New Samsung device for US Cellular clears FCC, allegedly runs Windows Phone 8

We’re not a 100% certain on the specific of this one, but the Samsung SCH-R860U has cleared the FCC sporting Band 12 LTE. That band is used by US Cellular, making this phone destined for that carrier and that carrier only (sorry, Sprint fans).

The question is, does the phone run Android or Windows Phone 8? With the Galaxy S4 right around the corner and Sammy’s slightly cold support of Windows Phone 8, we’d lean on it being another Android phone. But the site Blog of Mobile, who have a pretty decent reputation for finding these filings, claims it sports Windows Phone 8. 

FCC Samsung
Samsung FCC filing with device label placement

That certainly is a possibility as we know Sprint is getting a Samsung Windows Phone in the coming months, reportedly an updated ATIV S. And although Sprint doesn’t share the same LTE bands with US Cellular, they are both CDMA. It’s not uncommon to see similar phones piggy back on launches when they share radios frequencies, so that’s one angle.

Other than that, we know the phone has NFC, Wi-Fi and well, that’s it. But for customers on US Cellular, your first Windows Phone 8 device with LTE may be just around the corner. Fingers crossed.

Currently, US Cellular only carriers the ZTE Render (Windows Phone 7.5), with rumors of an HTC 8S failing to come to fruition.

Source: FCC; via Blog of Mobile, Unwired View



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aitt says:

Window phones is slowly expanding. Hopefully it continues to move the way Android did 3 years ago. I followed the growth of Android like I'm doing WP and there's so many similarities. I don't see it reaching the growth that Android succeeded at but I can see it being a strong second contender.

iamoniwaban says:

Cool story bro.

aitt says:

Oh I'm sorry I guess I should have said that it will be superior and king of kings and nothing will over throw it reign of supreme. GTFOH.

sholokov says:

He actually literally meant cool story. Why did you get all hyper?

aitt says:

I been around enough sarcasm to know it when I see it. If he genuine cool water under bridge.

iamoniwaban says:

I was actually being serious. Its the type of post I would have made myself.

aitt says:

My apologies to you then. I guess I been around to many aholes on the net. My apologies to you then.

iamoniwaban says:

ha, no problem, i would have also spazzed like you. i just giggled when i saw your reply. :)

walter1832 says:

Cool story bro.

iamoniwaban says:

Cool story bro

In all fairness, the phrase "cool story bro" is almost universally used sarcastically... I thought iamoniwaban was being sarcastic as well.

WinFan1 says:

Aitt lol take is easy bro he is just trying to provoke lol

cybrtitan says:

Ahhh about time ... My HTC 7 pro is getting a bit long in the tooth even after I have rooted it... I need this like yesterday!

oditius says:

Have you replaced the memory? They used a micro SD card. So when I owned it I upped it to 32GB

cybrtitan says:

I thought about it ... But its useless at this point as I can't sync with Zune anymore .. Micro usb broke :(

sym1a1a says:

If I'm not mistaken all WP 7x have the ability to sync with Zune thru WiFi also, if the micro USB broke how do you charge it? Just curious

cybrtitan says:

ha ha.. about that... 1 being a computer science major and constantly installing beta software and whatnot i'm never happy with my windows install so i'm always wiping and starting again... so my wifi sync was not setup when this happened... and for charging thank god for removable battery... bought 2 batteries and a charger for $20 off ebay

ZX9 says:

Hey, my micro USB is broken, too! Where can I buy that battery?

cybrtitan says:

replied to wrong person ... Putting this just to make sure you see I answered your q

Waucckhewww says:

Hmm. Must have been more common than I thought. I had one replaced for it, but I broke the screen on my replacement, which continued to work...until the micro usb port broke.

cybrtitan says:

it was a common problem on this generation of HTC phones aperanty when i did reasearch for it ... most known to happen on the evo 4g, whitch this charger says it is for . (amazon not ebay sorry)
... several things about this charger... the battery's are slightly bigger thant the one for the 7 pro/arrive but they are slightly higher mah, and the orginal battery fits fine in the charger and the included batt's are a tight fit in the phone, (FYI) on of the batteries included in mine was a dud, says full charge and only lasted 2-4hrs , your milage may be different... the other included battery worked great.. goodluck
(sorry for wierd link format -- was marking it as spam otherwise)


phatboy66 says:

I'm sure you'll like the ATIV S, it may look boring in video buy its actually a nice phone when you see it in person

inteller says:

what's more rare than a US Cellular Customer?  A US Cellular Customer with a Windows Phone!

cybrtitan says:

+1 , both me and my mother got them ... and the sales reps where dumfounded, i was teaching them about their product ... they were saying windows phone was for computer geeks and to complex for the average person ... i had to correct them saying windows mobile was, and android is/was harder for first time users.... needless to say they still know me as the windows phone guy at that location

cybrtitan says:

and just fyi where i'm from (southern wisconsin) USC has a huge marketshare, if i had to guess 4 out of 10 of my friends are on USC

cybrtitan says:

Although I would have preferred an nokia(unlikely I know) or an HTC as after all this talk of the Samsung takeover of android ... Samsung gives me the creeps

sholokov says:

We can call the 800 number in the label picture to find out what it is.

walter1832 says:

I already called. I ordered kum of yung sun and fried rice. I'll be here in 30 minutes.

