Samsung updates Photo Editor and RSS Times for Windows Phone

Samsung Apps

Samsung has released updates for two of its apps available for Windows Phone. RSS Times and Photo Editor have been bumped to and respectively. The main change in RSS Times is the backend system being switched from Google to FeedAce since the former is shutting down its RSS service. 

Unfortunately there was no changelog published with the Photo Editor update so we can only assume miscellaneous fixes and optimisations have been implemented. Let us know in the comments if you notice anything new in either apps. You can download RSS Times and Photo Editor from the Samsung Zone on the Windows Phone Store. via: WindowsPhoneItaly

QR: RSS Times     QR: Photo Editor



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poddie says:

The beast has batted it's eye at us...  ;-)

Jf.Vigor says:

They're gonna announce something. They've been updating a lot of their stuff of late

Rico says:

Good job WPC. Now that guy at Samsung working on Windows Phone development at work is gonna get fired. :(

iamoniwaban says:

I am trying to understand your comment. Why would a windows phone developer working at Samsung get fired?

xyronaut says:

For not showing updates log in photo editor?!? Im not sure either

rikipy says:

needs same app for the rest of WP8 phones

neo158 says:

It's a manufacturer app so I doubt it would be released on anything other than Samsung Windows Phones.

seems WP8 has been gaining some marketshare recently that they started to be interesting for samsung

Kadcidxa says:

Whats FeedAce? Does the rss app have Feedly support now or some alternative?

iamoniwaban says:

Exactly my question. No web site, a search on Bing or google shows no relevant results.

Paola1993 says:

That WP is ugly o.O

Smg-Uk says:

Personal preference i have one and in hand i can tell you its much better looking than my previous 920 and on par in looks with the 8x

swizzlerz says:

At first I wasn't a fan but its lighter then my sisters 920. I am very satisfied. Same ram CPU just as fast. NFC camera all good. I got a 64 gig expandable micro SD card in her..... Can't expand a 920!

cannon#WP says:

Yea, I actually think the ATIV looks better than the others.

peterfares says:

I personally think the ATIV S is the nicest looking WP8 phone out so far. Looks like a small Note 2 which I love. 

aafa says:

haha keep telling yourself that. there's a reason why WPCentral uses that phone to 'display model' apps. its a gorgeous phone!

Paola1993 says:

I don't have to tell anything to myself, for ME is ugly. Will keep being ugly even if you don't agree. 
So if it is gorgeous for you, good :)

RedSamurai says:

The Ativ S is a really powerful device with top notch hardware, but not many would argue that it not much of a looker with its plasticy feel and generic design...

Paola1993 says:

Yup I think is probably that, it looks like any other Android device by Samsung. Round, large, same shape... generic Android device, plus  the Windows logo looks weird. When you look at a Lumia people have to look twice! Everything, from its colors to its unique design. But it's a matter of perspective, I don't like it, probably after having two Android devices made by Samsung I won't be impressed unless they change their design..

220SeaChaser says:

I beg to differ. No matter how many times I see that picture, I think "damn that's a sexy ass phone!".

poddie says:

As with many things, the attractiveness of this phone depends on your taste. I personally agree that it's a bit ugly. But I do wish I had SDCard and removable battery... everything's a tradeoff...

neo158 says:

That's called an opinion and you know what they say about them, don't you?

Paola1993 says:

Haha sure it is :)

I get an "unknown error happened. Exception of type 'readsns.newsace.newsaceapiexception' was thrown" when I try to use RSS Times.
Any advice?
thank you.