Samsung AllShare DLNA workaround patched

It's confirmed this time around. Samsung has finally patched the AllShare app to fix the glitch that enabled Focus and Omnia 7 owners to use DLNA and stream content to and from supported devices. Unfortunately Samsung seems to be dedicated to leaving us 1st-gen handset owners in the dark with the latest features.

While we previously brought some good news to the table when reports came in that the manufacturer patched the app and the glitch remained operational, it's game over now folks.

Thanks NaterBater for the heads up!



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na21 says:

Last time I get a Samsung phone. Not that DLNA support is a must have for me but artifically locking out older gen models from new features is just poor form.

xpxp2002 says:

Agreed. Samsung also basically broke Bluetooth headset support in the last firmware update. They lowered the Bluetooth volume for text-to-speech and TellMe so far that it isn't even usable anymore. I rolled back to the prior firmware, but I think when my contract is up I'll be picking up an HTC or Nokia phone. I feel like Samsung is too worried about making Android more appealing than Windows Phone by doing things like this. HTC and Nokia are clearly making Windows Phone a priority.

na21 says:

MS should really try to manage OEMs a little so that things like dont happen.

SauX64 says:

Like i said in the app review, this was the last time i bought a Samsung device, just like you, it's not the app missing it's the policy to **** me for **** new feature.

boschi66 says:

Way to thank us early adopters Samsung. I now know for sure that my next phone is a Nokia. Bye bye focus ~love~

Judge_Daniel says:

Why does it even let us download it, then? I think that is what makes me the maddest.

I found app ArkMC on Android store it could strem video, photos to TV from phone good