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Samsung incurs the wrath of Microsoft


Samsung releases ATIV BizCard scanning app for Windows Phone

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Armed robbers raid Brazilian Samsung factory for 40,000 devices

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Samsung, Intel and Dell create a consortium for connected devices


Samsung's bringing HDR, Smooth and Slow video to their Windows Phone 8.1 app

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EU and South Korea working together to develop 5G networks


Joe Belfiore announces new updates, sheds some details on lock screen app

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Intel and Samsung teaming up for lower-cost 4K monitors

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Microsoft pokes fun at Samsung's Heathrow advertising, fails to book flight to the Galaxy


Xbox Game The Harvest returns from the wastelands to Windows Phone 8

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Five Samsung Mobile US execs leave company, reports CNET

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Samsung research could put graphene into your future thin, light, even bendy phone

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Samsung ATIV SE official, now up for pre-order at Verizon


Sprint confirms Windows Phone 8.1 update for HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo this summer


Samsung ATIV SE coming later this month with a 5-inch display, without Windows Phone 8.1

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Samsung invents new Surface accessory in latest attack ad


Samsung ATIV SE image leaked, Windows Phone 8.1 device destined for Verizon

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Deal alert: Samsung ATIV S Neo (Sprint) for $39 with contract at Amazon

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Windows Phone market share surpasses BlackBerry in the U.S.

Windows Phone News

Samsung and Google fear higher patent fees; raise concerns with Chinese courts about Microsoft's Nokia purchase


Samsung to ship 500 million phones, including new Windows Phones, in 2013?

Will new WP8 devices be among Samsung's half billion shipped in 2013?

In 2012, Samsung became the largest phone manufacturer in world, selling over 420 million handsets. According to an article in the Korean Times, they plan on increasing that number by over 20 percent, to a whopping 510 million phones, in 2013. The Korean electronics giant says that 2013 will be the year that they stand out from their biggest competitor, Apple.

Samsung saw huge success with their Galaxy line of phones, powered by Android. And while they will surely continue down that road, it appears that they will also be adding some more Windows Phone 8 handsets to the mix.

The Korean Times report says that "Samsung is planning to release a lineup of devices powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 mobile operating system," which implies that there will be multiple phones joining the ATIV S in Samsung's Windows Phone family. Sadly, that is the lone bit of insight into Samsung's Windows Phone 8 roadmap, but it offers us hope for 2013.

The ATIV S is a strong offering, but being essentially a re-branded Galaxy S3, it seems like Samsung just wanted to get a Windows Phone 8 device out fast (even though that didn't happen). A new 2013 lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices could give us more originality from in the way of design and features.

Source: Korean Times; Via: CNET



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WinFan1 says:

Good for you Sammy i wish you much success, but on a side note where is photosynth?

Try to use interpunction cos that makes things much easier to read the way you type is hard to understand and i had to read your simple line three times please try so in the future thanks

MrBacon42 says:

An internet for you my good sir!

longcipher says:

Do it side note!

topleya says:

Love it when people attack other peoples grammar and spelling, then go and use poor spelling and grammar.


teoami says:

Did your hear that? That was the sound of the joke wooshing right by you.

WinFan1 says:

Sorry Justinismaximus I forgot that my only reason for coming on to the internet was to impress you and your grammar police no life friends with spelling and grammar. I highly doubt that you couldn't understand what I wrote. Quit your crying.

luimende says:

He did understand, just like me, but it took 3 tries.

WinFan1 says:

Then don't read the comments. If it really makes you have to try that hard.

YetiBoney says:

Or, just use punctuation so that the whole problem is avoided in the first place.

birdman_38 says:

A bitter man, WinFan1 is

WinFan1 says:

I corrected it :/

Being on the internet is no excuse for terrible grammar. no one is asking for perfection but at least try to make sense. It just makes communication a lot better is all...

mlcooper54 says:

Hey - if the bloggers/authors don't have to use good grammar and make sense, why should the readers have to use good grammar and make sense?
A new 2013 lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices could give us more originality from in the way of design and features.
Just my thoughts. And I'm not picking on this blogger in particular. They're all guilty of poor spelling and poor grammar on this site and most other web sites designed to put advertising in front of eyeballs. I've had one blogger claim he's too busy with his day job (blogging) to worry about accuracy (in the very same day job).
I give the readers a lot of leeway. Many are not native English speakers. And none of the readers are being paid to read these blogs.

jbrandonf says:

You basically said he's right by doing it this time.

kaynachtsman says:

Quality over Quantity

mlcooper54 says:

Quality over Quantity gets my vote every time.

lubbalots says:

For now, I just don't see the quantity.

cowboy620 says:

Yes that's right in glad they're taking their time to release maybey workout all the bugs.

what in the hell does "this" mean when responding to someone?
it makes no sense.

YetiBoney says:

[I strongly agree with] THIS.

birdman_38 says:

How about "That" ??

Tips_y says:

"That" makes more sense to me. But then English is not my first language so what do I know.

