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Samsung prepping a firmware update for the ATIV S Windows Phone


Samsung is preparing to support Windows Phone consumers with an update for the ATIV S flagship device, according to a report over on WindowsPhoneItaly. This firmware update will take each non-branded ATIV S from 2424.12.12.3 (which is Portico) to 2424.13.13.1. Major improvements? The report states that all owners will finally be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi tethering (or "Internet sharing").

We've already got the feature enabled on our Samsung ATIV S, which is also unlocked but it's known that some consumers have been unable to enjoy said functionality. Here are the version numbers for multiple fields on the about screen:

  • OS Version: 8.0.10211.204
  • Firmware version: 2424.13.3.1 [previously 2424.12.12.3]
  • Hardware version:
  • Radio software version: 2424.13.1.1 [previously 2424.12.12.2]
  • Radio hardware version:
  • Bootloader Version: 13.02. 15.5 [previously]
  • Processor SOC Version: 1.5.32

When can we expect to see this update rolling out? Before the month is out, so stay tuned for notifications and alerts.

Source: WindowsPhoneItaly



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Sherry121 says:

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The phone we never saw

A damn shame too...I would've purchased it to if it would've stumbled upon Verizon's network.

iyae says:

We sell these at my work; I have one at my desk to play with. Don't be too disappointed, the screen Is horrible compared to the 920. Whites don't look white (they look a sort of bluey-grey) and the color reproduction Is off.

neo158 says:

That's sAMOLED for you, if you could take that horrible filter off the 920 it would look the same!!!!

Tips_y says:

What a ridiculous comment!

James8561 says:

that "horrible filter" is the ClearBlack technology that's supposed to reduce glare. a nice side effect of it is to reduce viewing angle so others can't glance at your screen, greatly increasing privacy.
also, the Lumia 920 uses IPS LCD, not AMOLED.
get yo facts straight.

Tomasz S. says:

Poor viewing angles are not a nice side effect. Nor are they caused by the ClearBlack filter. Reduced angle viewing is a huge disadvantage of LCD screens, as seen on the 920, which pale in comparison to the gorgeous ClearBlack OLED screen of the 820.
Moreover, the image quality on 820 is better than on 920 despite of lower resolution and little grain - The colours are rich and saturated from every angle.

Josh Harman says:

I can't compare to the 920 (never seen one) but my 822's screen is awesome compared to iPhones. Clearer, brighter and much less glare... and with supposed lower resolution. "Retina" display looks like crap beside my phone.


I was hoping tmo would get it but went with htpee. Yeah, I said that right.

rodneyej says:

That was one if the biggest blunders in WP history.

SleepyTheDon says:

Rodneyej elaborate please exactly what you call a blunder? T-Mobile not getting the ATIV-S, Wi-Fi calling or Nokias clear black

rodneyej says:

The ATIV-S not being widely distributed in the US market!

q21701 says:

We'll see if Sprint get around to correcting that blunder this summer. Not holding my breath though. Sprint is much better at causing blunders.

Jazmac says:

Yes. They are.

selfxd says:

Love my Ativ S

lippidp says:

Don't tell me what to do!...

Holy Sh!te, I can finally use mobile hotspot on T-Mobile with my Kindle Fire HD 8.9in, my 1st World Problem solved.

Animalor says:

This is my daily driver on Telus in Canada.   I've had this feature since day 1.

For some reason, using an "unlocked" Rogers ATIV S I could never get that feature to work on T-Mobile USA. The only downer with the phone really.

MediaCastleX says:

For Tmo it depends on your data plan, I can't use it on my Lumia unless I fork over another $5 extra a month =[

Have it on my hd7 and used it a couple times with my laptop until I got a message from tmo to add it to my plan to continue using it.

peterfares says:

I have a Rogers ATIV S on AT&T and it works fine for me.

DrewLumia900 says:

How is it that you have this update when I am on Telus and my ATIV S is only on Firmware Version 2212.12.12.2 ????

Animalor says:

I meant I have the internet sharing feature on the ATIV S.   I have the same firmware version as you.

DrewLumia900 says:

Cool thanks for the confirmation!

Dave Blake says:

I'm glad Samsung is still supporting this device especially sense I just got me one Saturday.

Dave Blake says:

I'm not feeling that...

Hey, I may love my 920 but the Ativ S is a solid phone in its own right.

peterfares says:

Regret? I loved my ATIV S. I only gave it to my sister because it didn't support LTE band 17 which I need for AT&T LTE. Otherwise better than my 920.

I was joking but you have to be full of sh!t to think it's better than the Lumia 920.

Dave Blake says:

So you are the one who is in charge of opinions now?

