Samsung Omnia W now available in the UK

The Samsung Omnia W has hit the shores of the UK and is now available at a couple different sites.  Play has Samsung's new Mango handset in stock for £339.99, SIM-free, with free shipping.  Alternatively, you can pre-order a free Omnia W at BuyMobilePhones on an O2 contract for as little as £15.68 per month.  That plan will get you 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data monthly.  BuyMobilePhones does not have an arrival date listed as of yet, so if you want a quick fix, Play is the way to go.

The Samsung Omnia W becomes the third Mango-native handset in the UK, along with the Nokia Lumia 800 and the HTC Titan.  It sports a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, 1.4GHz processor, 5MP camera, front-facing camera, and 1500mAh battery.

Source: Play, BuyMobilePhones; Via: SOMobile



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You mean along with the HTC Radar, and HTC Titan (seeing as the Lumia is not out yet)

jabtano says:

I think this device looks much better than the Radar and the Lumia. the one thing that kills this device is the start button. other than that. it's a very nice looking device.

Jay Bennett says:

Why oh why couldn't they have just put another 8GB in there...

Solidstate89 says:

Because they couldn't sell it as cheap.

HeyCori says:

I'm more upset about that shoddy camera. Not even as good as my Focus. :(

futurix says:

Shoddy? Why? From the specs it appears to be identical to Focus.

scaramanga89 says:

Just import an unlocked US focus. No tangible difference in speed, same camera, more storage, better screen. Half the price.