Even "that" doesn't make sense. How does a "this" or "that" make sense. And it looks incredibly stupid saying "this" as a response as well

aubreyq says:


mlcooper54 says:

We have a bunch of juveniles reading these blogs that don't have anything better to do. At least they are not out on the streets causing mayhem.

Duffau says:

Its like an inside joke between many many internet users, like +1 or like. Lol, it just means someone agrees, that's all. These things may not make sense (lots of times they don't), but many people use them.

Jammo says:

They will be wary to keep too many apples in the google side due to them releasing their own phone.

hoonigandad says:

I hate apples in my google side!! Lol

inteller says:

wow people...ENGLISH, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!?!

WPenvy says:

I'm there with you dude

WinFan1 says:

Wouldn't it be easier to just not read those comments?.....

YetiBoney says:

I think the easiest thing would be for everyone to type coherent sentences.

jbrandonf says:

Wouldn't it have been easier to just throw a comma in there?

hoonigandad says:

That's a lot of damn phones! I believe it though, almost everyone I know has some kind of Samsung phone

1jaxstate1 says:

Makes since to have rebranded phones from a production and manufacturing standpoint. Especially is its rebranded after one of the best selling phones ever.

ricardios says:

My last Samsung phone was the Pixon with a 12 mp camera. Great camera that's about it

paulm187 says:

At this point Samsung don't even have to release a WP, but its good to see they are supporting.

J Papi says:

Yay!!! 500 million plastic phones headed your way.

Ordeith says:

Plastic is a great material to make a phone out of, if you want it to be durable.
Plastic absorbs the energy from impact better than other, harder, materials.

Well there's plastic, and then there's cheap plastic that Samsung uses.

swimdng says:

When I was trying to decide to go with GS3 or Lumia 920, I felt the 920 would be more durable without a case.  Though the GS3 is thinner and lighter, not necessary a good thing if it is not strong.  My colleague had a 2 month old GS3, he dropped it once and shattered the glass, though the phone still works. He's very careful with his gadget normally.

J Papi says:

Same thing happened to my Galaxy Nexus. Only difference is, my phone did not fall. The screen just cracked out of the blue. The paint started to come off after only one  month of owning it so I was forced to buy one of those ugly ass covers. Yeah it's thin and light, but I'd rather have a brick that won't crack.

VHMP01 says:

Do you realize Aluminum is the ‘Cheapest’ metal?

WPenvy says:

Did anyone else catch the "powered by Microsoft's windows 8 mobile operating system"?

I'm getting sick and tired of all the incorrect naming. Then this also leads me to believe it could have been misinterpreted as Windows 8 and a push on tablets powered by said OS.

Considering that Windows Phone 8 shares its kernel with Windows 8, they are not incorrect in referring to it as Windows 8 mobile OS. Plus, it was probably written in Korean, so the English translation would not be exactly as how we refer to it in English.

brmiller1976 says:

Blame Microsoft. The branding for WP is very confusing.

doomtuba says:

I wanna see a WP8 version of the Galaxy Note!

aubreyq says:

Samsung said that it will happen.

Mike-Mike says:

really?  i was about to jump off WP7 for the Galaxy Note 2....   maybe I'll wait a bit

aubreyq says:

I would wait until late February for Mobile World Congress to see what Samsung announces.

hary536 says:

I won't be surprised if Nokia has something in 5" screen series in a year or so. 

Tomasz S. says:

Why would anyone want a 5'' phone? That is just redonkulous.

JPDVM2014 says:

I love my Lumia 900, but if Samsung beats Nokia to a Note-type device my next phone may be a samsung.

tbonenga says:

Looks like the invasion is starting. By 2014 Samsung will dominate W8 like it does android.

brmiller1976 says:

Could be worse. Samsung is great at getting cross-platform support and cross-carrier support. They also push phones all the way down into entry territory (imagine affordable prepaid WPs) and up into super high end territory too.

aubreyq says:

Samsung has clearly demonstrated they know how to move phones. I hope they are very successful with WP.

jbrandonf says:

Good. Its better for the consumer and it forces Nokia to step their game up.

lubbalots says:

Where is the Ativ S for North America?

Denegar says:

Canada. Loving mine.

jabtano says:

According to T-MO tech that I spoke to last night that US -TMO is getting the ATIVs this coming month, I think that great seeing how it's the device that I want. I enjoy a large screen and I wasn't going to bite on the L810 one screen res and two 8gb and three I think it's an ugly looking thing.

koenshaku says:

T-mo reps will tell their customers anything good luck with that..

lubbalots says:

Someone said the same thing as you did last month. Suspicious!

RN50 says:

Samsung joining the party is only a good thing and more apps will be made and current apps get updated to a better standard.

Bruno H says:

Well its up to Samsung to prove if they ate serious. Nokia so far have three wp8 devices and one wp7.8 device.
Not to mention an incredible app store selection for lumia owners.
Frankly I can't se Samsung caring a bit about WP as long as they sell those galaxy phones like hotcakes.

