enough to be bullied.  And then put guidelines together which supressees creativity. Why do you think MS has had to work SO HARD to get the trust back from Indies to release games for XBOne.  The "my way or the highway" isn't right for a Publisher to a Developer even if the Developer is on the edge of bankrupcy.  It's called business ethics. Learn some, kid. It's gotten MS the bad name it has today.  It's why so much indie development for the 360 when fell during 2010-2013.

iyae says:

Mate, you need to take those "I hate Microsoft" glasses off. You made a stupid comment, you were called out, now just get over it and move on. Next time think before you post.

DiGzNY says:

Crytek, do what you have to but please make Ryse 2 happen.

simphf says:

I like to call it Ryse: Son of Loading Screen.

Zuka_WPC says:

Ryse was a huge letdown.

Rubios says:

Everything Crytek makes is a huge letdown.

Even their best title (Crysis) is mediocre.

TechFreak1 says:

I'm more concerned that it appears Crytek is not paying its employees on time. Games don't magically appear... Looks like Crytek will have to make some tough decisions. In regards to the Ryse IP as it is currently an Xbox one exclusive and not multiplatform I can understand where MS is coming from.

This has been updated yesterday. Ryse 2 has been put on Hold. All focus went on the new Homefront game with everything that comes with it. Meanwhile the relationship between MS and Crytek about Ryse 2 is being worked on.

dkp23 says:

which is MS owns IP and it shoudl be all good, still, that doesnt fix crytek potentially crashing. 


Reports also said that a mass exodus of employees that were working on homefront left, which is why they may have shifted resources.  Crytek is nto in a good spot right now. 

Im following every step about this close with 1 of the official germany promoters of the engine and Crytek. Its a big damn shame if it all goes downhill totally. So far it goes back and forth. And I would like to see A new Crysis and Ryse game myself. They should focus on the game that will make the most boost. Release that and on to the next game for now.

Banstyle says:

I liked Ryse, I'm sure I want the only one. :)

akaliel says:

I liked Ryse as well, I felt it was kind of unfairly treated with the initial reviews.  I've barely played Forza and Dead Rising 3, but Ryse I played straight through.  It was definitely too repetitive with the combat and had way too few enemies, but the early reviews were scored far too low.

peachy001 says:

Given what I have read about the software house, I feel that they have made a huge mistake. Ok, they would have lost the IP, but would have kept things afloat.

Tahiti Bob says:

Microsoft desperately needs new exclusive IPs, although I wouldn't classify Ryse as AAA. Sony pretty much releases something new and great every year, they had Heavy Rain, Uncharted, The Last of Us, soon The Order 1886... Microsoft keeps going around with Halo, Gears of War, Fable and Forza. Every. Fucking. Year! Take some freaking risks, I'm tired of the same old shit! And to make it worse, they let Bioware go to EA and Bungie go to Activision. Moronic decisions really, they'd better get the checkbook out indeed, for Ryse or for anything else.

SmoothDog says:

Did you watch e3? Both had about the same amount of exclusives except Sony has them basically all in 2015. XB at least has some in 2014 and not the big 3 you mentioned.

_Emi_ says:

yeah.... Microsoft didn't announce any exclusive for xbox one at E3.... you are right /s

Ushae says:

I agree and disagree. Crackdown and Phantom Dust are making a return both excellent games. But your right they need at least 2 really good fresh IPs. Those Rare games would really help right about now...

Tahiti Bob says:

Crackdown isn't even dated and please enlighten me, which Xbox exclusives impressed you at E3? I mean truly AAA stuff.

hwangeruk says:

Sunset Overdrive.

Number of PS4 exclusive titles that don't send me to sleep = 0

tgr42 says:

By all accounts, Ryse sucked.  Now Crytek is toast.  No big loss, really.  Hopefully this will serve as a warning to others.

Jdkunya says:

I want a second. I loved the fighting in that game. I just hope they make a better one, maybe more open world and/or controls.

akaliel says:

The world doesn't have to be completely open.  God of War isn't and that's very highly regarded.  It just needed more enemies, more strategies for fighting them and more combat manuevers.  The story was actually pretty decent and the visuals were crazy good.

dkp23 says:

They probably should sell the IP now, no point of keeping now since the company has gone into a downward spiral with rumors of employees not being paid on time. 

On another topic, Ryse was a ok game at best, has a lot of potential to become a very good franchise if they make it RPG type and open world.  I think Ryse was a demonstration of how powerful the graphics can look on xbone which i think had very good graphics, but the gaemplay was repetitive and too easy.  The game needs to be deeper and i think they got a very good franchise. 



Stop being like that Micro$oft. Just let them be and let them make the game for THEM!! Who cares if it comes to PS4? I want to see Crytek succeed and stay in business rather than Microsoft getting another exclusive.

dkp23 says:

That is because MS is the distributor of the game, so why would they fund a game that could possibly go PS4 if Crytek chose to?  That doesnt make sense at all. 

MS isn't the problem here, they are willing to fund the development, but want ownership of what they are paying for as well.  Also, if Crytek is in trouble, they want to own the IP in case they need to go to another developer that is another reason why they may want to secure the franchise. 

in any case, crytek needs to sit down and evaluate the situation, they have other games in developmoent that are in jeopardy.  Ryse only received average reviews and likely ok sales, there isn't much value in the Ryse IP.  They should highly consider selling the IP and have MS do what they want with it with another developer. 

_Emi_ says:

your comment surely makes sense!
especially the Micro$oft... aww how cute.

