Sainsbury's Windows Phone app available on the Marketplace

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Should you be an avid Sainsbury's supermarket shopper and love earning the ol' Nectar points, you'll want to check out the Sainsbury's app for Windows Phone. The app, which is available for free, is a portal of information accompanied by quick access to the mobile version of the online store.

Unfortunately you'll not be able to do the weekly shop through the app, but Nectar details, special (and some exclusive) offers and a store locator is included. While more functionality would complete the experience, it's good to have such an app available on the platform.

Should you wish to order groceries online, you'll be taken to the mobile version of the supermarket's website in Internet Explorer, which will require a separate store login.

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You can download the Sainsbury's app from the Marketplace for free. Thanks, Dan J., for the tip!

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hwangeruk says:

thank God I use Ocado.
Much better stock control, and different business model.
(Sainsburys come to your house from local store, Ocado vans come from distribution centres)
With Ocado I get:
 * A better app on Windows Phone (that I can shop on -doh!)
 * Fresher food
 * Less missing items
Much prefer these over <huk spit> Tescos (veg nearly out of date when you get it etc)
But Ocado is the clear winner for me.

danWP7allday says:

Haven't used Ocado yet., but i hear they're goid. I'm a nectar fan, so I'm glad Sainsbury's has come to Windows Phone. I'm sure the app will improve...