SocalBrian says:

Samsung is deadly serious - about Android (and to a lesser extent Bada).

kunwar_91 says:

they killed bada a while ago, now they are working on another OS named Tizen based on MeeGo

I love Samsung TVs. They have some of the best panels I've seen. Im not a believer in their cell phones. My Nexus S was pure junk. I liked it a lot, but it died in under 8 months. Its was as plastic as cheap plastic can get. I did love the display from the first time I looked at it. Samsung pays Microsoft a license whether they make an android phone or a windows phone. But they get to tailor the UI and create greater brand awareness on the google side, so they make more android phones. At best, with the current restrictions which I like with regards to windows phone, they may reach 70/30 % on the android vs windows devices produced. Some are better than none, but they clearly look at windows phone as a side project for relevancy.

cedarlog says:

i guess Ativ S is one of those Future windows phones ;P 
they failed to impress me with their windows phone laziness

hary536 says:

What's the source for saying Samsung became the largest mfr. in 2012 with 420 million phones? 
What are Nokia's numbers? Also, 2012 is still not over. 

tbonenga says:

Well Windows only has a 4% market share. So I doubt Nokia has sold a lot.

Tomasz S. says:

Well Nokia still sold hundreds of milions of non-Windows phones worldwide.

pegg says:

Samsung's design is very blend and generic for my taste. But I understand many people like that aesthetic so it's a good thing they are making more WP.

procen says:

The last Samsung phone I had was "Galaxy Vibrant", and it will the last. What a garbage and waste of money!

lesd777 says:

Sammy makes great phones. My old Galaxy s2 Skyrocket with jb was impressive. But I'm loving my Lumia now, and no regrets. If Sammy makes a wp8 device with a larger LCD, I'd be interested.

thehidedout says:

I'm used to holding my 920 now, when I hold someone else's GS3 I feel like I'm going to crush it if I grip it too tight.

HaibaneReki says:

Hehe, exactly =)

peachy001 says:

I just don't get Samsung. Kudos to them for their success, but I have yet to be impressed with anything they have produced. I always thought the first few Galaxy phones looked and felt like tat.

My HTC just felt so much better in terms of build. It has also outlasted a number of Samsung phones that friends owned. One friend had a Samsung TV, lasted a week. My gf bought ones. Of their vacuum cleaners, that lasted a couple of months.

That said, Windows Phone undoubtedly needs them.

SilverSee says:

This more likely is referring to Windows 8 tablets. Nothing in the referenced quote suggests anything about Windows Phone, unless there is more context in the story that is not shown here. Windows 8 is also a mobile OS.
At this point it seems likely that the only reason Samsung offers any Windows Phone device at all is that they are contractually obligated (or highly incentivized) to do so as part of their Android licensing agreement with Microsoft. They clearly don't have their head in the game.

Duffau says:

Except the fact that both sources are written in the context of Samsung aiming to sell a certain number of phones. I think it's pretty safe to say WP8.

pulkit10 says:

That's probably because Samsung knows how to flood the market with phones at a decent price point. Seriously, every career has the SIII and a bunch of other phones ranging from the low to high end. It is almost a no-brained that they lead in sales AND profit. For all their strength and production and distribution though, they have little to show in terms of innovation. They excel at making a feature packed device but the execution is often bland...all the forays they have made into software prove this. Their apps are downright terrible, BADA was awful, TouchWiz is horrid and the gimmicky features (S-voice, S-planner etc.) are mediocre at best.

This is probably why they make great WP devices. The hardware is quite nice and since they aren't allowed to screw around with the software, the device works flawlessly. Can't wait for a Note like WP.

venetasoft says:

Samsung Omnia and Omnia W were good designed phones, nice and durable. I prefer Nokia both for design and for their exclusive apps (Nokia drive+ in primis).

doctorweir says:

Coz omnia7 and w still were metal phones ;-)

monigal2 says:

Most people love those galaxy phones..they probably will meet those expectations. If windows can get on board with apps, then their phones should be just as good or better than samsungs droid phones.

snakechia says:

Samsung just build crap phone, my friend need change the same Samsung phone 4 times in 6mths! Bo wonder they can "shipped" so many phones!

lfjj says:

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice going for the Lumia 920 insteaf of the ATIV S.

WinFan1 says:

depends on what you were looking for when you bought it.

koenshaku says:

Can originality and Samsung be used in the same sentence? ^^

Samsung can spare us the spam-phones they flood the market with.
I recently had the pleasure of picking up a Sony XPERIA U and that thing - Android aside - is a pretty darn good design. If only Sony decided to make WP phones. The luminous bar on the bottom which changes color with the phone's current theme (and amazingly, the album art of the current song playing) would go perfectly with WP's accent colors; it's a shame Sony has no plans to make WP phones.

WinFan1 says:

i agree and a sony windows phone with the added benefit of their own added in ps hub similar to microsofts native xbox or games hub would be a nice addition to those people who own both consoles.

Duffau says:

Tizen anyone?