ShipWreck says:

Hmm so do we know anymore on Sprint?? I hope they still plan on getteing the Ativ S..

aaa6112 says:

Samsung Chronos!

AriesDog says:

Surprised the smaller carriers haven't gone more for Windows Phone. The low end WP devices are much nicer than the lower end Androids.

aitt says:

I don't see them wanting to invest if there's not a high selling point. Low end Android will sell much quicker than the WP. Nokia needs to do more to push their mid range devices to the smaller carriers to compete with those android devices.

Kellzea says:

I dunno, its a great os and performs much better at low end than android does. The low and mid lumias are great and very cheep.phones. It just needs a push

aitt says:

I don't disagree.  But selling wise, not many people are just onto WP.  I still have yet to find anyone with a window phone. People see my 920 and love the screen the minute I turn it on.  I've had some people say they thought about it but then I had others that couldn't get one they liked because it wasn't on their carrier.
MS has done some progress in the promoting of WP but mfr like Nokia need to get down in the ditches the way Samsung has done for their GS series.  Granted they don't have a bunch of billions lying around to spend, but word of mouth will only carry so far in a fast tech pace world.  Until Nokia get their phone pushed across all carrier on a the same medium, they will not help MS progress the way they could.

Vb2012 says:

Daniel = Samsung fan :(

procen says:

He switched side? Oh man :-P

ZX9 says:

Would you rather he only posted about Nokia...? Give Sammy a chance.

GMJeff says:

Nothing wrong with Samsung. I have had the focus and focus s as well as their captivate and galaxy s2, 3, Note and Note 2. I also have had their original 10" tab and now their Note 10" tablet.
They may be trying to be like apple, but sometimes you have to be like your enemy to succeed. They have just taken it to another level.
Besides, I was waiting for the Ativ S to come to the US and they snubbed us.
So, I bought a Nokia 920. Very good phone, but I would have preferred the Ativ.
Just my opinion.

teaMJPx says:

Maybe this is for SPRINT? Maybe the Ativ S4? jejeje.

I know Nokia supports their devices but... The Ativ S is still a sexy phone packing everything I want. Sure id like OIS or even BEATS AUDIO but really, I like the big screen, MicroSD slot, NFC, swappable battery, thin-ness, etc, you get it... All All those things missing on most other phones are enough to make me forget about the other stuff... Love my Arrive but... I'm ready for a new love. Of course typing this from my ARRIVE... jejeje

I hope this is for US Cellular.  I have friends who use that provider here in "the sticks" and they have all loved my Windows Phones, but it wasn't available to them. 
On a side note, I know two other people who both have red Lumia 920's just like mine.  I look foward to seeing alot more in the future!

KeegdnaB42 says:

Wasn't there something about the main reason the Ativ S wasn't released in the states was the carriers not wanting Samsung to have too much power and that if they were going to push WP at all they opted for Nokia and HTC?
If that's the case, then maybe Sprint and US Cellular being in the position they're in would rather get whatever high end devices they can get and took the AS.

newfreeg says:

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mrmdj31675 says:

Funny thing Daniel spends time reporting this, but when what could be a WP8 device from HTC with Sprint's LTE radios showed up at the FCC a couple of months ago, it got completely ignored. Several sites including one wpcental heavily uses for reports like this reported it (and it was sent to you guys by me), yet is ignored because of some serious bias against the most vocal carrier when it comes to the awful coding and encryption used currently for Windows Phone?  Mind boggling at the very least!

ihavewp8 says:

Yeah can't wait until it comes to sprint. Many windows phone users will buy it asap when it comes to sprint. Great about it will be a updated Samsung ativ.S

paulm187 says:

Gasp! Samsung still give flying fox about Windows Phone?

paulm187 says:

MS needs one other OEM to go WP exclusive, hope HTC will.

According to the FCC filings, this beast was tested and certified for LTE bands 2, 4, 5 and 12. 
LTE Band II is a generic North/Sotuh America PCS (1900 MHz) band.
LTE Band IV is North America 1700 MHz AWS (T-MOUS, SaskTel, etc.)
LTE Band V is a rather odd duck (CLR) -Americas, Soth Korea, Israel on 850 MHz.
LTE Band XII is pinned to US Cellular and C-SPire in the US on the lower SMH blocks A/B/C-which is actually good news for signal penetration on those networks
Roaming on other carriers is an open question. 
Whether they do channel restrictions or not, well, we'll have to see. YMMV, etc...
In the future, WPCentral authors/editors/denizens might want to go to the FCC OET website, with the caveate that carriers may choose to neuter functionality at their whim: