Samsung's upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device will reportedly be called ATIV SE

Samsung Ativ

Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device is going to be branded as the ATIV SE according to @evleaks. The notorious leaker is usually right when it comes to these things. We’ve seen a leaked render of the device a few weeks ago featuring a Verizon logo. What else do we know about it? Not much, really.

Previously known as the Samsung Huron, the ATIV SE is expected to be a high-end Windows Phone device for Verizon. The leaked photo shows a physical Windows Phone home button. The back and search buttons probably light up to the left and right when pressed. Everything else is a mystery at this point.

Samsung Huron

It’d be interesting to see if the back of Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone device takes on the same design as the Galaxy S5. If you haven’t heard, Samsung’s design philosophy in the Galaxy S5 is called “modern glam.” We’ve seen a lot of negative reactions so far, but Samsung will probably still sell millions of them. How would you feel about that design on Windows Phone hardware? Let us know in the comments!

Source: @evleaks



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+925. Our OS deserves time and effort put into phone designs!

Z10YkakPES says:

Samsung doesn't know what effort is, they replaced that word with recycle, that's what we usually get

lubbalots says:

It worked for the iPhone and its working for Samsung. Throw the dog the same bone with a little different flavor. And they keep coming back. You throw them a Nokia windows phone with the worlds best camera and build quality and they spit it back out, claiming this claiming that.

Micah Dawson says:

LOL trying too hard dude.

Tezla says:

ATIV? Wtf does that stand for???... This Just ridiculous, a name for the phone that makes no sense. The success of a phone or any device is not only based on performance or appearance. The name has to be one that catches someone's attention. Such as GALAXY, LUMIA... I would suspect that mos of us would not be interested on purchasing a RECYCLED phone... Fyou Samsung.

from my Lumia 920... Love it

It is the italian word "VITA" that means "LIFE" reversed.

linkxboy says:

Well they couldn't use the word GALAXY as it is atatched to all their android products (phones, tablets, cameras). For now anything under the name GALAXY = Android and anything under the name ATIV = Widnows. I personally have no issues with the name.

bbennett40 says:

COPY and recycle ;-)

I don't care so much about design (or Samsung for that matter), I would just like to see manufacturers have some parity between their Android & WP devices instead of putting WP on year or two old hardware.

Dare2Blink says:

WP has already reached hardware parity dude... Have you ever heard of the 1520 and icon?

Tirinti says:

I did. 1520 is too large, so it is useless.

Icon has no microSD so it is uselesss.

Ativ S is the only proper Windows Phone.

Novron says:

Micro SD might have been a concern until MS started handing out 100 GB of Onedrive space for 100 Bing points.

techiez says:

onedrive is not replacement for local storage, internet is still costly in different parts of world n the idea of cloud storage replacing local storage is as stupid as chrome OS

Novron says:

It's a great replacement for me. I have unlimited. Why would I be concerned with the troubles of third world peons who are of little consequence?

teoami says:

That's a really great attitude you have there douchenozzle. Even in the US, the "unlimited" data is going the way of the dinosaurs. Try using Pandora, Spotify, Xbox music streaming, Nokia Music, etc to completely replace a locally stored music collection and see how fast even an unlimited plan gets throttled down to edge speeds.

techiez says:

Oh I miss a like button here :)

Novron says:

30 gigs a month like clockwork for the last year and a half. No throttling yet. Peons.


linkxboy says:

And you  just represent the 0.0000001% of their market if not less. So you have no use...

techiez says:

The truest characters of ignorance are vanity and pride and arrogance.
 - Samuel Butler

It may be replacement for u but its only a workaround in principle and not an alternative, as I said its stupid, Unless u think even chrome OS is a great replacement.

No wonder WP has miniscule market presence because the stragists of WP seems to have mindset similar to you.

Novron says:

Chrome OS? Where did that come from? Going to wax philosophic about DOS next?

techiez says:

Since u r so smitten by cloud hence chrome os

Novron says:

Everything has access to cloud. If you want SD so much, Nokia makes phones with SD too. Buy one and quit bitching.

