Samsung's bringing HDR, Smooth and Slow video to their Windows Phone 8.1 app

ATIV Camera

Windows Phone 8.1 is around the corner for general release and with it, Samsung is bringing a new camera app. It's not secret that Windows Phone 8.1 unlocks a few advanced features in the camera, including slow motion recording and video editing. Samsung evidently is not letting Nokia get all the glory as their new Camera app is sitting on the Store, ready to be downloaded.

The ATIV Camera app from Samsung looks to be full featured, including such options as Auto, Beauty Face, Best Photo, Best Face, Rich Tone (HDR), Eraser, and Night Shot. For video recording there are Smooth motion, Slow motion and capturing still images from recorded video.

Perhaps the one downside for ATIV owners who will certainly want this app is the inability to use it at this time. The app is Windows Phone 8.1 only, and it will leverage forthcoming firmware that Samsung is expected to push out in the coming weeks. So for now, you'll just have to sit on the sides and wait for the Windows Phone 8.1 update and new firmware, but at least you can take solace in knowing Samsung still has a few tricks left.

The Samsung ATIV S, ATIV SE, ATIV S Neo are expected to receive Windows Phone 8.1 officially, though Samsung has been quiet on their plans thus far. We reported earlier that ATIVE SE owners may want to hold off on using the Preview for Developers due to some ongoing stability issues in not having new firmware.

Thanks, neo158, for the tip!

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Aww I also tipped this one lol

kaynachtsman says:

I hope they fix their soundalive app for the ativ S soon it crashes always.

Works perfectly on my ativ s neo

neo158 says:

Soundalive was never released officially for the ATIV S, I do hope they make it available though.

Novron says:

There are a lot things which need fixing with Samsung and 8.1. Unresponsive touch screen, SD card corruption, led flash crashes the phone, etc... Had to shelve my SE and go back to my Icon.

neo158 says:

All problems that are being fixed in the firmware!!!

PeeHoo says:

Is it anyhow possible to install this Lumia 920 WP 8.1?

DennisvdG says:

Now why would you want to do that?

neo158 says:

Really, why would you want this when you have the Nokia Camera App that can be set as default as well!!!

Duduosf says:

Maybe because we don't get HDR mode, neither a proper slow mo video. That app (Slowly) is just terrible...

mango.lover says:

Seconded. We need all the HDR options that we can on Windows Phone. It's ridiculous that such a photography-focused phone OS doesn't have it built in when the crap camera iPhone has it.

MacDaMachine says:

Nothing about the iPhone camera is crap. Takes just as good photos as my 920 and way better photos with the front facing camera.

Duduosf says:

True. My friend's 5S takes much better daylight photos than my 925. But that's due to the post processing software from Nokia, which kinda softens the photo. Lowlight photos are bright as ever, though.

myrandex says:

Not at night...

Duduosf says:

I know, that's what I said lol

Well, not totally. In many occasions, I had to take pics quickly in a moving environment or with shaky hands, my 920 always had and still have the most usable pics while my peers with iphone 5 ( and samsung devices in such occasions are even worse) did not have almost any use of their pics. And oh don't get me started about the night.

I wouldn't say iphone camera is crap but definetly not as good as the 920.

About the front facing camera, it's hit or miss in all phones frankly, when taking selfies with my peers with the FFC of the i5, sometimes the pics do come so well, while on other times, they come horribly, The same goes for many lumias. Well, I avoid taking pics with the FFC thanks to touch to capture, shutter camera button and lately Glam me on my lumia. Also, iphone users can avoid usingthe FFC as well by using the volume rocker as a shutter key, but many of them don't know this( i was shocked when finding out about this) .

Nakazul says:

What about "4Blend HDR"?

Ed Boland says:

HDR camera is what I use... works perfectly!

Exactly. Its such a pity we do not have HDR capibility within the NOKIA camera app. And slowmo videos would be awesome to have

Ed Boland says:

HDR Camera or 4Blend HDR for HDR photos...

We won't be able to do "real" slow motion videos until our hardware supports 60FPS or higher recording.

Duduosf says:

Question is: Why hasn't Nokia brought this up in the Icon/930 since the processor already supports it?

I'm not certain but I heard somewhere about a proxy trick to do this (requires PC as well) and another way is to developer unlock.... Well leave it.
It can be risky and I won't recommend you do that

Novron says:

That trick has been patched out of existence.

Sorry for wrongly targeted reply, I'm using the WPC app.