Just because it's an opinion doesn't mean he isn't wrong.. The ATIV S doesn't even contend with the 920.

desolateone says:

I'm pretty sure you're backing up yourself here..? the Ativ S is a fantastic phone, and certainly holds it's own to the 920.

i own one and the camera sucks big time (both its cameras). the screen is great though

Kenjoe says:

Wow first it was HTC pushing out updates and now Samsung....what's next?

A Premium LG Windows Phone!

topleya says:

That will be identical to the Ativ S

rodneyej says:

A Motorola WPD?

lippidp says:

The Quantum is still the best WP to date. Keyboard, free tethering, 16GB onboard with no Other Storage bug, free decent nav, wireless Zune synch, and on and on.

Clesanbar says:

"free tethering" americans, uh

neo158 says:

Well yeah it is, if you like outdated devices. Being Windows Phone 7 that's why the Other storage bug doesn't affect it and also why it has wireless Zune Sync!!!!

lippidp says:

A baby was just born right now. That makes you outdated. You should probably throw yourself in the garbage can.

neo158 says:

I'm still supported unlike the LG Quantum, so you first!!!

cannon#WP says:

I had a Quantum, the Panther was MUCH better.

topleya says:

A Surface Phone ;-)

Montpbm says:

HTC pushed no updates out.. They did absolutely nothing and it is making me regret buying an HTC 8X.. I received updates to my apps that's it, no firmware update..

Don't get me started on 7.x HTC devices. Anything non lumia seems to get ignored after you buy it. Had to flash 7.8 to my hd7.

Zulfigar says:

I had to do the same on my Lumia 710, so your point is invalid. :P

JoRdaNeK says:

Sony Windows phone with a slidy-out qwerty :D

Josh Harman says:

A Sony WP would be badass, like the water/dust proof one... HELL WOULD FREEZE OVER FIRST.

redeyss says:

Ativ S2 with GS4 specs and camera coming? EOS or ativ s2 my next phone;D;D;D

MediaCastleX says:

I wonder if they're prepping this finally for US release on Sprint? =[

snowmutt says:

That would be great. This is a kicking option. If Sprint is not planning to offer a Nokia, this and an HTC 8X would be very enticing.

Joseph Kazan says:

last update made my camera stop working.. so hopefully this will fix that. 

mr toes says:

Thats really bad, is it just a black screen?

Joseph Kazan says:

yeah basically lol 

I never had problems with WiFi tethering... But I hope it will help all those that have.

mr toes says:

Lol wifi teetering :D

Thx. I fixed it! LOL

Josh Harman says:

The first time I shared my WiFi to my laptop a friend said "yeah I had the hotspot thing but got tired if paying extra" (iPhone, Verizon)... I laughed and told him its just a feature on my phone, not an added service (822,Verizon). BOOM

AndreWebster says:

Good to know Samsung still has some love for Windows Phone.

mrTablet says:

I've already got the update to my Ativ S :)

RaRa85 says:

A year Just kidding.

Wabby80 says:

Got this huge update today (Norway), haven't noticed anything different yet. But nice to know that Samsung still cares :) <3

Plystre says:

oooh, getting an update here too! (norway). :D *installing*

Plystre says:

It was not the new one mentioned in the article ;(

Wabby80 says:

Did you update twice? It was two updates. One small, then one big.

rodneyej says:

Wow! Samsung with WP news twice in one day! Could this be a comeback?

swizzlerz says:

Love my ativs on TELUS only phone on all the big 3 in Canada for wp8

aafa says:

no. the big3 all have more than one WP in their phone fleet.

swizzlerz says:

Its the only wp8 on all 3.... Exactly what I said. Yes the 920 is on ROGERS but its not on BELL or TELUS.

Josh Harman says:


wvanellis says:

I have an unbranded Ativ S, yet my firmware is only at 2212.12.12.2. Wonder when we'll get it?

sukimtk says:

i have 13.3.1 :/ and i bought thiss phone 7 days ago :/

I wished Vodafone released 1031 (or whatever it is) which supposedly helps with "other storage", since my 820 has nearly half of its total spent on that bs. WP 7.x didn't have this issue, we could size our "other" via Zune. This is really annoying, and a huge problem.

mayur89 says:

windows shud cut off wd samsung!! i hate samsung !!! :-/

I love Samsung. The Ativ S is nice.

iyae says:

Ativ s is a sub-par phone. I have one (from work) and I also have a Lumia 920. 920 shits all over the ativ s.