You can't be serious... Why are you insulting people? Can we not have civil conversation?

Novron says:

Insulting people?  Nah, I made a defamatory generalization concerning 3rd world peons.  I'm the one who was personally insulted.

ltjordan24 says:

 Normally, I would agree with you but the 100 GBs of free storage is only good for one year. Currently I have 65 GBs because of two promotions run over the last couple of months but eventually, they'll expire and I'll be back down to 25. The Onedrive storage is great for pictures but until the 8.1 release (I think that feature is included), I can't store games on Onedrive and that's what is taking up most of the space on my phone.

mdram says:

Well, opinions are like bung holes...

txDrum says:

Year or two old? S800 has been out for a few months, fyi.

jason8957 says:

Part of the problem may be what processors microsoft will support.  A lot of that is supposed to be all better in WP8.1, which should open up to more chips.  Also the required WP form-factor with certain buttons required in certain places.  Again, I think that MS is relaxing some of this in WP81.

I plan on getting a new phone in the fall and can't wait to see what will be available with with WP8.1.  I will be looking for something at about 5" to replace my L920.

ivo_apo says:

Fantastic news!!!
Finally we are getting what WP deserve: top notch hardware from Samsung. Looks like SG4/SG5. Slim, light, zero bezel, all screen, top components. In summary great phone that just works!
I really wish that MS gave all the billions to Samsung to produce / promote WP. Instead we are stuck with Lumia 'design language'. Results? Nokia own WP market by selling mostly cheap phones. And start selling Android as well.
Samsung are dominating smart phone market (WP is only 5% ish).
Conclusion: we should be cheering this news. MS must work hard to convince Sammy and other big players (Sony) to start supporting WP.
I love WP and already know what will be my next phone.

crise says:

Wow you don't get it at all. Samsung fanboy.

Nesdam1981 says:

And that makes you what? Nokia fanboy?

Please stop these immature comments and get over the fact that different people like different brands.

Jeez, how hard can it be to show a little maturity.

Novron says:

Nothing wrong with being a Nokia fan. If it wasn't for Nokia, WP wouldn't have gotten off the ground. Samesung hasn't done sh*t.

cannon#WP says:

Nokia got paid millions to make WP devices. If Samsung got the same deal, it'd be a different world.

Novron says:

Millions? And how many WP devices did Nokia produce? MS gave Samesung over a billion dollars and all they've done is throw WP on a Galaxy.


Mista_Calais says:

Do you think Samsung cares a lot about WP?
They are already working on Tizen, they want to have their own OS. To be independent, and investing too much money on WP right now isn't a good idea for them.
If you want a so called Good Samesung phone, go get Android. I have a Lumia 925 and personally I think its better than all androids out there, would love a roided up Lumia 1020 but I guess I'll have to do the waiting game for now.

Tirinti says:

Lumia 925 is better than all androids, because anything with Windows Phone is better than anything with android.

But Lumia 925 has no microSD and it makes Ativ S better than Lumia 925.

Nokia must realize, that a Smartphone is not a Camera and 2Mpix is more than enough in Smartphone, but microSD slot is very important and the proper HD (720p or 1080p) screen is even more important.

sdc1 says:

Wow. Clueless.

Nesdam1981 says:

Wow, you to. Please, people have different needs. Get over it.

neyaldrich says:

2Mpx? You are delusional man, regardless of how much you need a camera, releasing a phone with such low megapixels would get destroyed in reviews.

spinzeroWL says:

What a moron!
(Message sent from my Lumia 1020 - which has made every other camera I own redundant. Try and do that with a 2 megapixel shooter!)

psiu_glen says:

He's right! Not-as-good cameras, and faux-stitching here we come!

Tirinti says:

If you need a camera buy Nikon or Canon.

If you need a smartphone buy samsung.

If you want to waste your money, buy Nokia.