1. Crytek is in the place they are because of their bad business and fault.
2. it's OBVIOUS Microsoft won't fund something if it goes to PS4, why would they? are you really so clueless?
3. Microsoft is giving them the opportunity and Crytek decide if they accept of no, they don't want? well they could go and see if Sony funds the development of a game that would be multiplatform and go to xbox one. (it's crytek the one in a bad spot not Microsoft)
4. who cares? lol really?.... *sighs* it's obvious people who only owns a xbox one because it means it would be better graphically and in features since it could take advantage of kinect and smartglass (oh let's forget about it because nobody cares /s) and Microsoft also cares becuase why would I want to waste my money if it won't be exclusive, if it's not on xbox one as exclusive it will not benefit xbox one if people wanted a xbox one over ps4. so again, it's OBVIOUS so please... next time try to think a little, I am sure if you had a company you wouldn't pay to fund something a competitor will use as well so.... don't start with "who cares" and "$$" like if that made your comment smarter.

Apparently you can't take a joke. I said Micro$oft because that is their stereotype, sadly. And not sure if you know, but I have both consoles, use both, and love both. I actually got my X1 day one, but got my ps4 just a few months ago.

I guess you've never seen me here before, judging by your comment. :P

hwangeruk says:

No, we've never seen you. And I want photographic eveidence of your so called impartiality before we give you a pass. I await the provision of such evidence. p.s. no penis shots

I've never seen you. I always comment here, so if you've never seen me, well, get your eyes checked.

But if you are messing with me, kk. :P

Reflexx says:

MS is letting them be.

But if they want MS to fund the whole thing, that's a different story.

Ushae says:

I'm not to worried about Ryse. What MS should do.is make their own IP with action and RPG elements in a fantasy setting. Get it right this time, it's the biggest hole in MS franchises. They need a really good rpg.

Reflexx says:

What if the Age of Empires IP was expanded to a 3rd person Action/Adventure?

akaliel says:

AoE is an old school RTS.  There's really no lore to build on.  Sony has some great franchises in this space.  God of War, Uncharted, Last of Us.  Microsoft has Halo, which is starting to feel pretty stale.  I'd love to see Microsoft create some new IP's along the vein you see from Sony.

Sin Ogaris says:

Then I'm pretty sure someone in MS would get assassinated, don't ruin a good thing, that's my motto.

b23h says:

You know, strangely enough that reminds me of Fable.

However one can always have several franchises like that.

onysi says:

Microsoft needs to dump all that money to titanfall 2 before EA PORTS IT TO PS4. THAT GAME IS SYSTEM SELLER.

Wael Hasno says:

I haven't touched Titanfall in months. This game is great but no story campaign and friends to play with made it boring for me.

dkp23 says:

Titanfall was good for a bit, but fell flat. 


I just couldnt handle the lag and screen tears anymore. 


akaliel says:

I got this for PC, and played it quite a bit the first week, but it's no longer on my machine.  Kinda regret picking it up.  I guess I'm just a story driven single player gamer at heart.  I can't match the teenage cyborgs in the fps fragfest games.

Rubios says:

LOL Titanfail

The poor bots must be incredibly bored, people won't play it even for free.

Wael Hasno says:

If you can't buy the IP.. BUY THE STUDIO.

Buy Ryse IP?  Why in Ballmer's name would they want to do that?  Microsoft can do so much better.  Give me more Crimson Skies dammit. 

hwangeruk says:

b/a/l/l/m/e/r/s = nadellas


akaliel says:

Exactly, it would be cheaper to create their own IP along the same historical, mythical lines as Ryse or God of War.  While I enjoyed Ryse, it's not like it has a lot of pedigree here.  Not worth the price.

blackprince says:

Deus Ex, get that ip

swizzlerz says:

Hmm its just a game owell. I did buy it and paid for upgrade coins and the dlc pack. :)

Appleby55 says:

The Dreamcast never got the love it deserved. Solely responsible for the birth of online console sports. F'ing incredible. The Dreamcast and 2k sports was a dream come true

ballanda says:

Game sucks anyway.  Kill guy with sword, while the guy next to him patiently waits for his turn to get killed.   STUPID SHIT!

Rubios says:

And nothing of value was lost.

Manny C says:

Disappointing, I actually enjoyed Ryse. I'll hold onto the hope that things will get worked out, would love to see a sequel.

morete908 says:

Crytek got to big for its britches when it opened studios all over the world.  What in the heck were they thinking?  Where were they going to get the money to pay for their studio developers in South Korea, England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, China, Austin, Texas, and Ukraine?  Yerli said that Pay to Win was going to take over gaming world by storm and leave AAA titles in the dust.  Yerli also said that Crytek's focus was going to be on Pay to Win instead of archaic standalone titles.  Well, the Pay to Win bubble burst and Crytek is left holding a bag of bills and debt.  They should have just stayed in Germany, focused on independent PC games, stayed out of consoles and bought a small publishing house to publish their games.  Who needs behemoth publishers when good development and originality will sell itself.  Did Minecraft need EA to be successful?  How is it that Amnesia is sill coming out with sequels without Activision?  Crytek bet on the wrong horse and now its time for them to get back to basics.  They're never going to produce hits like Modern Warfare or Battlefield, but successful indie game developers won't either.  Microsoft is Microsoft.  That will never change.  As a corporation, I can't blame them for wanting all of the rights to Ryse.  I do blame them for abandoning successful games because when years pass, the game loses the initial large revenue stream that investors and corporate number crunchers want (FSX anyone?), yet it is still popular with scores of enthusiasts.  

Hopefully after this, Crytek will be done with behemoth publishers.  They didn't learn from EA.  Hopefully they learned from Microsoft. 

Cellus13 says:

Stop hurting the consumer! We have nothing to do with this! Come on!!!!!!????