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Samsung Focus S keyboard oddity

There is a discussion going on in the's forums on an oddity with the Samsung Focus S's keyboard. Apparently if you get to typing really fast a lag time is created between the tapping of the key and hearing the "tap" sound.

I don't doubt that such a lag time is happening but my typing skills aren't fast enough to notice any lag time at all. The keystrokes register as you type so I'm left to ask, does such a lag time matter?

Most will be concentrating on what is being typed instead of whether or not the "tapping" sound is in sync with the keyboard strokes.  I can't say that this is a major issue or even a bug because not everyone will type fast enough to notice.  So... is this a bug the will slow down your typing or just an oddity with the Samsung Focus S?

If you've experienced this lag time or simply want to chime in on the discussion, head on over to this Forums discussion and let us know what you think?


Reader comments

Samsung Focus S keyboard oddity


Yes! I have noticed this bug since day one with my Focus S. I type BLAZING fast, and I notice it with every single email or SMS I type. It does slow me down. And I am very convinced it is more than just the sound lagging - the letters actually showing up on the screen is lagging as well. I actually find myself pausing for 1/2 second or so to let the phone catch up with me.

The first thing I do on any phone is turn that noise off. God damn it's annoying, especially if you're sitting somewhere quiet and someone else is tapping away.

Same here -- I don't like the clicking or having to submit others to my sms/email messages. Why have it click? I'm not blind and can see what I am typing and do not require an audible alert to tell me.

I concur that this is an issue. I thought it was just me but I have experienced the exact symptoms. The sound can turned off but its the delay of the letters popping up that screws me up. Hopefully this can be addressed.

I never notice any issues with that as I turn it off. In fact, turning it off helped reduce lag on other virtual keyboards for different OS, so I kept turning it off not only because of how annoying it sounds, but to help with lag.

It happens to me, and it's really annoying. I like that tap sound on the Windows Phone. I end up turning it off if the lag gets to me but that is hardly a real fix.

Same here. I noticed this as soon as I started typing my first email on the Samsung Focus S (about three days ago). It seems to happen about 30% of the time. I wonder if this has to do with some background processing going on (like spell checking). I find this a bit annoying and I do like a bit of keyboard sound while typing so I prefer not to turn this off.

Yep. Same issue. My old Focus had the constant sound no matter how fast I typed, and that felt quite **** And on my Focus S is experiencing this lagging sound...ugh. You'd think this would be an easy

it happens to me too, it used to happen on my og focus as well, but mango seemed to fix the issue, so it def seems like a software problem that can be fixed in an update.however, i tend to turn off the noises because i find them a nuisance to people around me, but i have (had) found that i typed more accurately for some reason with them on (when i used them on my focus)it seems like a lot of little issues with the focus s are just in need of a software update to optimize the phone. the headphone jack issue with the mic controls is something more troubling as it seems like more of a hardware problem.

Same here... Unlocked AT&T Samsung Focus S build 7720.68, it's super annoying... hope it will be fixed soon. For the rest, this Samsung is a really good device!