If you need my advice, better call Saul !!

rtojohnny08 says:

I had Samsung, their phones are plastic junk...granted it was the galaxy note and supposed to be one of the best but it had issues as well. I won't buy another Samsung device...cheap crap. I bought Nokia 1520 and the difference is night and day. The Nokia quality is unreal compared to what I had.

Adi2 says:

if their hardware is so top notch why doesn't samsung dominate the wp too?because they have a strong competitor Nokia which delivers high build quality and great design EVEN in the cheap segment, look at a lumia 520 and samsung young or ace for example you can see from a mile the differences in build quality.

Sony on the other hand as a design language at the same level with Nokia,and high build quality too.

OMG55 says:

Yeah, but they don't want to produce a WP device so it doesn't matter until we see one.

peachy001 says:

I think Samsung would do very well if they brought out the S5, with a choice of OS, Android and WP. I actually think that Nokia would be in trouble if they did. Disclosure: I love my Nokia.

OMG55 says:

Nokia was struggling just like HTC and needed the backing as opposed to Samsung who is kingpin and shouldn't need to.be financially backed. What if MS would have and got the effort Samsung put into its WP offering in the past; it would have been a rip off.

Tips_y says:

Hate that pockmarked, leprous-looking, hole-infested back of the S5!!! Give me the innards of the S5 in the body of the S4!!!

Put WP on a Galaxy S5, no one bats an eye. Put WP on an iPhone, and everyone loses their minds.

Tirinti says:

Our OS deserves HD screen and microSD. Only Samsung released proper one.

Elop's team released a lot of models but most of them have useless low resolution screen and the few with high resolution have wrong aspect ratio and lacks microSD. Additionaly they are heavy, have too large cameras and are in stupid colors.

ivo_apo says:

Spot on. Thanks.

spinzeroWL says:

You really are clueless! You are suggesting that Nokia phones are hobbled simply because they do not have a micro SD slot? Why don't you just buy a Lumia 820...seems to tick most of your boxes.
As for me, I am v.v.happy with the value added stuff Nokia have brought to the table. Tell me again where I find Nokia MixRadio on a Samsung device. & where do I go for a Nokia Camera equivalent (you know, one that gives the creative potential to take proper photos...rather than just point and shoot stuff).
Sorry, but if you are that fussed about specs above experience, go and buy an android phone.

txDrum says:

Sorry Tirinti, I don't WANT microSD on my phone. And Samsung isn't the only one releasing HD screens, in case you thought the 520 was nokia's only phone.

Jim_MAY says:

Where is the Verizon GDR3 for the ATIV? Anyone see it lying around?

OMG55 says:

They're still waiting on Samsung to finish testing it on the device to ensure there's no issues, but of course Samsung puts a lot of effort into it WP devices : /

cannon#WP says:

Samsung released to unlocked ATIV devices before Nokia released it to anyone. It's on Verizon to release it, not Samsung.

hphbp says:

The cloud to replace microSD? What happen if I go on vacation to another country that doesn't have 3g? I would have to either delete everything in the phone or not take any photos or videos...microSD is a must. Reason why Lumia icon will fail

and upcoming tizen os is inspired by wp live tiles :3 , they call it dynamic

Micah Dawson says:

I'm sorry but anyone who defends Samsung I will take them as a joke after seeing tizen lol

mr toes says:

Lol yeah they're call Dynamic boxes that update with information and they can be resized to three different sizes to form a grid. Pathetic Samsung, pathetic.

Jack Larson1 says:

Kind of like "blinkfeed"?

slap0rama says:

I hate carrier exclusives

ajvanbreen says:

Agreed. I'd love to have a 1020, but I don't want to have to be on at&t to do so.

PJ Suresh says:

Seriously!!! Idk why it is illegal to unlock the sim in your country... Seems totally insane... Here some of my friends having number of sim cards...


It was only illegal before if you did it without your original carriers permission, the bigger problem is with some phones from certain carriers not working with the networks of other carriers.