Sam034SF says:

The method of the proxy still working to install other OEM's apps. But this one is not realesed yet. 

Nik Rolls says:

If you read the article it says it relies on Samsung firmware, so no.

I'm not sure but if you Bing it you'll come to know some people at xda developers have reportedly made it possible to load other OEMs apps in any WP 8 device. Some worked, some didn't.

Nik Rolls says:

Sure you can install it, but it won't work because it's supported by Samsung firmware. The article says it doesn't even work on Samsung phones yet until the OEM 8.1 update, so why would it work on Nokias?

I've read it and the comments as well :)
I was assuming on the past experience of what I read at xda developers. But honestly, I also don't think this app, specifically, would work that might as well actually integrate/depend with Samsung's hardware(for the camera) not just firmware once WP 8.1 is out.

guri21 says:

I guess its not possible..as the article clearly mentions that it leverages some of the features that would come with the ATIV firmware ...so no luck with Lumia,but there are plenty of apps in store for HDR and for rest Nokia Camera is well and good

Why not available for lumia 525??

Nokia is not Samsung, I mean...really

It's Samsung exclusive.

RaRa85 says:

Just READ slower.:)

eXus#WP says:

Just THINK, you mean. ;)

RaRa85 says:

A combination of both actually.lol

Arda Ozkal says:

Not even available on samsung?!

neo158 says:

It is, try typing ATIV Camera into the search box as it's not in the Samsung Zone yet.

mango.lover says:

Really? Really? How do you live your life? Ugh, the gall of some people.

guri21 says:

Its Samsung exclusive bro...just like Nokia Camera app is exclusive to Lumia

Loco5150 says:

Does this fix the camera bug without the FW? Downloading now...

neo158 says:

No, it doesn't. It doesn't seem to crash as badly as the Microsoft one though, however I couldn't get this to work properly, I assume it's just the updated firmware that's needed.

Loco5150 says:

I dont have the after flash anymore... I will try to switch lenses now, before that used to need reboot to get camera back up and running again

tidl-dee-pom says:

Same thing here. Downloaded, but crashes badly almost every time. If it doesn't crash, it won't let me take pictures or even switch to video or turn on/off flash.

neo158 says:

I don't believe it's the app at fault though, I think it's just updated firmware.

tidl-dee-pom says:

I think so, too. We'll have to be patient then. Hopefully not for too long...

Loco5150 says:

Yup, switching back from video crashes the app, reboot needed. The after flash is gone, however selecting flash off now does not work. I guess that can be done by selecting burst mode?

Yousef Kawmi says:

Hidden gems are from the past ? 

diplomat696 says:

Hidden gems are hidden good things that don't get a lot of coverage or are harder to come across as the name suggests :)

Just like treasure hunting in olden days :P
"...from the past"

Aman2901 says:

Neo158 has an Ativ S..I know that for sure!!

neo158 says:

I certainly do :)

anirban130 says:

Need gyroscope... My L 625 says so...

Suhasa Su says:

And front facing camera, my 520 says so.

aafa says:

i love my ATIV S!

Loco5150 says:

Yes it does, no after flash anymore...

Cant see it does much for being under a mb

Never underestimate potential of an app from its size ;)
But yeah this one isn't ready yet.

neo158 says:

Under a MB!!?! This app is 10MB in size, look at the store page before commenting.

I have. don't know why it says that but it does

pankaj981 says:

Well I guess from the pic posted on the article one might think that the app is less than a MB but from the pic it looks like the app is open on an Ativ SE running WP8 while on 8.1 it shows as 10 MB

gyurkikrisz says:

It captures real slowmo videos or just capture with 30 pfs?

Zuka_WPC says:

That's not really how slow motion cameras work. It's the other way around actually, higher fps is captured, like 1500 fps for example, and then played back at (usually) 27 fps after capture. This ensures smooth video because they're are plenty of frames to stretch the video out. You won't get stuttering unless the length of the video in seconds times the frames per second playback speed is greater than the total amount of frames captured.

DennisvdG says:

When will wp get 60 fps video recording?? Aaaaarrgh

Duduosf says:

Or even 120 fps for that matter?

SgtBigRig says:

lol sounds like you need a camera NOT a phone...  people seem to forget a smartphone is a jack of all trades,but the master of none.  

Duduosf says:

True! Since iPhones compare to DSLRs...

DJCBS says:

I never understood why Nokia ever brought HDR to their camera apps or my hasn't Microsoft Mobile brought it in the meantime. It's the kind of feature that all Android camera apps aparently have.

