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Samsung Omnia 7 updates back on

Seems as though everything is back on after we mentioned the patch Samsung released yesturday for their Omnia 7, which addressed the issue with devices not being able to update. Microsoft have confirmed in a blog post that the Samsung Omnia 7 handsets will begin receiving either NoDo or 7392 (dependant on whichever stage you're at) in stages, but unfortunately no word has been said on the Focus.

If you haven't recevied any error on your Omnia 7 with updating to 7392 from NoDo (code: 801812C1) then you will not need to use the Samsung patch, just update as you usually would via Zune or Windows Phone 7 Connector. So, fantastic news all around, right? We'll keep you all up-to-date with anything we receive for Focus handsets.

Source: Microsoft



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ducttape36 says:

wasn't there supposed to be a dell venue pro firmware update today?

Microsoft still has problems rolling out updates. In this case all they're deploying are security certificates. Does anyone really expect all WP7 phones will receive mango in 2011? I don't think it's possible. These guys are clueless.

TrentTech says:

These issues are manufacturer related more than MS related. Yes MS is responsible for fixing the problems but it seems they were caused by manufacturers not properly adhering to the standards set by MS.It sounds like NoDo introduced driver updates which were incompatible with certain components in certain revisions of Samsung devices, thus making the security update fail and causing the other issues.Now they have got virtually all the devices updating properly that should mean that Mango will be a heck of a lot smoother.

kraft_mk says:

There are lots of problems reported so far.My: Bootloader ver. If using Samsung update tool – Cant get the phone in DL mode.- On the phone: rebooting process stack on “Samsung Omnia 7” white color msg.2. Via Zune - reported that update is available .- I started the update but process stack on “rebooting the phone” page. ( page 6 of 10 )- The update zune error code is because I have to disconnect the USB cable – reboot and connect again.More info here at XDA :[url][...

jimski says:

Sounds like Samsung did not do their homework. Glad all the OEM's are on board (more the merrier) but between the Venue Pro and Samsung device issues, Microsoft has had to do a lot more damage control than expected. Maybe they should just have Nokia make all their phones and call it a day. And btw, for the blame Microsoft for everything critics out there, if Samsung gives you a phone from rev 1 for testing, but forgets to tell you there are also rev 2,3,4 & 5 devices, whose fault is that.

jfa1 says:

hopefully samsung/ms are getting things worked out for the focus and it will get the cert update soon as well!