Mista_Calais says:

That's what's happening with the 1520 here in Australia, its exclusive to Harvey Norman, its going for $899 which makes it too expensive. So I'm with.

Aashish13 says:

Will HTC launch their new phones with 8.1?

hipporama says:

Yes. Don't think they have anything planned before 8.1 is announced.

OMG55 says:

The question for me is, will Microsoft finally release the surface phone in the upcoming months because it was a working prototype and they supposably placed order with foxcon who has been listed as an new OEM? Also Nokia released the rumored Android device that was mentioned around the same time the surface phone was. if they do, it would be considered high-end and wouldn't affect sales of the low and mid-tier devices that have been released thus far. Panyos Panay also said MS was currently working on many device during the introduction of surface pro 2 & surface 2.

Probably will just be an S4 with an S800 processor, and running WP instead of Android.

or maybe s5 , eh both s4 and s5 are very much identical :p

wpgeek820 says:

You reminded me of the Samesung joke.

Samsung fans could only hope that is on par with the S4, I would be shocked to see it on par with the S5... since the Ativ Odyssey from last year didn't even have the features of the S3.

Micah Dawson says:

Probably wise to compare the ativ s...the odyssey is a midrange device.

The Ativ S wasn't available on Verizon, not sure if it was available on any US carrier.
Regardless, the Ativ S wasn't on par with the S3 either.

Micah Dawson says:

closest thing on Verizon, was their oddyssey which is what i said above. The odyssey came to Verizon and I beleive Us cellular.

The Ativ s is the bigger version.

Luigi Lop says:

why do you say that? it was the same exact model, same specs.

Tips_y says:

I'm ok with the S4 with a Snapdragon 800/801 processor but don't give it to me in the pockmarked body of the S5 - bbbbrrrrr fugly phone!!!

cannon#WP says:

I can't wait for the day when a Samsung article is not flooded with Nokia fanboys.

I have the ATIV S. Needless to say its a pain in the neck to update it to GDR2 ( changing development Samsung device category with ####) Why would Samsung still on the run? Right now exist only the Ativ S, The Odyssey and the Ativ S Neo. back to WP 7 existed a lot of focus\ flash \galaxy WP7. They are playing nice just for not be sued for anti trust \ monopoly of android?

tbonenga says:

Hahaha I have a ATIV S on T-Mobile. Best Windows Phone I've owned. Never had any issues at all and the battery life is unreal like.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

aafa says:

Best phone I've ever owned. Had it since the beginning, got GDR3 2 weeks ago, still runs like new.

xxxneoxxx says:

Blame your operator, not Samsung.. GDR2 has been released for ages now.. Got GDR3 installed over a mobnth ago. Also, read up on how this update stuff works before opening your pie hole..

For all the people screaming NOKA IS BEST over here, the ATiv S has best value for money over here. The only Nokia that even comes close specs-wise, is 2,5 times as expensive. Makes buying the Ativ S a no brainer descision.


it's windows phone , I WILL BUY :D

..hardware matters too..

Nokia and HTC bring exclusivity to Windows Phone, as opposed to ruber stamping their Android models. To wit; HTC Surround released in early 2011 on ATT (my first smartphone..:-)). Even Nokia brought a brand new design concept to the table when they started Lumia series.

Besides lack of publicizing their ATIV phone series, Samsung is disgracing Windows Phone by making knock off copies of their Android models. If you are carying this one, for example, nobody will acknowledge it as an ATIV SE device at first glance. There must be a unique design identity for ATIV series, which should not concern their Galaxy or Tizen wings.

Hopefully LG and Lenovo would excercise separation of concerns, when planning the upcoming Windows Phone devices.

el-ojo says:

You're right, that's why I bought a Yellow 920, so I could support the cause and help WP marketshare grow. I'd like for them to differentiate, but I'd rather have a phone that just works, then a phone I have to worry about messing up.