The fact that Samsung of all "people" beats Microsoft to this shouldn't leave anyone happy apart, of course, from users of Samsung's WP offerings since they finally have something others don't.

Hope the cyan update on Lumia devices will fix the battery issues we are facing can't even count how times I have plugged in my phone

Xsled says:

Last update had a dramatic improvement in battery for me.

Rick Smits says:

Indeed but FW optimizes it and battery life should increase once again.

Duduosf says:

My battery is sucking lately. And my 925 is only 2 weeks old. I looked in the battery saver and it shows that Phone takes up almost all of my battery and I don't know why... Waiting on another update, hopefully!

Nokia getting all the glory pfft, Samsung has always been a good 9months ahead of the game with its apps, Nokia seems to copy the ideas after a while (eg. App folders).
Nokia have just pumped a ton of money into advertising, Samsung tend to have a little more class in that respect.
And less of the bugs that plague nokias overbearing selection of devices.

seq1 says:

LOL Really?

You definitely need to check the store...

Micah Dawson says:

Nokia pumped money into advertising....you mean the same way Samsung did with their galaxy line? Get real.

fbendotti says:

Didn't realize Samsung made a windows phone.

caliborn says:

Someone always has to come in with this lame comment. Give it a rest already!

neo158 says:

Well, now you realise they make several Windows Phones!!!

aitt says:

Since WP existed so quit with the bullshit already.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

guri21 says:

Lol Samsung has done phones with every OS now their own propetiery,android,Windows,now Tizen...

roguecroce says:

When WPC write that WP8.1 is 'just around the corner' what do they know? There's no official realise date yet, is there?

There has never been an official release date, as it's contingent upon your phone manufacturer, phone model and carrier if applicable.

The fact that there are Windows Phone 8.1 device literally on sale today, or new models about to go on sale, should be evidence enough that OTA updates are around the corner. We even posted the update schedule for Nokia in one particular region. We've been saying July/August for months now and that still holds true.

asylumxl says:

Let's hope that Nokia Camera receives a few new features soon.

I think a lot of smartphone users expect certain "features" such as HDR to be available from the get go (without other applications). Obviously, most of these won't actually improve photos if they're crap anyway but the general public perceives the photos to be better quality.

Makm says:

(off topic) - can we expect wp8.1 to be officially released tomorrow? (24th?)

Aashish13 says:

It was rumoured but lets c still no idea it may be released for Lumia 1520 and 1020

nitsuk says:

Sure hope so seeing many teasers and also the fact that the WP8.1 lifecycle starts on the 24th also, fingers crossed

Dan working on a Sunday chill dude enjoy your weekend

elangab says:

Good, that means they're working on a new firmware

The question is though will it cover 1gen handsets last update was to remove a heavily unused app from Samsung zone nothing else was useful

neo158 says:

Why wouldn't it, all WP8 devices are getting WP8.1 so they'll need supporting firmware as well.

What i meant is some 1 gen ativ s wont get the app like they didnt with the audio app

apnaadda says:

No slow motion feature for Microsoft/Nokia users?

Duduosf says:

There is this Slowly app from Nokia, but it sucks.

Yousef Kawmi says:

It's not from Nokia

venetasoft says:

Let s wait for new 8.1 optimized drivers from Nokia, Lumias chipset should support 60fps...

Duduosf says:

The SoC 800 already allows that to happen. It's Nokia that didn't take advantage of that yet...

Duduosf says:

The first time I envy a Samsung product.

Liviu Avram says:

You shouldn't. Nokia has more camera apps that can make stunning shots or even gifs. Blink, Nokia Cinemagraph, Nokia Panorama, Nokia Refocus and the Nokia Creative Studio. People forgot about these apps and are focused on the Nokia Camera.

Duduosf says:

We do forget, don't we? I happen to have all of these apps on my phone!

neo158 says:

I also found out that this app adds the ability to record in slow motion and has the ability to take pictures while recording a video, not really revolutionary but it adds those functions as well as the ones mentioned in the article.

I hope that this app can be set as they default camera app when it works.

IceDree says:

There is no reason it shouldn't ... The option been there since GDR2 & as an OEM Samsung should be able to do it

neo158 says:

True, but only Nokia has had access to that option so I hope that has changed so that other OEMs have access to that feature as well.

IceDree says:

I have that option in my HTC 8X ... But HTC's Camera app is only available on the 8XT so far.

