Samsung shows off its new ATIV Book 9 at #CESlive; the laptop with an incredible battery

Samsung's PC Product Manager, David Ng joined our own John P and Rene Ritchie today on #CESlive to talk about the company's latest products. The ATIV Book 9 was at hand to show off exactly what Samsung is looking to bring to the table in 2014 and boy is this Ultrabook one to look out for when released. 

Not only are you looking at a 15-inch laptop with a full 1080p touch-screen display (and anti-glare technology), but there's also a battery which lasts up to 15 hours with the latest Intel i-series of processors, multiple USB 3.0 ports, full HDMI, mini-VGA and lossless sound with a digital converter. It's the bee's knees when it comes to premium laptops.

We'll have pricing and more details soon.

So, who's getting one?



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ZX9 says:


Marco Gomes1 says:

Damn!! That thing "sounds" awesome! However, Samsung and I have a looooong history of not getting along.

wpn00b says:

Same here. It sounds nice but I've vowed to never own a Samsung product again. No matter what division builds it, Samsung and I are done.

Damn nice laptop though.

rd_nest says:

In that case, you will find it tough to get any device at all. They literally control the DRAM supply chain of the world, largest producers of NAND, display panels (both AMOLED and LCD), logic controllers, some ISP related products, they even manufacture some Qualcomm SOCs. They also manufacture Li-ion batteries. That's just listing a few components, I am sure there're few others as well. 

It's tough to make a full product without any blessing from Samsung in some form. You certainly can, but not sure you will get best of business or at the cheapest prices. Say like 3d TSV or LPDDR4. 


Schikitar says:

Wow, those dudes were really hard to watch (listen to), especially that guy on the left! Anyway, laptop looks good, lets see what the real world battery life is like, probably more like 10-11 hours, which would still be outstanding!

mango.lover says:

Touchscreen or not?

Munkeyphyst says:

Read the second paragraph. Yes

enzom09 says:

that's too much to ask for in a wpcentral article, didn't you know?

Superb piece of kit...

trmnrs says:

This would be a great replacement for my New Series 9! I have a 13
3" model upgraded to Windows 8.1 but I really wanted a touch screen :(

I just bought the Book 9 Plus 13.3 inch Ultrabook. Love it to death. I'm so conflicted with Samsung.

peterfares says:

What exactly is the point of mini-VGA? 

If it's not straight up VGA then you'll need an adapter to get it to work on old equipment. If you need an adapter, why don't they just include a mini DisplayPort? It can be adapted to VGA, HDMI, DVI, or used straight as DisplayPort which is the best video interconnect. Why this mini VGA bullshit?

nizzon says:

Meeh, I'm going with Lenovo Carbon X1.

bankrober0 says:

God danm I just bought the ativ book 8 last year