Samsung: carrier unlock your Windows Phone, void your warranty?

We hate writing posts ripping on Samsung because we're generally big fans of their Windows Phones (who isn't)? So it kind of pains us to write how, at least through the Twitter Canadian support channel, they're telling a customer that his Windows Phone's warranty is now void since he carrier unlocked it. Specifically, Colin B. has an AT&T carrier branded Focus that he wants to work on Fido. He has to have data-roaming enabled even though it is carrier unlocked so he asked Samsung about it...hence their response: "Hi Colin. Your warranty is void. Please contact Fido if you have issues with data usage."

We've actually seen this before with the MMS issue. There, Samsung said there phones are meant for specific networks only and do not support reconfiguration. Of course that was sort of nonsense as they had a semi-working app in their App store for that purpose. They then updated it to fix the MMS configuration error.

Carrier unlocking phones is a pretty standard practice these days, especially with places like Europe considering it a consumer right. So it's odd to see Samsung wiping their hands of the matter with a customer who has an issue. What do you folks think--Samsung being fair and within their rights or just poor customer service?

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Colin, for the info



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Hi,I bought my unlocked T-Mobile branded Omnia 7 from Germany and use it on Vodafone Greece. Do u think i'll face any problems with the upcoming update?Thanks

ColinBowern says:

Thanks for the post team - just a quick note that the Network Profile app doesn't allow me to add a custom profile. If my MO doesn't have a properly formatted "over-the-air WAP push OMA client provisioning" my understanding is that the Network Profile app is basically useless. Trying to find someone now inside Fido in Canada that can fix the problem, but my hopes are not all that high given the typical first line of support - "we don't support the phone because we don't sell it" excuse.

xpxp2002 says:

I would think that since the US Copyright Office has declared carrier-unlocking legal that you could successfully challenge Samsung's warranty voiding in court.