If anyone besides Nokia comes up with a different phone that has the features I like, I'll definitely give them a chance. But for Now, Sammy has done well for me. Everyones' experience is obviously different, and since NOKIA has more phones out there, I'd really like no one to have issues with them, specially anyone who is trying the OS that has no clue of who NOKIA is, this way they can stay with the OS.

Jack Larson1 says:

Where is the WP spirit?

aafa says:

None, these idiots are just as narrow sighted as iPhone users.

BldyIdt says:

I can't believe nobody replied to you with death threats yet! XD

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

And just another easily InteropUnlocked phone soon.......

DarrenSproat says:

Samsung seconds? No thanks... I'll stick to the original innovation of Nokia.

PolishHitta says:

So let me get this straight. They are making another ATIV S that came out a year ago but now with specs of the Nokia Lumia Icon? Umm yay!?!? Well I guess people will buy it because its Samsung.

89caps says:

Let's be clear. The ATIV S came out in 2012. Samsung has been slacking on WP.

PolishHitta says:

To be clear, I'm holding the ATIV S in my hand and for $200 whether its a year old or 1.3yrs, it's still one great phone... And speaking of age.. I'm not sure if this render is of a new Samsung or not, but its exactly the same..

89caps says:

Although I know nothing about this phone, I hope it's not the only high end Samsung WP this year, especially since I'm on ATT.

lippidp says:

Yeah, I won't consider any Verizon phones.

DJCBS says:

It would be awesome to have a Plaster S5 by Samsung running WP, no doubt...from all the new devices the Plaster S5 is the one we should want the most to run WP. Not HTC's One or LG G2. Nop. The Plaster S5. With all its "glam".

Rem97 says:

LOL. I don't think it should be exceptable for a tech company to describe their devices as "glam".

trandz says:

Ef that. Nokia rules WP. Love my 1020! Bring on the successor

hipporama says:

Just plaster a band-aid on the back of an Ativ S and you have the SE.

tonybessette says:

Yeah, and it's going to look like crap....just like every other Samesung. (Thanks Nokia)

ej1024 says:

Samsung have to stop doing this

Ticomfreak says:

Would've preferred"ATIV S5"

tropolite says:

There's rumours going around they will come out in 2016.

Micah Dawson says:

Samsung can keep their tired bs lol. Nokia for moi

Can Samsung make something original for us instead of using unsold Galaxy 4's and just taking off the OS and slapping on Windows 8. The Ativ S while a good device was underwhelming looks wise. Cutting edge designs here, they rake in so much money but cost cut on differentiation.

89caps says:

You're asking too much of them

booog89 says:

I knew it! Haha! But still ugly! :P

bkbkjbb says:

I wouldn't even consider Samsung, doesn't matter if I use WP or android. I hate them!!!

Yes. I remember the flip phones. So shiny. But so shitty. Always had to pull out the battery bcoz they froze. Samsung sucks.

xxxneoxxx says:

Yeah, because an entirely different OS is crap, all other products, running different hardware and OS, MUST be crap. I would really hate to be you with this tunnelvision..

Considering Ive owned each OS at some point and learned they suck..... Its a legit opinion.

Samsung is like apple now. They basically sell the same phone over and over again. Except Samsung uses shit parts. Nokia on the other hand is original and creative. I wouldn't be heart broken if only Nokia produced windows phones. I routed for HTC in the beginning... But they killed their sales all on their own. Don't get me wrong. I had the 8X its still a nice phone. And I had the HD7. What I want is WP to succeed.

theefman says:

HTC at least tried something different with the 8X & 8S and One but this looks the same as devices from 3 generations ago. Its such a shame apple couldn't shut them down, their shameless copying and lack of design really shouldn't be rewarded with the sales they get. I'd take a Nokia Communicator over any Samesung crap.

tbonenga says:

So if you had a choice between a 925 that didn't last half a day or a ATIV S that lasted all day, had a bigger screen and a SD micro slot. What would you choose?

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Micah Dawson says:

If I had the choice between a samjsmg ativ se and a Lumia 800 on windows phone 7, I would take the 800

MilkyTee says:

Well, youre a fool.

