Samsung Omnia W available for pre-order

Should you be excited about the Samsung Omnia W then perhaps pre-ordering the handset would be a wise investment? Especially since it's reasonably priced on Expansys at £329.99 (€384,99 on the Italy site), which is in the neighborhood of $515 U.S. dollars.  The mid-range device is slightly cheaper than the competitive HTC Radar, which was spotted on Clove for £285 (excl. VAT) or $447 U.S.

The Omnia W specification sheet has the device sporting a 3.7" Super AMOLED screen, 1.4Ghz processor and a 5MP rear camera (with FF VGA camera), running Mango of course. Check out some HD shots of the Samsung Omnia W and HTC Radar for more eye-popping content.

So, question being, which are you? Radar or Omnia W?

Source: Expansys IT, Expansys UK, via: Plaffo, thanks Antonino and @J45PER for the tips!



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Raiven says:

I'm a little confused ... how is £329.99 cheaper than £285?

Rich Edmonds says:

£285 (excl. VAT). Basically, it excludes tax, so once the VAT is added on top of the price it'll be the price you pay when you checkout. Last we checked Clove had an error on the site where the VAT included price wasn't shown but it should be around £340.

JamesDax3 says:

lol, ikr. looks like the Radar is cheaper. If TMOUS can bring the Radar 4G for $149 or less on contract I may just brake down and get it.

Rich Edmonds says:

It's excluding VAT tax. See comment above.

hardrock1a says:

I am just completely underwhelmed by what I am seeing so far. Maybe I am just difficult to impress, but there is nothing about these devices that have any real WOW factor to me. I want some nice design, I dislike crApple, but I have to say, the iPhone 4 is a beautiful looking device. I don't want Apple ripoff stuff either, but I want nice devices. Thats the main reason I am wanting to see what Nokia hits us with.

MrBurrrns says:

Agreed. This is a completely average and unexciting phone. The only advantage over the old Omnia phone is the FF camera. But that is not enough.Come on Microsoft, where is the WP7 killer phone?

Saljen says:

I like the design, but the spec sheet is a little underwhelming. I hope Samsung really is consdiering this their mid-tier phone and they release something similar to the Galaxy S II spec and/or design wise for the top-tier.

zulu208 says:

who's the carrier for this phone?