Zuka_WPC says:

ProShot has HDR support and a plethora of other features. If it could just be launched from the camera button, it would literally kill NC overnight.

I know seeing as it was never scrubbed from non nokia roms why keep it if its not supported for other odms

IceDree says:

Cool, happy for Ativ owners.
Sounds like a full featured camera app ... But no Burst Shots is kinda weird.

Checked the store link ... One Rating ... One Star. Lol that's cold.

neo158 says:

No, that's actually good as the last time I looked it was Zero Stars and Zero Ratings, however that may be from someone saying it doesn't work without realising that it requires updated firmware to function properly.

IceDree says:

Yea, you probably right

Well seeing as the app is under 1mb & its just a test submission it means they have a long way to go in perfecting it

neo158 says:

Huh, check the store link it's not a test submission and it's 10MB!!!!

Maybe it hasnt been updated yet in my region?

melvinmajor says:

I already have it on my ATIV S since a few days and it's unusable (nothing works properly)

neo158 says:

I've mentioned this further up but I suspect we need the updated firmware to get it working properly, no big deal as it should be out soon.

pinkgr says:

Hey, I downloaded and it kinda crushed!


pukem0n says:

ATIV camera only shows an image, but i cant take the photo.

also it crashes after 20 seconds and the phonescreen turns black and i have to remove the battery to restart ^^


so dont start this app if you dont want to take out your battery ^^


tnakfully the standard camera works just fine for me

Omg! Exclusive app for Samsung owners? Great man! But u know what? I've Nokia camera Nokia refocus Nokia Creative studio Nokia glam me.. Lol :D

areserhat says:

Htc apps needs updates too :/

scooter165 says:

Haha! Ha! What apps!? The HTC Hub has been broken forever and they don't seem all that interested in fixing it... Why must HTC have such amazing hardware but skimp out on software? #HTCProblems

Zuka_WPC says:

Lol. I remember my first HTC. Right before I switched to Lumia. I remember it being a great piece of hardware, but crappy software and next to no post launch support. It was like a hot chick that was awful in bed.

sdreamer says:

Ooo, nice Samsung. Those are much more consumer friendly type or features then manual control of Nokia Pro Cam. I feel like this is much more consumer friendly than all those camera apps from Nokia, think some consumers are put off by the plethora of apps from Nokia and get confused on what to use sometimes.

Micah Dawson says:

Lol nobody gets confused. You have to download most of those apps anyway.

Jack Janik says:

He didn't word it very well, but even I do.. Like, there's so many apps from Nokia.. If only they made an app that was a camera, editor, and sharer all in one..

roguecroce says:

Well all I can say is that my mobile provider has not plans to update their Lumia devices at present. They'd never heard of WP8.1.

I can't believe Nokia hasn't given us slow motion yet. As the guy above stated, all we have is that Slowly app, and sorry, buy its just horrible.

Just found an app called "Instant Replay". Much better...try that.

pankaj981 says:

If Samsung releases a Nokia Camera type app I'll definitely buy a T899M

ygtgngr says:

Anyone knows the line to use in fidler to change our device builder to smasung?

lesd777 says:

Nokia needs a slo mo app

Slovenix says:

Ooo a Samsung Camera on its own just what I was thinking was great to have :D

SamiHanna says:

App not working

TSBnick says:

App is completely unusable on my Ativ, but it's nice to know that Samsung is working on a camera app

Zuka_WPC says:

I'm working on an app to cure cancer, but it's unusable at the moment and only works if you follow your heart and believe in yourself. Pat me on the back please

elitelibra says:

I still dont get why Samsung doesn't have their other apps on windows. it could drive more ppl to their new tizen os while adding apps to our ecosystem

Jack Janik says:

Because Android :P

Zuka_WPC says:

Because sheep

astroXP says:

I'm happy for the 3 users out there

Zuka_WPC says:


Jack Janik says:



Zuka_WPC says:

True. It's like watching an old lady try to start a fight with Bruce Lee. Quite entertaining.

Jack Janik says:

I'm saying that too much power is never a good thing. :-)

luismfarelo says:

This seems to indicate Samsung is committed to updating and supporting the Ativ line. Good for us Ativ users.

12Danny123 says:

I'm glad that Samsung is wiling to expand and support for their portfolio of OS devices. we should thank MS for making WP for free to get more support from OEMs.