Micah Dawson says:

No samsung is just utter shite and i'd use a windows phone 7 over anything they do.

Hell throw me back on windows mobile with a HD2 lol

MilkyTee says:

Yeah, good luck on Windows 7, all five of you will get on great.

Samsung don't make the best phones, but they're more far than adequate. You can be pretty sure the new one will have a huge removable battery, big screen, microSD.

The Nokia dickriding on this site is embarrassing sometimes.
"Waah, no support from any OEMs apart from Nokia! Ew a Samsung/HTC/Huawei! Give me a Nokia Windows Phone 7 over any of those perfectly capable phones!".

Youre part of the problem bro.

tropolite says:

To be fair, Samsung's Focus WindowsPhone was a great 1st gen device. It didn't skip a beat. But Microsoft has been eager to have OEMS produce 'out of the box' devices for Windows Phone which is understandable.

No-one really wants the same ol' thing from a couple years ago in the technology field.
I won't even put those fruity phones in that mix as they are just bling for those that don't think that much (about technology).. all you have to do is watch the YouTubes of those standing in line for them.

Jack Larson1 says:

Don't forget to upgrade the HD2 to WP8!

peachy001 says:

No way! I am not a Samsung fan, but I would have the Ativ all day.

Either Samsung has no good designer but it looks just like Samsung galaxy wtf

Mankku says:

When is this "Noka is best", Samsung bashing coming to an end? I have had the ATIV S for over a year now, and It has really worked for me well. No bugs/reboots, no problems at all. 

Winnabe says:

What about the Nokia apps & camera? Working well for you?

xxxneoxxx says:

What about the Samsung App folder app? Working well for you? Oh wait.. A year after release, Nokia decided to basically create the same app as Samsung did. Howcome? Can't be, cause why would they copy something that Samsung does? See what i did there?

Winnabe says:

LOL you're basically talking of one feature that Samsung brought out before Nokia did as opposed to the tens of excellent ones that Nokia has brought to the table to makes its phones really stand out in Windows Phone world. Samsung can not even get its Galaxy S4 camera to the Ativ line yet!

xxxneoxxx says:

Oh, cause it's just one app, we'll just pretend it doesn't exist.. Well.. Would hate to be your tax auditor.

Samsung has earned that reaction on their own.
With their size, if they actually wanted to support WP, Samsung could offer devices on par with their Android devices... but they haven't.
I'm not saying the Ativ is not a good phone, its just not the best Samsung had to offer. That lack of support breeds contention.

stephking92 says:

Now THAT's a voice of reason in this sea of negativity and fanboyism. I would give you a like if I could. +1520

booog89 says:

Another thing is.. I love how people comments about Samsung. Hahahahahhha! From forums to YouTube. But most people from my country are like Samsung Spartans. Defend their shitty phone with their lives xD

Jazmac says:

Alright sammy, bring it.

chad08er says:

Owned a Ativ S for about a year and loved the 4.8 inch screen and how light and thin it was.Wish I still had it.

el-ojo says:

What happened? You betrayed US and got an iPhone?

Slevin X says:

Anyone notice there is no camera button?

ULOP3Z says:

Stop acting like the damn Andriod cummunity people, we're better than them, treat your fellow Windows Phone brothers and sisters with respect no matter what phone they have

spyridon says:

In other words, get a life ppl

BldyIdt says:

FYI, there's nothing like that on Android Central. On the opposite, all the fanboys are treated quite badly.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

cannon#WP says:

If only this place became that.

aitt says:

I was gonna say I never see anything as shit ugly over there as I do over here. Not even about the Nokia X.

