Samsung GT-i8350 could be "Omnia W"

We first heard about the Samsung GT-i8350 in July, when it was speculated to be a follow up to the Omnia 7.  Yesterday, we saw that it got its Bluetooth certification, which means it's close to being released.  Word is now that the GT-i8350 will be re-branded as the Omnia W and that it will hit shelves in October. 

The Mango-equipped refresh of the Omnia 7 will also sport the following:

  • 1GHz processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 5MP camera
  • 3.7-inch WVGA screen
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth (as we already knew)

Nothing to get excited about here, but hey, it will be one more option out there come Fall.

Source: HDBlog; Via: PocketNow



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selfcreation says:

WHAAAAAAAAT! no S-AMOLED PLUS!?!?!?!?! , guess it wont cost me an other 600$ in october after all. lol

futurix says:

Where did you see that there is no S-AMOLED+??

selfcreation says:

3.7-inch WVGA screenit should of been : 3.7 S-Amoled Plus screen.

futurix says:

WVGA is resolution, not a display technology.

selfcreation says:

its cause samsung NEVER uses the term WVGA , they are so proud of the AMOLED ,, if you look up phone specs you always see AMOLED , and not the other stuff. ah well w/e still hope i guess .. but still 3.7 ,, meh

Sogeman says:

So just the bare minimum...

Omega Ra says:

well if those are the specs, maybe some one at XDA can hack it and make it work on my old Omnia 2 lol just for fun.

drankurn says:

the specs don't make any sense, why would they release the same specs as another phone ?? is it anything different from the original omnia 7

futurix says:

Smaller screen.That's probably a refresh of a budget device.

drankurn says:

don't know about that, Being 1 yr old, i think they can easily sell the omnia 7 for free so i don't think just using a smaller screen would make it any cheaper at this stage?my point is that most likely the spec info. is not right.

nizzon says:

I wonder if it will have the same bunch of bugs as the Omnia7 aswell. Pfff.

devGOD says:

Samsung phones have the worst firmware, i wouldn't touch a samsung phone you'll be waiting for updates months after they were released

selfcreation says:

bah , never had a problem with My focus , my Omnia 2 or my Omia 1or my TV , or my camera , i like samsung lol . maybe the firmware is bad but who cares does are easy fixes, i ratehr have the best harwared ( samsung amoled ) then firmware

Winterfang says:

Yikes all my hopes of samsung awesomes in the toilet. Not even an 8MP camera.

DavidinCT says:

Yawn...show me some better specs and I'll be back..