PS: I do wonder When Samsung's rumoured WPs are coming to light

SgtBigRig says:

hope nokia as a company ends soon and it's remains spread about the 4 corners of the earth lol.   Sooo tired of the fanboys "thats what you get for not getting a nokia".   Theres a level of pompous (asshole-ery)  that even Iphone users don't  show.   Its amazing and in many ways embarrasing.  Considering  WP and its ecosystem and be gone in a single instant..a bad stock here or there, and its done.  Even  Amazon's phone could  rise above WP. Amazon doesn't juggle a bunch of other projects. it keep focused.     

What worse is the unprofessional  Mods, and article authors that perpetuate that ignorance.  (its why i stick to wmpoweruser.com   Waaaay less (BS). 

Stop being the douchebags you are and be humble for once.

Zuka_WPC says:

Wmpoweruser is, how do I put it... Uncredible. Otherwise good points made here.

snowmutt says:

So.... not trying to start a fight at all, huh?  I LOVE people who call out "pompous" attitudes by basically acting like a grade school kid writing bad things about the teacher on the bathroom wall.


The vast majority of Nokia users are WP fans who flocked to the company with the best support and the most forward thinking devices.  If tomorrow that turns into Samsung, the majority of WP users will be enjoying the fact the Next Big Thing was here.  If that happens to be the MS-owned artist formally known as Nokia, then the Surface brand phone- or whatever MS decides the line will be called- it will be.

Heck, if it is Casio, so be it.


As for the unprofessional Moderators (of which I am one in the forums) and article writers, that is your own experience which apparently was bad.  I am sorry for that. I know on the forums, we talk regulary about keeping "flame wars" down to a polite roar.  I loved my Samsung Focus S, and applaud Samsungs WP offerings.  I would own a Sammy again in a heartbeat.


But to argue which company is supporting WP more is silly.  Nokia has history on it's side. I own a Nokia L920 because it was a great deal and it stinking rocks. This is a step in the right direction for Samsung's WP offerings, and I am a HUGE fan of the Samsung ATIV SE on Verizon, but it is hard to reason out owning a Samsung over Nokia if you love WP.  Nokia does not have to be humble. It ain't bragging if you done it and can back it up.

Alan Sutton says:

Would be nice if Samsung actually promoted the Windows 8 phone, and not hide it away. At the big Samsung display in Future shop, no Windows phone, challenged them, some blah, blah about Android only, said why are they then displaying Windows laptops, OH! the phone is not selling, Duh! if its not marketed and available it will never sell. My carrier SaskTel had the ATIV and professes no longer to give a Windows 8 phone option, have every other Samsung under the sun. I like my Samsung ATIV, so hopefully Samsung starts to market it, surprised they are even updating apps.

myfyp2 says:

Samsung kind of confuse me. On on hand they treat their WP phones as an afterthought and do not market them at all. On the other hand, they update the WP apps now and then, and sometimes even release new app.

dimatador says:

Is not working at all

emjey says:

Again! Not for 512MB RAM

Eroneko says:

Nokia camera need panorama and HDR. Hate to jump between Nokia panorama and Nokia camera and HDR third party app

BeloCZ says:

App doesn't work at all, but after installing even microsoft camera app stopped working. I will have to do HR. :/ GR8 work samsung :D (ATIV S)

salehis18 says:

Hey guys. I got a 5 mb update for wp 8.1 on my lumia 820 two days ago. What about you?? Did you get that?

dalydose says:

These exclusives are killing the platform! /s

Slovenix says:

Please note that we'll need firmware update first :)

SIMONator24 says:

If I have WP8.1 and I resetted my phone, will it convert back to WP8 I had before or stay WP8.1?

Slovenix says:

Will stay 8.1

I'm a Nokia user but glad to see Samsung still doing their bit. Now then HTC, your move!

Sean Eu Chng says:

How's the Samsung performance in WP?

Slovenix says:

I think the performance on windows phone is pretty much equal no matter what OEM. The main difference is in the camera hardware with Lumias if you care about it. I own Ativ S, everything work as it should. It's all about the OS itself.

laserfloyd says:

Give me 240fps at a decent resolution and I'll buy it. I can't quite drop 5 grand on the cheapest HD high speed cam. :P

sandeep208 says:

please make it available for wp7.8...Developers are concentrating on developing apps for wp8 .what about wp7.8?? We too need updates we too need apps.these apps are good to use .. we bought our phones at high costs yet we aren't getting any good apps for wp7.8..we are suffering even after spending lots of money on phones(wp7.8)..please make good apps like these availible on wp7.8.please