Maha bakwas phone

Copy Samsung its not samesung

tbonenga says:

If it's 5 inches and has a SD micro slot. The icon just got B@#ch Slapped by Samsung

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Dafter says:

Looks like S5, S4 and S3. I can't see the difference, do all "S" -models have the same design?
Anyway, I love my 925 and it's design. :)

Jayflip says:

Com'on Samsung! Bring us an awesome WP option to experience all the WP 8.1 capabilities, and want to see that from the others OEMs, Nokia's made an exceptional work so far, that's the reason why they've 90% share of the increasing WP community.

mango.lover says:

Cheap glossy plastic that will crack as soon as it hits carpet.

cknorthpole says:

So its gonna be a S5 with WP

I think its just s4 specs in wp. Without infra red screen and other add ons.

That will be considered in 2020 according to rumors

Ankmeyester says:

Doesn't matter what you say. Samsung's tactic will spread across WP devices. This is due to WP removing hardware restrictions for design and moving the navigational button on-screen. Hence enabling the OEM to use the same hardware for android or WP8.1 going forward. This means we'll have more devices running different OSs but with absolutely no difference in looks.

JoeRollerfan says:

If it comes to other carriers, I'd buy it for sure. I love my ATIV S Neo, but I'd upgrade to an ATIV SE for a faster processor and better camera. A removable battery is a must-have for me, and so is MicroSD on any phone with less than 32 GB.

CoreyJ says:

I'm happy that manufacturers are adding to the windows phone ecosystem...geesh some of you are so negative. More choices = more phones in consumers hands = growth.

Zephyr716 says:

No Camera key? Ha that was quick....(but I honestly take better photos with it)

simmomelb says:

Would look nice it it weren't for the stupid physical home button, lets ugly a device up shall we?

aafa says:

I prefer the physical home key than the capacitive.

cannon#WP says:

Ironically alot of people prefer physical keys to capacitive ones. I loved the buttons on the Quantum, hated them on my Titan II and 920.

Artur198 says:

Unfortunately I will get this, if a global Version of the Icon wont come out.. Sorry Nokia..

lephan133 says:

I don't know about you guys. But I feel weird when looking at the picture that says "Samsung creATIV and innovATIV". LOL

spyridon says:

You have a strong point here :)

Clavitox says:

If Samsung or HTC release a good phone on T-Mobile then I'm getting that phone. I really want a flagship device

VinaySC says:

Now, that was informATIV... :P

Villain says:

Use an ATIV S myself and to me was the best launch device due to the screen size and micro SD slot.... A lot of comments bashing anyone liking something other than Nokia BUT myself like a lot of others... Didn't have a choice due to Nokia tying up flagship devices as carrier exclusives.

The Ativ S has been more reliable than the Lumias I've owned (820 & 1020). No problems whatsoever. Of course the Ativ S camera is quite bad, but other than that it's my favourite WP device. Hoping for a S5 with WP. --- posted from my Lumia 1020 which I only keep because of its camera

Lol, sorry I hurt your feelings

aafa says:

dont worry, inferior complex generates a lot of sensitive people. like this cry baby thamos

Who's been inferior here, oh I see did you just shorten that name? I know already why cos yours is short. Troll

aafa says:

troll? haha cry elsewhere

I can see you even have a problem with capitalization. I thought the name is supposed to be a noun?

weedog1889 says:

^^^most of you lot are just tossers, who cares if its same old shit its still a windows phone. I have a 925 and i think its ace i wouldn't swap it for a gold pig but nofucker else gives a shit what phone i have just like i don't give a shit if someone wants to buy a Samsung so leave the bashing alone its still a windows phone at the end of the day for those who like to buy Samsung , stop fecking boring me with the same old whiny non-arguments

BlackGoku says:

Sorry designwise Samsung sucks.In that there is only HTC.