Agree 109%... Why buy a phone that gets zero support and is essentially a S3

sukimtk says:

did you have s3 and ativ s in hands ????
i did and they are not alike...
s3 is like a soap and ativ looks and feals nice in hand :/

sukimtk says:

how can you say that ? :/
i had 920 in my hands, it is good device but the only thing it has over ativ s is camera and nokia's support :/
for the looks it depends on the ppl, some1 dont like heavy phones.
and i prefere 4.8 over 4.5
and lets not froget the price ativ s is 270 and lumia 920 is 400, at least in my country :D

mayur89 says:

Samsung?? Are you kiddin me? It's Hardware Suckss!! the design, it Totally sucks man! :/ i never liked samsung's design, even in Bada, Android, and WP... i'd rather go for HTC or Sony... ATIV S design is Cheap, i'm not talking about specs here... Nokia is far better than Samsung in case of Windows Phone, cz it's binded up with Microsoft and has almost all the rights to include any feature.. :) Lumia 920 is the Best phone this year, even better than iphone 5 :)

Samsung makes its own Display, memory chips... they are all better quality that what Nokia has to buy on the open market. Not to mention the fact that Samsung is doing much better than Nokia. And for me my modified S3... called Ativ S is a much better phone than the Lumia 920 I had.

sukimtk says:

you are a perfect example of troll, you didnt eaven try ativ s and here you talk shit about it :/
clasic fanboy, and i know that lumia 920 is better phone then ativ s, BUT ativ s is 260 euro and 920 is 400 euro so i would go any time for ativ s over 920
And just to say the best phone doesnot exsist, every1 have his opinion and your is samsung sux :D

noelito says:

i am us at&t user with a canadian rogers samsung ativ s and i cannot get internet sharing to work at all, hoping that this update will enable it

Same here except im on T-Mobile USA

Decan says:

I got the updates last night however internet sharing is still not working for me.
I so wish i got the nokia now :(

harky111 says:

Same here got hte update but still no tethering (although it tries for around 5 seconds before telling me rather than instantly in the old FW)
Ps also still have not got hte answer a call with a text option either.
PS my OS  = 8.0.9903.10
FW = 2424.13.13.1

Jaco Ra says:

Windows Phone world is pretty boring right now

ruddevil says:

Mine is an unlocked 0424.12.12.2 yet the tethering works just fine.

mversi says:
Mine just updated to the latest firmware but the OS Version is still behind. How can I update that?

noelito says:

ok us at&t users with ativ s, can you message me or give me tips on how you got internet sharing to work?

Depends on who provisioned your phone; looks lie Rigers locked it down, but SakTel didn't.

SleepyTheDon says:

I would love to have an ATIV S except I went from a HTC Trophy to a Nokia L900 to a Nokia L810 & the Nokia exclusives (which really isn't fair) have me hooked as well as the apps Nokias push behind WP

mms-pc says:

What a minute, the firmware version in my ATIV S is 2620.13.01.2, the same version ever since I bought it this February, and it appears to be higher than the update version 2424.13.3.1, yet the radio version is the same as 2424.12.12.2. Will my device be able to receive the update?

Josh Harman says:

Your device will self destruct in ...5...4...3...2...1... ...

Blih says:

Same as you !
My phone is from Hong Kong, what about your?

mms-pc says:

Oh, I bought mine in Taiwan. Or could this be for Asia only?

Lenn Liggins says:

Why are you telling us in the USA?  We never got a chance to see the phone on any carrier.

Josh Harman says:

This site is on the WORLD WIDE web.

Josh Harman says:


prothor says:

I got the update here in Denmark yesterday, but only because I searched manually for it ;-)
I haven't noticed anything different.
Actually my Ativ S updated twice - first to firmware 2424.12.11.10 then I searched again and it updated to 2424.13.3.1

ivo_apo says:

Good to see best WP get even better. Hope support will continue. Really don't understand why some Nokia users are bitter about it.

AfroPhysics says:

I've had a number of Samsung phones.  They're horrible about releasing updates.  It doesn't matter if it's for an OS or hardware.  For that alone I'll never buy another Samsung phone.

I have the following:
OS version: 8.0.10211.204
Firmware revision number: 2424.13.2.1
Hardware revision number:
Radio software version: 2424.13.1.1
Radio hardware version:
Bootloader version:
Chip SOC version:

Surprisingly, I can't remember seeing a notification to install an OS update other than one I've got when I was changing the default speech recognition language.
Do the build numbers look like a latest update?

NikosNx says:

Did you have any updates since posting this? Also, when did you buy the phone? I have 2424.12.12.3 with no updates available, but my brother has currently exactly the same versions as you mention in your post with no updates available.

Plystre says:

Just got the new update! Norway, retail phone.

Warbler says:

It's sad to see the Windows Phone users split into Nokia fanboys and the rest.

noelito says:

does anyone know how to force update? i am on a rogers samsung ativ s and my build is

migueli2 says:

I have a retail one from expansys and still no update...
I live in Portugal!
Any site from Samsung with update dates for each country?

migueli2 says:

By the way, did u all updates from KIES or OTA ?

VivienR says:

I have FW version 2424.12.12.3 and my WIFI tethering works well, but still not fget the upgrade, I brought from Expansys.