LimeSoda says:

What 'Nokia' apps am I missing that's worth worrying about. All the important ones (Here apps) are available to all.

aafa says:

Apparently the Nokia camera app is the holiest app of them all...here maps and here drive is all I need!

slap0rama says:

Same here. I'm not a big camera or a pic taking person, I don't need 41 mp or even 20 mp. My 8x photos look amazing to me. I can zoom in and see a shitload of detail, I think 8 mp is way more than enough.

spinzeroWL says:

If you ever decide to go beyond point and shoot, you'll soon realise how important Nokia Camera is to getting the right shot. Add to that the xenon flash on the 1020, & you have yourself a phone that makes most other cameras redundant.
(I type this whilst listening to Nokia MixRadio - an amazing, free service, unavailable to anyone else. It is superb!).
Until you have a Nokia device, you really don't have any idea how much you are missing. Glance screen, double tap to wake, photobeamer, refocus, panorama, creative studio...and the myriad of third party apps that have Lumia exclusivity.
Even the small things like call blocker and storage check beta help improve the WP experience.
Nokia ARE Windows Phone. To go with any other manufacturer is to get a husk of an experience.

cannon#WP says:

No, you get the same experience with any OEM. Samsung has a photo editor and ProShot is better than Nokia Cam. More people use Pandora, TuneIn and IHeartRadio than Nokia mix radio. I have a 920 and I would be missing out on literally nothing by moving to another OEM.

aafa says:

EXCACTLY!! Yes nokia does have exclusive apps, but the useful ones are only TIMED exclusives. I thank Nokia for HERE maps and HERE drive ever since they made it available to all WPs. other than that, not missing anything.


Your Nokia throne is not really high, nokia fanboys!

spinzeroWL says:

Proshot is NOT better than Nokia Camera. It doesn't support 41 megapixel shots first up...but on a pure usability and performance level, Nokia Camera is far ahead. Also, you cannot select ProCan to start when the camera button is pressed.
I think you have become lost in the Samsung fuelled specs race. Nokia Creative Studio is superb...it works fluidly and effectively - with no adverts. Having used Samsung apps on Android, I am certain that any equivalent Nokia app would be better than Samsung's alternative.
Timed exclusives mean we get apps before the rest of the market. You can't spin it any other way than Nokia devices having an advantage here.
Nokia deserve the plaudits because they have actually worked to create a complete smartphone experience. Samsung are just hardware makers....their software solutions are - almost without exception - rubbish.

aafa says:

There are tons of photo editor apps that are just as good, or better, than Nokia Creative Studio. Yes, nokia does have the advantage with their time exclusives, one cannot deny that, but the alternatives for those apps are just as functional. The nokia inferiority complex runs to deep in you and to other nokia fanboys.

cannon#WP says:

You're not missing any. I got the 920 off of eBay because I thought I was missing a ton of exclusives, turns out I literally don't use ANY Nokia exclusive apps. I use the original Maps app since it's faster than HERE maps and I use ProShot instead of Nokia Cam.

Mista_Calais says:

I'm been using my 925 since it was released and I've never had any issues with it. Its possible the carriers ROM that is stuffing up the phone.
I'd like an Icon but in the body of a 925, the icon is too boxy, everything is nice about it but the design. :(

wangsa86 says:

Lemme stay with my Lumia 920 until I'm ready for the 1020 or even better the 1520, anyone knows if there's a international version of 1520 coming? Or the 929 version?

migueli2 says:

The thing is:




I hate Samsung because their success was based off of copying from Apple.. At this point of time, Samsung is as original as everyone else. First to introduce dual sim smartphone, multiwindow, stylus support, infrared sensor built in display, thinnest bezels on a 5 inch phone, their own line of processors and displays.. Its as original as it gets now.. But fact remains their success was based off of mimicking Apple.

vineetrock12 says:

I think its just a piece of shit Samsung doesn't deserve a WP handset

aafa says:

yes, because a smaller market share is what WP needs. boy genius.



This is great news.. It gives the wp access to the common customer who has grown used to Samsung as a brand and design.
Im not a big fan of Samsung design but see little wrong with it.. My big issue is that all their phones from sdous to s5 share same design. Im fine with s5 having same look as s4 but not the rest..

Now a design involves a lot of things, weight, thickness, bezel, durability, feel and look. I think Samsung is way ahead of nokia in the first 3 parameters but trail nokia in the final three.. My preference is skewed towards the latter.. Nokia 920 all the way...